1. witness: vt. to see sth. Happen
有人目击了这个事故吗? n. 目击者,证人 History is the most telling witness.
be witness to sth.
There were no witness to the accident. These facts are a witness to his ignorance.

  2. urge:try very hard to persuade sb. to do sth. suggest very strongly that sth. is important or necessary 力劝,催促, 怂恿
He urged me to think again. They urged that we (should) take these steps. I felt a sudden urge to tell him all my problem.

  3. abandon: to leave sb. or sth. for a long time or for ever 离弃,遗弃
The sailors abandoned the sinking ship. The search was abandoned when night came. 任何事都可能在这幢遗弃的大楼里发生。

  4. reflect:反射热、光、声;表达,表现;仔细考虑
Clouds were reflected in the lake. Mirrors reflect light. Does this letter reflect your real opinions? After reflecting for a time he decided not to go.

  5. aware:知道的,意识到的 be/become aware of
Women are often more aware of their feelings than Are you aware that there’s a problem? 这个小女孩没有意识到自己做了错事。 大家都知道他们相处不和睦。 men.
The passage aroused our awareness of surfing the Internet healthily. We should improve our awareness of the environment.

  6. be scared to death
Some people are choked to death by smoke in a fire.
  7. sort out The cupboards need to be sorted out. It was difficult to sort out the lies from the truth. We’ve got a few little problems to sort out.
  1) 我正在整理可以扔掉的文件。(sort out)
  2) 你把可以扔掉的玩具挑出来,好吗?(sort out) 汉译英:
  1) 他们都从着火的大楼逃了出来。(flee)

  2)在那些困难的月份里他们帮了我们很多忙。(help out)

  3) 他给我的想法泼冷水时,我感到很沮丧。(throw)





   Unit 4 I.Phrases: 1. board a plane=get on board a plane 2. on board 在[到]船、飞机或车上 3. go on board 上船; 上飞机, 上火车 4. collections of poetry 诗歌集 5. call up 唤起, 使想起; 打电话给;调动 (力 量,人员等) ;提出(议案等) 6. put…together 把……结合成一整体; 装配 7. stand out 明显;醒目; 突出;杰出;坚持; 支撑 t ...


   1. witness: vt. to see sth. Happen 有人目击了这个事故吗? n. 目击者,证人 History is the most telling witness. be witness to sth. There were no witness to the accident. These facts are a witness to his ignorance. 2. urge:try very hard to persuade sb. to do sth. sug ...

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   Being an Effective Secretary 2010.09 1.Do you have a family? 2.It's a good father that knows his son. 3.I have no opinion of that sort of man. 正确译文: 1. 你有孩子吗? 2. 就算是最好的父亲,也未必了解自己的儿子. 3. 我对这类人很反感. Step I Introduction of the course and teaching plan ...


   小学英语第三册 Unit 3 《Clothes》网络环境的教学设计方案 》 学校:广州市番禺区东城小学 姓名:黎文苑 一、学习目标与学习内容说明 1、学习目标描述(包括目标语言描述) 、学习目标描述(包括目标语言描述) 1、语言知识目标: 、语言知识目标: 1)能用正确语音语调读出服装类单词:clothes/sweater/blouse/trousers 等。 2)能运用所学的单词及句型:He/She is wearing… It’s cute/new…描述人物的服装。 3)能理解和表达有关 ...


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   九年级英语知识点汇总-Unit3 九年级英语Unit3 1.语态:  ①英语有两种语态:主动语态和补动语态    主动语态表示是动作的执行者   被动语态表示主语是动作的承受者    Cats  eat  fish.    (主动语态)猫吃鱼。   Fish is eaten by cats. (被动语态)鱼被猫吃。 ②被动语态的构成   由“助动词be +及物动词的过去分词”构成   助动词be 有人称、数和时态的变化,其变化规则与be 作为连系动词时完全一样。 时态 被动语态结构 例 ...

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   <练一练> 练一练> 一、词汇 (1) 看图写出单词或者词组。 1. 4. (2) 用括号中单词的适当形式填空。 1. I'd like some 2. What day is it today? (potato) for lunch. It's 2. 5. 3. (Sun.) .(Thursday) 3. We have Chinese and math on 4. Mike 5. It's (have) English on Mondays. (salt). It's ...


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   Hello caicai is another cartoon image after Tuzky and yoyo&cici. She is a girl born in June; 1st. whose hair is like mushroom and the pair of glasses she wears is just like the eyes of a panda. She’s a little jumpy, has a strong curiosity and ...


   祝大家英语学习进步! 经济预测师们普遍预计,2010 年将是经济温和增长的一年,增幅约为 3%,大大 好于此前两年。 The consensus of economic forecasters expects 2010 to be a year of modest e conomic growth -- almost 3% -- much better than the previous two years. 但是,这还没有好到将失业率降到衰退前的水平。而失业率一直是经济面临的最 大持续性威 ...


   重庆科技学院学报(社会科学版) 2010 年第 13 期 Journal of Chongqing University of Science and Technology(Social Sciences Edition) No.13 2010 考研英语英译汉试题的特点及翻译原则 曾智华 摘要 : 硕士研究生入学英语考试英译汉为必考题型。 分析了英译汉试题的特点,提出了四个值得考生重视的翻译原则, 即:正确理解原文,弄清上下文关系;认真分析划线部分的语法结构;琢磨划线部分英语句子的含义;忠实 ...