高二英语 Unit24 Society 随 堂 检 测(北师大版选修
  8) )
Ⅰ.单词拼写 单词拼写
  1.China has an a (大量的 labour force and natural resources. 大量的) . 大量的
  2.A boat is reported to have been in (相撞 with an oiltanker. 相撞) . 相撞
  3.Dr. Johnson (从事 the task of editing an English dictionary. 从事) . 从事
  4.Since we are parents, we bear the (重担 of looking after all the family numbers. 重担) . 重担
  5.The death penalty has been a in Britain, and now you get a life sentence for . murder.
  6.The program deals with subjects as (各种各样的 as pop music and ancient Greek 各种各样的) . 各种各样的 drama.
  7.The government raised its forecast budget(盈余 in 2009 to $262 million from a 盈余) . 盈余 forecast of $165 million.
  8.Top European officials will press China this weekend to allow its (货币 to rise 货币) . 货币 against the euro.
  9. 调整) .You'll need to make (调整 for the care of your indoor plants once you bring them 调整 outdoors. 答案: 答案:
  1. abundant
  2. collision
  3. undertook
  4. burden
  6. diverse
  7. surplus
  8. currency
  9. adjustment 选择填空(有两项为多余选项 Ⅱ.选择填空 有两项为多余选项 选择填空 有两项为多余选项) come into being, wind sb. up, show off, knock into, break into, principle, on sentence to death , , , , , ,
  1.Most small children like to in front of visitors. .
  2.Lost in thought, he almost a man who carried a heavy box. .
  3.The thieves planned to a bank, but they failed to carry off their plan. .
  4.Don't take any notice?she's just trying to . .
  5.No one knows when such a custom first (出现 . 出现). . 出现 答案: 答案:
  1. show off
  2. knocked into
  3. break into
  4. wind you up
  5. came into being Ⅲ.根据提示翻译句子 根据提示翻译句子
  1.不是你,而是你父亲该受责备。(not...but) .不是你,而是你父亲该受责备。 答案: 答案:Not you but your father is to blame.
  2.到了你和医生约好见面的时候了。(it's time) .到了你和医生约好见面的时候了。 答案: 答案:It's time for you to make an appointment with the doctor.
  3.他坚持说他听到隔壁屋里有人。(insist) .他坚持说他听到隔壁屋里有人。 答案: 答案:He insisted that he heard someone in the next room.
  4.他的帮助使按时完成工作变得容易。(make) .他的帮助使按时完成工作变得容易。 答案: 答案:His help made it easy to finish the work on time.
  5.我希望你不要在家里吸烟。(would rather) .我希望你不要在家里吸烟。 答案: 答案:I'd rather you didn't smoke in our home. Ⅳ.交际用语 交际用语
  1.?Do you know Anna's telephone number? . ?. As a matter of fact, I don't know any Anna, either. A.I think so B.I'm afraid not . . C.I hope so D.I'd rather not . .
答案与解析: B 肯定不知道她的电话号码, 所以只好委婉地说“恐怕不知道 恐怕不知道”。 答案与解析: 我不认识 Anna, , 肯定不知道她的电话号码, 所以只好委婉地说 恐怕不知道 。
  2.?Will you be able to finish your report today? . ?. A.I like it B.I hope so . . C.I'll do so D.I'd love it . . 答案与解析: 我希望如此”。 答案与解析:B I hope so.“我希望如此 。 我希望如此
  3.?What would you like in your coffee? . ?. A.Thanks a lot. . B.So what? . C.Two spoonfuls of sugar, please. . D.Yes, please. . 答案与解析: 上句问咖啡里要放什么, 请来两勺糖”。 答案与解析:C 上句问咖啡里要放什么,故选 C 项,即“请来两勺糖 。 请来两勺糖
  4.?My name is Jonathan. Shall I spell it for you? . ?. A.If you don't mind B.Not at all . . C.Take it easy D.Nice to meet you . . 答案与解析: 项表示委婉的肯定。 可单独使用, 答案与解析:A A 项表示委婉的肯定。not at all 可单独使用,在口语中用于答复别人的感谢 或歉意, 没什么 不用谢”解 没什么; 表示对对方的安慰; 项是见面时的用语。 或歉意,作“没什么;不用谢 解;take it easy 表示对对方的安慰;D 项是见面时的用语。
  5.?I really don't know how to thank you enough. . ?. A.No problem B.Think nothing of it . . C.Not at all D.It doesn't matter . . 答案与解析: 句意: 我真不知道怎么感谢你了。 小事一桩。 小事一桩”, 答案与解析:B 句意:??我真不知道怎么感谢你了。??小事一桩。B 项“小事一桩 ,符 我真不知道怎么感谢你了 小事一桩 小事一桩 合语境。 项意为“没问题 没问题”; 项为简单答谢用语“Thank you”的常用答语 不客气 ;D 项意为 的常用答语“不客气 合语境。A 项意为 没问题 ;C 项为简单答谢用语 的常用答语 不客气”; “不要紧,无所谓 。 不要紧, 不要紧 无所谓”。
  6.?You have made a lot of mistakes in the exam. . ?I checked it several times. A.So what? B.I'm afraid not. . . C.What's up? D.You must be joking. . . 答案与解析: 句意: 你在考试中出了很多错误。 开玩笑吧。 答案与解析:D 句意:??你在考试中出了很多错误。??开玩笑吧。我可是查了好几遍的。 你在考试中出了很多错误 开玩笑吧 我可是查了好几遍的。 项合适。 项意为“那又怎么样 ; 项意为“恐怕不会吧 那又怎么样? 恐怕不会吧”; 项意为“出了什 根据语境只有 D 项合适。A 项意为 那又怎么样?”;B 项意为 恐怕不会吧 ;C 项意为 出了什 么事? 。 么事?”。 Ⅴ.语法专练 语法专练
  1.(2010?屯溪一中 屯溪一中)?Any suggestion? . 屯溪一中 ?You'd better the last sentence as it is rather misleading. ?Sounds reasonable. Then could you a good ending to it? A. put out; increase B. leave out; add C. pick out; find D. knock out; choose 答案: 答案:B
  2.(2010?江苏模拟 would rather you in my school, Mom. 江苏模拟)I . 江苏模拟 A. not work B. not worked C. didn't work D. not working 答案: 答案:C

  3.(2010?抚顺六校模拟 The official made the demand that the soldiers at once . 抚顺六校模拟) 抚顺六校模拟 battlefront. A. leave; for B. leave; to C. left; to D. to be left; for 答案: 答案:A
  4. (2010?福建南平毕业考试 福建南平毕业考试)They demanded that the law on gun ownership , . 福建南平毕业考试 , otherwise more murders will arise. A. will be changed B. should change C. is changed D. be changed 答案: 答案:D
  5.(2010?天津耀华中学 天津耀华中学)?Who do you suggest to work in Heilongjiang as all . 天津耀华中学 exchange teacher? ?Li Ping.Her accent suggests she from the northern part.She must get used to the weather there easily. A.sending;be . ; C.be sent;be . ; 答案: 答案:D B.send;is . ; D.be sent;is . ;


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   同位语是什么? 当两个词或词组在一个句子中具有相同的语法地位而且描述相同 的人或事物时,我们称它们为同位语。 用法 1 层次的语言单位组成的结构,其中 由两个或两个以上同一 层次的语言单位组成的结构 其中 前项与后项所指相同,句法功能也相同 后项是前项的同位语 前项与后项所指相同 句法功能也相同,后项是前项的同位语 。 句法功能也相同 Mr. Smith, our new teacher, is very kind to us. 我们的新老师史密斯先生对我们很好。 (Mr. Smith 是主 ...


   英语语法百科名片 英语语法是针对英语语言的语法进行的研究,指英语中语言的结构规律。包括词法和句法。英语的语法既可以是规范 性的,也可以是描述性的。 否定转移 构词法 英语倒装主谓一致独立主格 一、概说 二、构成 三、句法功能英语中不存在属格展开 编辑本段词性 一、实词: 1.名词(nouns)n.: 名词是词性的一种,也是实词的一种,是指代人、物、事、时、地、情感、概念等实体或 抽象事物的词。名词可以独立成句。在短语或句子中通常可以用代词来替代。名词可以分为专有名词 (Proper Noun ...


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