Unit 4
  1. board a plane=get on board a plane
  2. on board 在[到]船、飞机或车上
  3. go on board 上船; 上飞机, 上火车
  4. collections of poetry 诗歌集
  5. call up 唤起, 使想起; 打电话给;调动 (力 量,人员等) ;提出(议案等)
  6. put…together 把……结合成一整体; 装配
  7. stand out 明显;醒目; 突出;杰出;坚持; 支撑 to stand out a crisis 挨过危机
  8. despite its short history 尽管英文诗歌历史 短暂
  9. towards the end of the sixteen century 接近于……,将近……
  10. die at a young age 早年去世
  11. light up 点火,点燃 ; 照亮. ;(使)变得 容光焕发或振奋
  12. come into being/existence 出现; 形成;产 生
  13. send for 派人去叫/去请某人; 要求某物取 来或送到 send for help 求救
  14. the wider public 更广大的公众
  15. translate into 翻译
  16. hold a peace talk 举行和平谈判
  17. be connected to 与……相连
  18. be connected with 与……有关
  19. get through the day 消磨时光
  20. look up 查找;向上看;尊敬(to)
  21. in the beginning 开始时=at first
  22. at the beginning of the century 本世纪初
  23. fall apart 土崩瓦解
  24. far/ wide apart 离得很远
  25. take... apart 把...拆开
  26. tell ... apart 区分; 分辨(两种事物)
  27. apart from 离开; 除...之外(还有)=besides; 除了=except
  28. forget about 不把…放在心上
  29. sort out 挑选出;整理好
  30. sort of/ kind of[作状语用]有几分地; 在一
  31. all sort(s) of (=of all sorts)各种各样的
  32. contribute to 为……做贡献(或捐款) ;有 助于,促成;向……投稿 II. Words: 总称]诗 诗歌, 韵文; 诗集; 诗意, *poetry n.[总称 诗, 诗歌 韵文 诗集; 总称 诗意 富有诗意的事物 a book of poetry 一本诗集 epic poetry 叙事诗 historical poetry 史诗 Her dancing is pure poetry.她的舞蹈非常富于 诗意。 *poem n 诗;诗篇 He wrote a poem about war. 他写了一首关于战 争的诗。 意图; *intention n.意图 意向 打算 目的 意图 意向; 打算; 意义, 意义 用意 Good acts are better than good intentions. 好的行动胜于好的意图。 If I've hurt your feelings, it was quite without intention. 如果我伤了你的感情那完全是无意的。 intend vt.想要 打算 企图 想要, 想要 打算; 设计; 设计 计划 意指, 意指 意思是 intend a child for a doctor 打算让孩子以后行医 He intends no harm.他没有恶意。 I intend to go home.我想回家。 The book is intended for beginners.本书是为初 学者编写的。 What do you intend by that remark?你说这话是 什么意思? Is that what you intended?这是你的原意吗? 分类, *sort vt.分类 整理 拣选 分类 整理, 拣选(out) She tried to sort out her problems. 她努力想要清楚自己的诸多问题 sort out the wheat from the chaff. 把小麦从糠皮中拣选出来 sort n.种类, 类别, 品种 某种人[物] under all sorts of names
以各种各样的名义 people of every sort and kind 各种各样的人 They'll never stomach that sort of attitude. 他们永远不会容忍那样的态度。 He is the right sort. 他倒是挺合适的人。 He is my sort. 他正是我需要的人。
  1. contribute vi.贡献出 ; 投(稿);捐赠(款项 等);起作用, 有助于, 促成
  1) The Song Dynasty contributed three great inventions to world civilization.宋朝为世界 文明贡献出三大发明。
  2) He contributed an article to the China Daily. 他为《中国日报》撰写一篇文章。
  3) They contributed food and clothing for the refugees.他们向难民捐赠食品和衣物。
  4) Drink contributed to his ruin.酗酒促使他毁 灭。
  5) She seldom contributes to the discussion.她 在讨论中很少发言。
  2. apart ad.相隔, 相距; 分别, 个别; 离开 撇开, 除去; 拆开
  1) The two cities are one hundred kilometers apart.两城相距一百公里。
  2) She stood far apart from me.她远离我站 着。
  3) Apart from water there is sugar in apples. 苹果里除了水以外还有糖。
  4) Take the bike apart and try to repair it this morning.请拆开这自行车并设法于今天上 午修好。
  3. recommend vt 推荐;推举; 劝告;忠告 使人喜欢;使诱人;(与 to 连用)交付;托付
  1) I recommended him for the job
  2) Can you recommend a good dictionary? 你能介绍一本好词典吗?
  3) I recommend you to wait. 我劝你等一等。
  4) This hotel has nothing to recommend it.
  5) The dying man recommended his soul to God. 这垂危病人把灵魂交付上帝。
  6) Honesty recommends any person. 任何一个人都欢迎诚实的品质 recommendation n.推荐, 介绍; 介绍信
  4. atmosphere n. 大气(层), 气圈; 空气 周围情况, 环境, 气氛
  1) atmosphere pressure 大气压力
  2) the exciting atmosphere of a football match 一场足球比赛的激动人心的气氛
  3) We live in an atmosphere of freedom. 我们生活在自由的环境中。
  5.call up
  1) You had better not call me up in the morning.最好不要在早上打电话给我。
  2) The photograph called up memories of his childhood.那张照片唤起了他童年时代的 一些记忆。
  3) A large number of reservists were called up. 很多后备役军人被征召入伍。 要求,需要;大声呼救; (
  1)call for 要求,需要;大声呼救 到某地 ) 某物) ;邀约 取(某物) 邀约 ;
  1) Let's go to the night school together, and I'll call for you.咱们一起去夜校吧,到时候我 来叫你。
  2) He asked me to call for him at four o'clock in the afternoon.他要我下午四点钟来接他。
  3) Somebody was calling for help.大声呼救。
  4) She called loudly for her husband to come and help her.她大声叫喊, 要她的丈夫来帮 助她。
  5) Mountain climbing calls for a strong body and a brave heart.爬山要有健壮的身体和 勇敢的精神。 召回; (
  2)call back 召回;回电话 ) She was called back to her house.她被叫回家。 I will call you back when I come home. ……请来 召集; 请来; (
  3)call in 把……请来;召集;收回 )
  1) We should call in a doctor/call a doctor in.
  2) The manufacturers have called in some cars with serious faults.厂商已收回一些有严重 缺陷的汽车。 拜访(某人) 号召, ;号召 (
  4)call on 拜访(某人) 号召,恳求 ) ;
  1) I called on Peter last Sunday. 上个星期天我去看望了彼得。
  2) He was called on to make a speech. 他被请求发表演讲。
  3) They called on him to support them. 他们请求他去支持他们。
  6. send for Send someone for a doctor.派人去请医生来。 I send him for some sugar.我派他去买一些糖。 送别; (
  1)send off 送别;发出 )
  1) go to a station to send a person off 到车站给某人送行
  2) We have sent off all the invitations. 我们已经把全部的请帖发出去。 发出,放出; (
  2)send out 发出,放出;长出 )
  1) She sent out three hundred invitations. 她发出 300 张请帖。
  2) In spring the trees begin to send out new leaves.春天树木开始长出新叶。
  3) A fire sends out light and warmth.火发出光 和热。
  7. come into being
  1) We do not know when the universe came into being.我们不知道宇宙何时开始存在。
  2) Thus the Great Wall came into being. 这样长城就形成了。 come to /into power 上台、掌权、执政 上台、掌权、 come to/into effect 实行;实施;生效 实行;实施; come into use 开始被使用 come into sight/view 可以望见;出现在眼前 可以望见;
  8.introduction n.介绍,介绍的内容,导言, 引论 a letter of introduction Before the meeting began, I made the necessary ~

  9.absence n.不在,缺席,缺乏 C 一次缺席, 不在时间 absent adj.缺席的 缺席的 Did anything happen during my absence? absence from school during one’s ~ in Shanghai 在某人暂去上海的 期间
  10.stand out 突出,显眼 突出, (from)从…脱颖而出 (against)在 (as)作为…而突出 The lettering stood out well against the dark background. He stood out as an architect. He stands out in the crowd.
  11.glory C 光荣的人,荣耀的事 U 光荣,荣 誉,壮丽 He’s an honor to his family. glories of the history the glory of the sunset They fought for the glory of their country. I do all the work and he gets all the glory.



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