1. witness: vt. to see sth. Happen
有人目击了这个事故吗? n. 目击者,证人 History is the most telling witness.
be witness to sth.
There were no witness to the accident. These facts are a witness to his ignorance.

  2. urge:try very hard to persuade sb. to do sth. suggest very strongly that sth. is important or necessary 力劝,催促, 怂恿
He urged me to think again. They urged that we (should) take these steps. I felt a sudden urge to tell him all my problem.

  3. abandon: to leave sb. or sth. for a long time or for ever 离弃,遗弃
The sailors abandoned the sinking ship. The search was abandoned when night came. 任何事都可能在这幢遗弃的大楼里发生。

  4. reflect:反射热、光、声;表达,表现;仔细考虑
Clouds were reflected in the lake. Mirrors reflect light. Does this letter reflect your real opinions? After reflecting for a time he decided not to go.

  5. aware:知道的,意识到的 be/become aware of
Women are often more aware of their feelings than Are you aware that there’s a problem? 这个小女孩没有意识到自己做了错事。 大家都知道他们相处不和睦。 men.
The passage aroused our awareness of surfing the Internet healthily. We should improve our awareness of the environment.

  6. be scared to death
Some people are choked to death by smoke in a fire.
  7. sort out The cupboards need to be sorted out. It was difficult to sort out the lies from the truth. We’ve got a few little problems to sort out.
  1) 我正在整理可以扔掉的文件。(sort out)
  2) 你把可以扔掉的玩具挑出来,好吗?(sort out) 汉译英:
  1) 他们都从着火的大楼逃了出来。(flee)

  2)在那些困难的月份里他们帮了我们很多忙。(help out)

  3) 他给我的想法泼冷水时,我感到很沮丧。(throw)





   1. witness: vt. to see sth. Happen 有人目击了这个事故吗? n. 目击者,证人 History is the most telling witness. be witness to sth. There were no witness to the accident. These facts are a witness to his ignorance. 2. urge:try very hard to persuade sb. to do sth. sug ...

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   第一课 土木工程学 土木工程学作为最老的工程技术学科,是指规划,设计,施工及对建筑环境的管理。此处的环 境包括建筑符合科学规范的所有结构,从灌溉和排水系统到火箭发射设施。 土木工程师建造道路,桥梁,管道,大坝,海港,发电厂,给排水系统,医院,学校,公共交 通和其他现代社会和大量人口集中地区的基础公共设施。 他们也建造私有设施, 比如飞机场, 铁路, 管线,摩天大楼,以及其他设计用作工业,商业和住宅途径的大型结构。此外,土木工程师还规划 设计及建造完整的城市和乡镇,并且最近一直在规划设计容纳设 ...


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