Inscriptions on bones or tortoise shells
Task: What things were buried with kings and emperors?
gold objects
Pearl necklace
pearl ring
sword bronze pod

were dead kings given these objects after their death?
英格兰东南部的历史名城索兹伯里附近,有一个小村庄名叫阿 英格兰东南部的历史名城索兹伯里附近 , 姆斯伯里,村西的原野上有一座阅尽沧桑,雄视千古的石柱群, 姆斯伯里, 村西的原野上有一座阅尽沧桑 , 雄视千古的石柱群 , 这就是著名的古迹Stonehenge.这是一座由许多根石柱围成的 这就是著名的古迹 这是一座由许多根石柱围成的 史 前 建 筑 . 这 些 石 柱 排 成 圆 最高的石柱高达10米 它们的平均重量达26吨 形,最高的石柱高达 米 , 它们的平均重量达 吨,这么重的 家伙竟有不少是横架在两根竖直的石柱上的!Stonehenge这个 家伙竟有不少是横架在两根竖直的石柱上的! 这个 名字的前一半Stone意为 " 石头 " , 后一半在现代英语词典中 意为" 名字的前一半 意为 石头" 已查不到了,据考证它来自古代英语,意思是"高高悬挂着" 已查不到了 , 据考证它来自古代英语 , 意思是" 高高悬挂着 " . 想来它在古代有一个形象的名字"高悬在天上的石头" 想来它在古代有一个形象的名字"高悬在天上的石头".
巨石阵又称索尔兹伯里石环,环状列石,太阳神庙,史前石桌, 巨石阵又称索尔兹伯里石环,环状列石,太阳神庙,史前石桌, 斯通亨治石栏等名,是欧洲著名的史前时代文化神庙遗址, 斯通亨治石栏等名,是欧洲著名的史前时代文化神庙遗址,约建 于公元前4000-2000年,属新石器时代末期至青铜时代. 于公元前 年 属新石器时代末期至青铜时代. 这个巨大的石建筑群位于一个空旷的原野上,占地大约11公顷 公顷, 这个巨大的石建筑群位于一个空旷的原野上,占地大约 公顷, 主要是由许多整块的蓝砂岩组成,每块约重50吨.巨石阵不仅在 主要是由许多整块的蓝砂岩组成,每块约重 吨 建筑学史上具有的重要地位,在天文学上也同样有着重大的意义: 建筑学史上具有的重要地位,在天文学上也同样有着重大的意义: 它的主轴线,通往石柱的古道和夏至日早晨初升的太阳, 它的主轴线,通往石柱的古道和夏至日早晨初升的太阳,在同一 条线上;另外,其中还有两块石头的连线指向冬至日落的方向. 条线上;另外,其中还有两块石头的连线指向冬至日落的方向. 因此,人们猜测,这很可能是远古人类为观测天象而建造的, 因此,人们猜测,这很可能是远古人类为观测天象而建造的,可 以算是天文台最早的雏形了. 以算是天文台最早的雏形了.
Task1:Scan the text and find out what objects were found in the grave of the King of Stonehenge:
second knife cushion stone bow gold earrings copper knife
arrows bone pin gold earrings two pots
Task 2:
read the passage carefully and find out evidences
according to the passage
The man spent his youth in central Europe ,perhaps Germany Everything found in the grave was given for his use in the next life. Archaeologists tend to believe that he was a member of a powerful class that may have organised constructions of Stonehenge.
tests on his teeth It was all that a person would need to survive? clothing,tools , weapons ,pottery…
his grave is the richest/ buried three miles from Stonehenge at that time when great stones were carried to Salisbury to build it (to be continued)
He is an example of people who brought culture and new techniques from the European mainland to Britain.
This was a time when the first metals were brought to Britain He came with the skills to make metal.
buried with two gold earrings / the oldest ever found in Britain. (dated to 2470BC) a cushion stone/work metal on it
Some of the artefacts
the copper knives came from in his grave came from places as distant as Spain and western France/ the gold jewel remote places came from Europe too.
Now, let's read the text quickly and then decide whether the given statements are true or false.
  1. On March, 3rd, 2002, archaeologists in England found a grave of a man dating back to around 3000 BC. F
  2. People got to know where the man was from by testing his bones. F
  3. From what were found in the grave people had a clear idea of the dressing of the King of Stonehenge when he was buried.

  4. All the relics found in the grave of the King of Stonehenge were buried with him for his future use in the next life because of the belief that a dead man would come back to life. T

  5. The two earrings are not only the oldest gold ever found in England, but also a proof that the ancient F British were clever enough to make gold even in around 2,500 BC.
  6. Because of his power and his successful organization of the construction of Stonehenge, the man got his title as the King of Stonehenge. T
  7. It can be inferred that the King of Stonehenge was not only an organizer but also a worker who helped construct the Stonehenge himself by the means of transportation and pulling up the stones. T
  8. Man began to trade with other people or countries even in very old times.
Task 3:simply analyse the structure of the text Part
  1. Para (1-
description of the finds in the grave of the king of Stonehenge
  2. Para (4-
The importance of the discovery of the king of Stonehenge
Listen to the tape and choose the best answers
1 From the objects found in the grave ,archaeologists B can know A the man used to sleep with his face to the north B the man was probably a special man in his day C the man could have been killed by a hunter or warrior D the man was a king of somewhere in Central Europe
2 So many objects were buried together with the king of
D Stonehenge in order to tell what his life was like make him come back to life prevent his grave from being dug up make sure of his next life
c 3 The man buried in the grave might be at that time. A a poor man B a hard-hearted man C a rich man D an ordinary man
4 The discovery is important for the following D reasons EXCEPT that A the two gold earrings date to 2470 BC B the man was the richest in ancient Britain C the grave was very close to Stonehenge D The man may have had a hand in the construction of Stonehenge 5 Why is the man buried in the grave called " King of Stonehenge"? D A He was buried three miles from Stonehenge B He had the oldest gold ever found in Britain C He might be a member of a powerful class who might have organized the construction of Stonehenge D All of the above
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