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Watson Alexander Graham Bell Lenovo rejuvenate humanoid institute achieve -- achievement arrange -- arrangement announce -- announcement
Neil Armstrong Ray Tomlinson Founder eureka evolution constitution
太阳系 太阳能
solar system solar energy
energy :物理学上指“能量,能源”;精力,活 :物理学上指 能量,能源” 精力, 物理学上指“ 力
Many countries are increasing their use of natural gas ,wind and other forms of. A. energy B. source power D. force C.
the Constitution of the United States the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China
support one’s family
= everyday =every day
= a newspaper printed and sold every day
adv. n.
achieve Vt. 完成
e.g. We
达到(目的),得到 达到(目的),得到 ),
have achieved success in finishing the experiment.
我们成功地完成了实验。 我们成功地完成了实验。
U 取得, 取得,完成
the achievement of one’s object
C 成就, 成就,成绩
make a great achievement
Our team is likely to win the game. be likely to do sth. It is likely that we’ll go on a picnic in the forest tomorrow. It is likely that + 从句 辨析: possible与 辨析:likely, possible与probable √ ① be likely to do sth. likely 常用词, 从表面现象看很有可能” 常用词,指“从表面现象看很有可能” be possible/probable to do sth. × possible 指“由于有适当条件和方法,某事可能发生或做 由于有适当条件和方法, 主语可以是人, probable则不可以 ② likely 主语可以是人,possible/ probable则不可以
到”,强调“客观上有可能”,但“实际希望很 强调“客观上有可能” 小”。 It’s likely/possible/probable that he will finish the work today. He is likely to finish the work today. “有根据、合情理、值得 probable 语气比possible 强,指 有根据、合情理、 语气比possible 相信的事物” probable He is possible/probable < finish the 大概,很可能”× work today. 的意思。 possible 相信的事物”,带有 “大概,很可能”的意思。 likely< < likelyto
private adj.
拓展: 拓展:
私人的;私立的;不公开的 私人的;私立的;
private school
in private = in secret 在私下,秘密地 在私下, in public
grasp vt.

  1) (=catch/seize) 抓住 hit sb. in the face pat sb. on the head grasp sb. by the arm
  2) (= understand ) 掌握, 领会 掌握,
grasped the main points of the speech.
学士 硕士 博士
bachelor master doctor
Master of Arts (MA) 文学硕士 Master of Science (MS) 理学硕士
master / host
servant /guest
mistress / hostess
actor 男服务员 waiter 女服务员 waitress
女演员 actress
perfect adj. 理想的, 完美的, 绝对的 理想的, 完美的,
This big house is perfect for a large family of four generations. He is a perfect fool. Practice makes perfect. perfect.
set up
建立,成立 建立,
set about doing sth. 着手做 =set out to do sth. sth. 树立榜样 set an example to sb. 为……树立榜样 放火烧 set fire to 出发, 出发,动身 set off /out 涉足;进入; set foot in (on) 涉足;进入;登上
e.g. Don’t ever set foot in this house again! Who was the first man to set foot on the moon?
have an effect on 对……产生影响 产生影响 take effect
开始生效; 开始生效;开始实行
新交通法下星期生效。 新交通法下星期生效。 The new traffic law will take effect next week.
rely on / upon = depend on / upon
adj. reliable
失败(U),失败的人或事( ) 失败 ,失败的人或事(C)
Failure is the mother of success. He is a failure as an artist, but a success as an art teacher.
他不是一个成功的艺术家,但是个成功的美术老师。 他不是一个成功的艺术家,但是个成功的美术老师。
succeed / be successful in doing sth. fail in doing sth. / to do sth.
提出(建议、意见);推荐, );推荐 put forward 提出(建议、意见);推荐,提名 =propose or suggest sth. for discussion He put forward a better plan. We put her forward as chairman of the committee.
breakthrough n. a military breakthrough a scientific breakthrough
军事突破 科学成就
aim (sth) at sth/doing sth
(把……)瞄准;目的在于;企图 把 瞄准; 瞄准 目的在于;
He aimed his gun at the target. Those girls dance every morning, aiming at losing weight.
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⒈太阳能 ⒉中华人民共和国宪法 ⒊养家糊口 ⒋永康日报 ⒌取得巨大成就 ⒍可能干某事 ⒎在私下,秘密地 在私下, ⒏抓住某人手臂
⒐主人/女主人 主人/ ⒑熟能生巧 ⒒着手做某事 ⒓开始生效 ⒔干某事成功/失败 干某事成功/ ⒕依靠 ⒖提出;推荐 提出; ⒗瞄准;旨在 瞄准;
achievement Importance /Reasons s electricity *without it ,without modern industry cars television the internet *make transportation easy and convenient. *provide entertainment and education *keep people well-informed of the news… * Provides education and entertainment * easy way for people to communicate with each other. * Help us find cures for disease * may help save rare animals
solar energy * Clean and safe energy source, can help reduce pollution
human being / mankind /man
man: “人,人类”,区别于其他动物,不用冠词,也 区别于其他动物, 人 人类” 区别于其他动物 不用冠词,
不加复数,做主语谓语动词用单数. 不加复数 做主语谓语动词用单数 做主语谓语动词用单数 人定胜天 Man can conquer nature.
mankind: “人,人类”,不用冠词,也不加复数,做 不用冠词, 不加复数, 人 人类” 不用冠词
主语谓语动词一般用单数,也可用复数. 主语谓语动词一般用单数,也可用复数 单数 复数
the human:“人类”,做主语谓语动词用单数 人类” 做主语谓语动词用单数. human being: [C.] “人” 人
mark n. 符号;痕迹;分数 符号;痕迹;
a question mark an ink mark make a mark full marks
Vt. 做标记;留痕迹于;批分数 做标记;留痕迹于;
be marked with
标着……;(人、动物等身上 具有 ; 人 动物等身上)具有 标着 Her face is marked with sadness. 她面露悲哀。 她面露悲哀。 mark examination papers


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