1.What objects were kings and emperors in China buried with?
  2.Why were dead kings given these objects after they died?
Terra-Cotta Warriors
Describe the kinds of objects kings and emperors in China were buried with.
weapons money
articles for daily life jade articles silk jewellery pottery china Servants warriors animals wives of emperors
To show off their power and wealth.
To continue their luxurious life in the nether(地下的 地下的) 地下的 world.
To be given to him for his use in the next life.
Scan the text and write down which objects were found in the grave of the King of Stonehenge: tools of a hunter or warrior a bone pin a leather coat two copper knives two gold earrings two clay pots tools and materials to make arrows a bow a dozen arrows a cushion stone
gold earrings
copper knife
clay pot
Please finish Ex 1 in Post-reading (P
  76) according to the information:
tools of a hunter or warrior a bone pin a leather coat two copper knives two gold earrings two clay pots tools and materials to make arrows a bow a dozen arrows a cushion stone
New words: archaeologist approximately convey status remote distinction on average link artefact
Read paragraph 1-

  1.What’s the aim of this part?
To introduce the man and things that were found in the grave.

  2.Where did the man spend childhood?
The tests on his teeth show that he spent his youth in central Europe, perhaps Germany.

  3.Why did people give him such things?
They were probably given to him for his use in the next life.
Read paragraph 4-

  1.What’s the aim of this part?
To tell the reasons why the discovery is important.

  2.Why is it very important?
?His grave is the richest of any found from that--?He has some relationship to Stonehenge.

  3.What’s the relationship between the man and Stonehenge?
He may have had a hand in planning the monument, or in helping transport and pull up the stones.
Read paragraph

  1.What’s the aim of this part?
To tell the meaning of the found of the grave of the King of Stonehenge.

  2.What can the archaeologists learn from the King of Stonehenge?

  1. He is an example of people who brought culture and new techniques from the European mainland to Britain.
  2. The skills to make copper and bronze objects is now believed to have spread through trade and cultural links.
Fill in the blanks to give examples of the trade and cultural links:
Country or part of Europe west Wales Europe Spain and Western France Some remote places Material or objects of trade Stones to build Stonehenge gold jewellery copper knives artefacts
Bird-eye view on a rare sunny Day
If you were the writer to introduce The King of Stonehenge, what story would you add to attract more readers?



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