1.It's possible/likely that...
  2.同位语从句 The idea/possibility/fact/belief/than+… 默写重点单词与词组)10 分 一,Write the key words or phrases from memory(默写重点单词与词组 默写重点单词与词组
  20.保持健康 单词拼写)10 分 二,Word spelling(单词拼写 单词拼写
  1.The (大多数)of the students in my class work hard.
  2.Now it's more (方便的)to go to my school by bus.
  3. Students should try to learn four English s, like listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  4.Now more and more people are using c in their daily life.
  5.Lucy is the only person I totally t in this place.
  6.He is very good at his lessons and (同时)he does sports very well.
  7.New (行业)are encouraged in this area because more and more people need jobs.
  8.The government calls on people to work hard for our socialist (建设).
  9.John is s with the exam results of his students.
  10.If the world's w is shared more fairly, there would be fewer poor countries. 句型转换)5 三,Rewrite the following sentences(句型转换 分 句型转换
  1.The company may employ more people. It the company will employ more people.
  2.The idea that computers can recognize human voices surprises many people. Many people are the idea that computers can recognize human voices.
  3.The meeting was delayed but I didn't receive the news. I didn't receive the meeting was delayed.
  4.It's likely that a decision will be made before the end of the year. A decision will before the end of the year.
  5.In the future, people have to use wind and the sun for energy.
In the future, people will do their best to the wind and sun. 单项选择)15 分 四,Multiple choice(单项选择 单项选择
  1.I don't like sports people easily get hurt. A. who B. which C. in which D. whether
  2.In order not to be disturbed, I spent three days in my study. A. locking B. locked C. to lock D. lock
  3.?Excuse me, are you traveling by train or meeting someone? ?We are the three o'clock train to Chicago. A. traveling B. waiting C. taking D. setting
  4.?This green coat looks nice on you and it is only 200 yuan. ?OK, . A. I'll need it B. I'll take it C. It's much too expensive D. I'd like to sell it
  5.He left any of his friends him . A. with; seeing; off B. without; seeing; off C. without; see; / D. with; see; out
  6. is the students to find out the meaning and the usage of new words. A. What a dictionary does; help B. What dictionary does; to help C. How a dictionary does; help D. All that a dictionary does; helps
  7. landowners in India would not vote to lose their land and wealth, it resulted The a fairer society. A. even if; in B. even though; of C. as if; in D. whether; of
  8.Towards evening, heavy rain began to fall. A. the; a B. /; a C. /; the D. the; /
  9.?Do you have more to get in the market? ?No, only some bread and butter. A. something B. everything C. nothing D. anything
  10.The teacher as well as her students to visit the Motor Company tomorrow. A. go B. are to go C. is to go D. is about to go

  11.The book three yuan, but it only me two yuan. A. spends; take B. costs; spend C. costs; cost D. pays; cost
  12.As to this new type of computer, it depends on you have enough money. A. if B. that C. whether D. /
  13.When answering questions, I do feel a little nervous . A. at one time B. at times C. at the time D. at a time
  14.The captain showed them the fact he sailed around the earth. A. that B. which C. by which D. by that
  15.The possibility we won't produce enough goods troubles everyone here. A. which B. that C. who D. where 完形填空)20 分 五,Cloze test(完形填空 完形填空 During a bullfight, a drunk suddenly 1 into the middle of the ring. The 2 began to shout, but the drunk didn't 3 the danger. The bull was busy with the matador(斗牛士) 4 , but it suddenly caught 5 of the drunk who was 6 a red cap. The bull 7 all about the matador and rushed to the drunk. The crowd suddenly 8 quiet. The drunk, to let it however, 9 quite sure of himself. When the bull got 10 him he stepped 11 pass. The crowd burst into 12 and the drunk 13 . 14 this time, however, three and they quickly dragged the drunk 16 . 17 the bull men had come into the 15 seemed to feel sorry for him, for it 18 sympathetically(同情地) 19 the drunk was out of the way 20 once more drew its attention to the matador.
  1.A. stepped B. climbed C. went D. wandered
  2.A. crowd B. matador C. bull D. drunk
  3.A. recognize B. think C. realize D. see
  4.A. for a time B. in time C. at the time D. at times
  5.A. hold B. attention C. sight D. breath
  6.A. wearing B. signing C. moving D. having
  7.A. forgot B. left C. lost D. missed
  8.A. grew B. remained C. kept D. changed
  9.A. saw B. made C. had D. seemed

  10.A. close by C. far away
  11.A. out C. in
  12.A. shots C. crying
  13.A. ran C. jumped
  14.A. At C. For
  15.A. fight C. ring
  16.A. safety C. distanc
  17.A. Only C. Even
  18.A. seemed C. looked for
  19.A. though C. when
  20.A. after C. when
B. close to D. far form B. up D. aside B. voice D. cheers B. cried D. bowed B. By D. During B. sight D. power B. outside D. go B. Ever D. Just B. looked D. looked on B. because D. until B. before D. until
阅读理解)10 分 六,Reading comprehension(阅读理解 阅读理解 A A popular story goes like this: Once there was something wrong with a motor in a factory in America. The factory could do nothing but turn to a German electrician(电工)for help. After he checked the motor, the electrician drew a line on it and then said, "Take off the part where the line is and do the coil(线圈)again."The motor began running miraculously(神奇 地)when it had been coiled. The electrician then asked for $30 000 for what he had done. The following was what he wrote on a bill, The line only costs one dollar, and knowing where to draw " the line costs $29 9
  99. "You see, everyone can draw a line. Although it is simple, it's not so easy for those who don't know where to draw the line. One dollar for drawing a line sounds reasonable(合情合理)but the $ 29 999 is exactly(确切地)the value(价值)of knowledge.
  1.The story took place . A. in a factory in Germany B. in a factory in America C. on a farm in Germany D. on a farm in America
  2.The motor was well repaired . A. by the workers themselves B. by the farmers themselves C. with the help of a German electrician D. with the help of an American electrician

  3.The electrician thought that to draw a line was to find out where to draw it. A. as easy as B. as difficult as C. much easier than D. much more difficult than
  4.The best title(标题)of the passage is . A. The Value of Knowledge B. How to Draw a Line C. How to Check a Motor D. The Use of Motors. B Some people remember things by writing notes to themselves. Then they leave the notes in obvious(明显的)places, such as on the table or on the floor in the middle of the living room. I don't think I like to write notes to myself. Most of the time I lose them or forget to look at them until it's too late. I prefer to use an alarm clock(闹钟)to tell me what I should do. I have ten alarm clocks in my house. They could tell me about things. For example, if I have to make a telephone call at a certain time, I'll set an alarm clock to go off a few minutes early and put the clock by the telephone. Or if I want to watch a certain television programme, I'll set an alarm clock at the right time and put the clock on top of the TV set. I can remember almost anything if I use my clocks. However, sometimes an alarm clock goes off and I don't know what it means. I always remember setting it, but not why I set it. If the clock is by the telephone, I know I may have set it to tell me to call someone, but I can't be sure. I might have set it to tell myself that somebody was to call me at a certain time.
  5.Some people like to write notes to themselves so that they can . A. leave them in obvious places B. remember what to do at a certain time C. watch a certain programme D. make a phone call at a certain time
  6.I don't like to write notes to myself because . A. they are easy to lose or forget to look at B. I don't know where to put them C. my handwriting is poor D. it gives me too much trouble
  7.I often use to help me remember things. A. a notebook B. a computer C. telephone calls D. alarm clocks
  8.Sometimes an alarm clock can't help me because . A. I put the clock in a wrong place B. the clock goes wrong C. when the clock goes off, I forget why I set it D. I'm not sure whom I should call
  9.In this passage, go off means .
A. start off B. get off C. go away D. make a sudden noise
  10.From the passage we can learn that the writer . A. has a good memory B. has a bad memory C. uses a telephone to remind himself D. writes notes to remind himself 七. Error correction(短文改错)10 分 Stage plays, at first, seems a lot like films. All use actors and dialogues and sceneries. But If you try to make a film by sit up a camera in front of the stage, you'll find it won't work. You'll waste of a very good tool?the camera. The camera offers the film maker free, allowing him move more easily. He can show his actors in real cities and on real farms. He can also use camera to change the scene dozen of times in one film. Not experts of the stage can do this.

书面表达)20 分 八,Guided writing(书面表达 书面表达 学好英语助申奥 每逢四年一度的奥运会终于闭幕了, 我国体育健儿取得了 28 枚金牌, 多么辉煌的战果. 北京马上涌现出了一种崭新的现象:许多老人开始从 ABC 学英语.因为他们看到这次奥运 的战果之后,更增加了他们申奥的信心,为了碰到老外能告诉他们北京怎么走等问题,决定 开始学英语. 注意:切忌逐句翻译(字数在 100 词左右).
参考答案 一,Write the key words or phrases from memory. (默写重点单词与词组)10 分
  1.talk of
  5.out of work
  10.labor force
  20.keep fit 二,Word spelling(单词拼写)10 分 computers
  5. trust
  6. meanwhile
  7. industries
  1. majority
  2. convenient
  3. skills
  10.wealth 三,Rewrite the following sentences(句型转换)5 分
  1. possible that
  2. is surprised at
  3. news that
  4. likely to be made
  5. the be produce energy from 四,Multiple choice(单项选择)15 分

  1.C in which=where, 这里是定语从句.
  2.B 这里用过去分词表示"被锁在书房" .
  3.C take a bus/train/car 表示"乘坐汽车/火车" .
  4.B I'll take it 表示"我要了/我买了" .
  5.B "see off"表示"送行" .
  6.A 当主语从句 what a dictionary does 有 does 时,表语中的动词不定式中的 to 可 省略.
  7.A even if 表示"即使"result in 表示"导致" .
  8.B toward evening 表示"将近傍晚"; a heavy rain 表示"一场大雨" .
  10.C be to do sth. 表示"按计划,安排做…" ;be about to do sth. 后不能带时间状语.
  11.C 前一句是一般现在时,后一句是过去时.
  12.C 这里要注意 if/whether 的区别,介词后面要用 whether 引导宾语从句而不用 if.
  13.B at times 表示"有时候" ,相当于 sometimes.
  14.A 这里是同位语从句 that 引导.
  15.B 这里也是同位语从句 that 引导. 五,Cloze test. (完形填空)20 分
  1.D wander 指"漫无目的地走" .一个醉汉偶然地进入斗牛场,应选这个词.
  2.A crowd 指"人群" ,这里指"观众" .
  3.C 因喝醉了,没有"认识到"危险.
  4.C at the time"当时""此时" , .
  5.C catch sight of"看见" .
  6.A wear 表示穿戴的状态.
  7.A forget about 为短语.
  8.A 这里应有一种"变化"的过程,即从原来看斗牛时的喊叫,到突然闯进一个醉 汉的惊讶,故应使用 grew.
  9.B make sure of 意为"对……有把握" .
  11.D aside(副词)"到旁边" .
  12.D 一个醉汉也能作出一个职业斗牛士的动作,观众哪能不"突然欢呼起来"?
  13.D bowed 是指向观众鞠躬,这是一个"专业"动作,故选 D.
  14.B by 作"到……时就已经"解,常和完成时连用.
  15.C 斗牛场大都是圆形,ring 便指斗牛场.
  17.C 这位勇士被强行拉走,观众肯定会感到扫兴,这头牛也对这情景而遗憾,故用 even 一词.
  18.D look on"旁观" .
  19.D "同情地看着,直到看不见为止" .
  20.B 根据主句与从句两个动作所发生的先后顺序,应选



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