Unit-11 四会词汇 likely, private, grasp, master, arrange, achieve, breakthrough, announce, battle, set foot in, come to life, rely on, put forward, aim at 词组
  1. 位于 be located in/on
  2. 有…要发生,即将到来 have … in store
  3. 是…的所在地 be home to
  4. 获得硕士学位 get one's master's degree
  5. 在 80 年代初期 in the early 1980's (in early 19
  6. 实现,成为现实 come true
  7. 进入,踏进 set foot in/on
  8. 追求理想 follow one's dream
  9. 对…有影响 have (an) effect on/ have influence on , 副作用 side effect
  10. 依赖,依靠 rely on ,(reliant, reliable), depend on, independent of
  11. 恢复生气,活跃起来 come to life
  12. 相配 be perfect for
  13. 目的是做某事 aim at
  14. 硅谷 silicon valley
  15. 在.......基础之上 on the base of/base on
  16. 打算干 intend to
  17. 经济特区 a special economical zone
  18. 抓住机遇 grasp the opportunity
  19. 开公司 run a company
  20. 开始创建 get started
  21. 安排……干……arrange for sb to do sth
  22. 充满 be filled with
  23. 繁荣发展 enjoy a boom
  24. 科教兴国 rejuvenate the nation by relying on science and technology
  25. 有…共同之处 have … in common
  26. 美国宪法 The Constitution of the United States of America
  27. 提出(主意,计划) put forward =come up with 重点句子
  1. Whatever great achievements the future may have in store for China, it is likely that many of them will be born in northwestern Beijing.
  2. Not all the new companies can succeed, but the spirit and creativity they represent are more important than money.
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  3. Zhongguancun made it possible for him to follow his dreams and help the country he loves. Make it clear that science and business can and must work together to build the future. Makes China one of the world leaders in the battle against the deadly disease. 语法: 语法 Word Formation (
  1) Unit11 考题档案
  1. (NMET 20
  00) I'll look into the matter as soon as possible. Just have a little . A. wait B. time C. patience D. rest
  2. (NMET 19
  97) He was possibly the Southern State Parkway in a white Ford. A. calling from B. fleeing from C. looking for D. heading for
  3. The captain made an to the passengers for the delay caused by bad weather. A. apology B. apologize C. apologing D. apologyment
  4. Mr. Black is an in the army, not an in the government. You can not easily find him in his . A. official; officer; office B. officer; office; official C. official; official; official D. officer; official; office
  5. Germany is a country. A. Europe B. European C. Europed D. Europing
  6. That man was very not to tell the manager that he would not do the job. A. care B. careful C. careless D. carelessness
  7. Comrade Zhang Side died for the people, and his is heavier than Mount Tai. A. die B. dead C. died D. death
  8. Have you ever heard of an American black writer Langston Hughes? A. named B. names C. named after D. was named
  9. The child looked at his brother who was badly wounded. A. sadly B. worry C. sadness D. sad
  10. He is an expert at chemistry. We all call him a . A. chemistry B. chemical C. chemist D. chemistry
  11. The black people were against slavery and fought for their bravery. A. free B. freely C. freedom D. frees
  12. What you said sounded but in fact it was untrue. A.reasonable B.reason C.reasons D.unreason
  13. We are living happier and better and we want to make it even more . A. colourless B. coloured C. uncolour D. colourful
  14. The long- chair isn't suitable for a young child. A. legging B. legged C. leg D. leged
  15. The letter"b"in the word"doubt"is . A. sound B. silent C. silence D. sounded

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Unit-12 四会词汇 apply, belief, voyage, permanent, attack, escape, aboard, hesitate, make a living, lay the foundation of, come true, set out, turn out to be, on board, take sb. on a voyage, defend against, be dressed in, ever since, attract one's attention, dream of, throw light on 词组
  1. 与…… 相反 be contrary to
  2. 使某人记起某事 remind sb of/about
  3. 打下…的基础 lay the foundation of
  4. 从远处 at/from distance of
  5. 努力做某事 in one's efforts to do
  6. 结果是,被证明是 turn out to be
  7. 带某人上船 take sb. on board
  8. 人类心中永久的伤痕 permanent pain in people's hearts
  9. 囚禁某人 keep sb. as a prisoner
  10. 去冒险 go on an adventure
  11. 阐明…,使…显得清楚 throw light on
  12. 引起某人的注意 attract one's attention
  13. 高 8 英尺 eight feet in height
  14. 从那天起 from that day on
  15. 体力劳动 physical labour/ mental labour
  16. 毫不犹豫 without hesitation
  17. 着手做某事 set out to do
  18. 为……画图 make a sketch of
  19. 谋生 make a living
  20. 向……申请…… apply to sb for sth
  21. 焕发光彩 light up
  22. 死火山 a dead volcano
  23. 越来越深 deeper and deeper = ever deeper
  24. 渐渐喜欢上 develop one's love for
  25. 探索新路 pioneer a new way
  26. 欲望驱使 be driven by desire to do sth
  27. 烧尽 burn out
  28. 点燃生命之火 light the flame of life 重点句子
  1. His father sent him to Paris to study law, but instead Verne developed his love for the theatre.
  2. Many of the instruments in his novels will remind the reader of Dr Benjamin Franklin's
experiments with electricity.
  3. By taking the scientific developments of his day one step further, Jules Verne laid the foundation of modern science fiction.
  4. Ships are disappearing all over the world and it is believed to be caused by a sea monster.
  5. In their efforts to survive, they find themselves on the surface of the monster itself, which turns out to be a submarine.
  6. But at over moments you will find him gentle and weak, as when he cries about the lost lives of people drowned in ships that have sunk.
  7. In the end, their raft is drawn into a fast stream and with ever increasing speed they are shot out of a volcano in southern Italy.
  8. I read all the books I could find that threw light upon these matters.
  9. Although I knew how to create life, how to prepare a body for it with all its muscles and organs still remained a difficult Job.
  10. No human being could have passed a happier childhood than myself.
  11. when I found this amazing power placed within my hands, I hesitated a long time thinking how I should use it. 注: 文章第一小节和第四小节最好能够背诵 语法: 语法 Word Formation (
  2) Unit12 考题档案
  1. (20
  03)?Sorry,Joe. I didn't mean to… ?Don't call me"Joe".I'm Mr. Parker to you,and you forget it! A. do B. didn't C. did D. don't
  2. (19
  99)?Alice,you feed the bird today,? ?But I fed it yesterday. A. do you B. will you C. didn't you D. don't you
  3. (19
  96)The number of people invited fifty, but a number of them absent for different reasons. A. were;was B. was;was C. was;were D. were;were
  4. (20
  00) of the land in that district covered with trees and grass. A. Two fifth; is B. Two fifth; are C. Two fifths; is D. Two fifths; are
  5. (20
  00)It is the ability to do the job matters, not where you come from or what you are. A. one B. that C. what D. it
  6. (19
  97) John plays football, if not better than David. A. as well B. as well as
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C. so well D. so well as
  7. (19
  94) Rather than on a crowded bus, he always prefers a bicycle. A. ride; ride B. riding; ride C. ride; to ride D. to ride; riding
  8. (19
  99) Carol said the work would be done by October, personally I doubt very much. A. it B. that C. when D. which
  9. (20
  02) The taxi driver often reminds passengers to their belongings when they leave the car. A. keep B. catch C. hold D. take

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Unit-13 四会词汇 benefit from, all the way, be made up of, become available to, mix with, take advantage of, give off, add to, play a trick on, protect from, a variety of, range, dissolve, float 词组
  1. 翻转,倒过来 turn…upside down
  2. 提出,想出 come up with
  3. 记录,记下 make notes of
  4. 招来,请来 call in
  5. 范围从…,一直到 range from… all the way to…
  6. 也就是说 that is( that is to say)
  7. 大量的,许多的 a mass of =masses of
  8. 对…有效,有用 become available to
  9. 利用 take advantage of
  10. 起作用,生效 do the work
  11. 对…反应敏感 be sensitive to
  12. 各种各样的 a variety of
  13. 对…有贡献,有助于 contribute to
  14. 为了…利益 for the benefit of
  15. 全神贯注于 be absorbed in
  16. 毁坏,出毛病,受挫 break down
  17. 蜿蜒前进 wind one's way
  18. 屏住呼吸 hold one's breath
  19. 分解 break down
  20. 为……提供 provide ……for/ provide ……with
  21. 记下 make notes of 重点句子
  1. Life in the oceans ranges from the tiniest plankton all the way up to giants like sharks and whales.
  2. What is it that makes the ocean such a great place to live?
  3. The two hydrogen atoms from a polar molecule, that is, one with a slightly positive end and one with a slightly negative end.
  4. The nutrients in whatever falls into the ocean will quickly become available to other living creatures.
  5. Marine organisms take advantage of the density of water.
  6. If it didn't, the oceans would be frozen solid.
  7. Since changes in salinity and temperature affect water's density, the water in the ocean is
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always moving.
  8. The circulation adds energy to the marine ecosystems and moves nutrients around.
  9. Of all the resources on earth oil, gas, gold and so on nothing is as precious as a drop of rain.
  10. This mixing of fresh and salt water creates a unique environment filled with life of all kinds--a zone between the land and the sea. 语法: 语法 Modal Verbs Unit13 考题档案
  1.(2000 北京春)Sorry I'm late. I have turned off the alarm clock and gone back to sleep again. A. might B. should C. can D. will
  2.(2000 上海)My sister met him at the Grand Theater yesterday afternoon, so he your lecture. A. couldn't have attended B. needn't have attended C. mustn't have attended D. shouldn't have attended
  3.(1997 上海)Jack yet; otherwise he would have telephoned me. A. mustn't have arrived B. shouldn't have arrived C. can't have arrived D. need not have arrived
  4. (NMET 20
  01)I was really anxious about you. You home without a word. A. mustn't leave B. shouldn't have left C. couldn't have left D. needn't leave
  5. (NMET 19
  94)I told Sally how to get here, but perhaps I for her. A. had to write it out B. must have written it out C. should have written it out D. ought to write it out
  6. (NMET 20
  02)?Is John coming by train? ?He should, but he not. He likes driving his car. A. must B. can C. need D. may
  7. (2002 北京春)?I hear you've got a set of valuable Australian coins. I have a look? ?Yes, certainly. A. Do B. May C. Shall D. Should
  8. (上海 2001 春)Mr. Bush is on time for everything. How it be that he was late for the opening ceremony? A. can B. should C. may D. must
  9. (NMET 20
  00)?Are you coming to Jeff's party? ?I'm not sure. I go to the concert instead. A. must B. would C. should D. might
  10. (2000 上海春)I should have been there, but I not find the time. A. would B. could C. might D. should
  11. (NMET 19
  96)Johnny, you play with the knife, you hurt yourself. A. won't; can't B. mustn't; may
C. shouldn't; must D. can't; shouldn't
  12. (NMET 19
  99)?Will you stay for lunch? ?Sorry,. My brother is coming to see me. A.I mustn't B.I can't C.I needn't D.I won't
  13. (NMET 19
  97)The fire spread through the hotel very quickly but everyone get out. A. had to B. would C. could D. was able to
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