参考答案 1 1-5 BABBD 6-10 BDDCC 11-15 DCBCB 16-20 ABCDC 21-25 BABBA 26-30 BACAD 31-35 DACDC 36-40 BCACA 41-45 BBDAC 46-50 BDCAB
  51. environmental
  52. latest
  53. raised
  54. stable
  55. experts /environmentalists
  56. enemies
  57. pollution
  58. concern
  59. importance
  60. situations
  61. guilty
  62. apologize
  63. hesitation
  64. punishment
  65. stubborn
  66. attitude
  67. anxious
  68. awkward
  69. persuade
  70. absent-minded One possible version: Take Good Care of Eyes In recent years more and more school students have become near-sighted. It is reported that as high as 30 to 50 percent of the students wear glasses and the number is still increasing. We should pay great attention to this problem. As we know, there are some different causes for near-sightedness. Students always have too much homework to do every day. They have to spend a lot of time doing their home-work. Besides, some of them watch TV overmuch. Others play video games or chat on line for a long time. All this will do harm to their eyes. As students, we must try our best to take care of our eyes; therefore we should form a good habit of reading, do eyesight exercises regularly and never wear out our eyes.
高二英语答案 2 一单项选择 1-5 CCDDA 6-10 CABAD 11-15 CABDC 二完型填空 1-5 DBCDA 6-10 BCBAD 11-15 ABACD 16-20 CABCD 三 任务型阅读
  2. opinions/views
  3. provide
  4. Second
  5. unnecessary
  7. give
  8. harmful
  9. killed 10 objects 四.动词的适当形式填空
  1. has resulted in
  2. rely on
  3. under way
  4. focus on
  5. in the form of
  6. What if
  7. take responsibility for
  8. will open the floor
  9. flow into
  10. are being wiped out
  11. will have a lasting effect upon
  12. cut back on
  13. thinking of… as 五完成句子
  1. debating whether or
  2. ran out of live on
  3. limited cut back on
  4. In addition to
  5. approach to learning
  6. is beneficial to
  7. suffering wipe out
  8. without lay
  9. obvious concerned situation

  10. appreciate it if you can 单项 1-5 CAABC 6-10 CDADB 完型 16-20 BDADA 21-25 BCDBA 31-35 BBCAD 阅读 36-40 CDADA 41-45 CBDCB One possible version: Making Friends A person cannot live alone in society because there are many different kinds of work to do, which requires cooperation. Men’s life depends upon each other in many ways. Our society has become more and more complicated. No matter where we go, live and work, we cannot work or live without friends around us. Sometimes we might need their help. Of course, we will also lend them a hand whenever one is needed. When you have many friends, you will find that they can not only give you the aid you need but also make you feel the pleasure of living. They may be your good teachers who teach you many things about life and the world. They may help you solve many problems. You may also enjoy going out with them and doing things with them. You will find life worth living. 参考答案 3 11-15 ACBAD 26-30 CCDAD 46-50 ADCDA
参考答案 4
单项选择: 单项选择: AABAB 完型填空: 完型填空:
CBDAC 文章大意: 文章大意:文章主要讲述了一位演讲者通过对一张二十美元不停的折皱,碾压,问观众是否还要不要这件 事来告诉人们:对于爱你的人,你始终珍贵无比。你永远是独一无二的你! 答案:CAABD DDBCA BBABA CDCDB 答案提示:
  1. C start up:突然出现 start for:动身去某地 start off: 出发;开始
  2. A go up:上升;升起 lift up 主语一般是人 pull up 拉起;拔起 come up 长出;被提出
  3. A 考查基本常识 ,纸币用 note 不用 paper
  4. B on the air 在广播; 广播中 in the air 在空中 by air 乘飞机
  5.D even if 即使 as if 似乎,好象 only if 只有,只要 what if 要是…会怎么样
  6.D 根据理解 应该是将钱扔在地上
  7.D 教授应该穿着鞋子在碾钱,不可能光着脚。
  8.B However 然而,可是 Still 仍然 So 因此 Because 因为 这里是说有人仍然愿意要这张碾皱的钱。
  9.C learned 意为 学到 have a lesson 意为 上课
  10.A 这里用 whatever 做 do 的宾语。
  11.B lose 后面直接加 value 不需要加 in decrease“减少, 减小” 意思。
  12.B in our lives 在我们日常生活中。
  13.A make decision 做出决定 make mistakes 犯错误 make comments 作评价 make money 挣钱
  14.B as for 至于; 关于 as though 好像; 仿佛 as well 也 as a result 结果
  15.A 根据句意“不管发生过的还是将要发生的” 应该用 will
  16.C 根据 11 空后面提示 可知用 value
  17.D 这里用 clean 跟 dirty 对比
  18.C valueless, worthless 指没有价值的 priceless 无价的, 极贵重的所以选 C
  19.D 这里 用 what 做 do 的宾语
  20.B 别忘了,你永远是独一无二的你!所以用 special III. 阅读理解 文章大意:文章主要讲了英国伦敦的出租车司机不同与其他国家的司机。因为他们十分的健谈。
  1.B 根据第一段第三句可排除 A 项,第一段最后一句可排除 C 项,根据第三段第一句可排除 D 项。
  2.C 选项 A、B、D 都不能成为伦敦乘坐出租车价格昂贵的理由;由倒数第三段可知;在伦敦当出租 车司机要经过长期培训,进行严格考试,需要花费很多时间和金钱,从而收费很高。
  3.D 根据文章倒数第二段“Cab driving is a job often handed down in families. Many taxi drivers take their children out in their spare time to memorize routes they will need to know when it is their turn to do ‘The Knowledge’。可知,在伦敦开出租车一般都是父亲传给孩子的。 ”

  4.C 由最后一段得出答案。 文章讲述了目前英国中学生对名人的过度崇拜的现象。
  1.B 根据文章第一段可知。其他不是调查的内容。
  2.C 根据上下文,学生纷纷模仿贝克汉姆
  3.D 第二段第一句表明贝克汉姆夫妇住在 Los Angeles。
  4.B 文章主要讲过分崇拜名人对学生的影响。 答案:
  6.awarded 答案:
  10.skilled 答案: 答案:
  2.have visited
  4.are phoning
  5.have phone
  8.is called
  9.are leaving
  10.has been reading 答案: 答案:
  1. broadcast live performs
  2.little-know; is that
  3.is popular with has ability to / is popular with; is able to throughout
  4.effect; has on
  5.is charge
  6.separate; from; divide; into
  7.Dressed in
Dear Dr Helper, I am a Senior 3 student. I am now in great need of your help because I can hardly stand the great pressure. Every day, I have to stay at school for nine hours to have lessons and spend at least three to four hours doing my homework at home. We teenagers are eager to play and enjoy ourselves, but we hardly have any time to do what we like. Besides, we don’t have enough sleep. There seems to be three causes for the overload: the pressure of examinations, too much homework and the high expectations from the parents. We are often warned that if we didn’t try our best, we would not have the chance to go to university. I write this letter only to wish that I could have someone to talk to. I am looking forward to your advice. Yours sincerely, Wang Yong
参考答案 5
1 ? 5 BDACB 6 ? 10 BACCC 11 ? 15 ABDCA 21 ? 25 BCCDA 26 ? 30 CBDAC 31 ? 35 DABBA 41 ? 45 ADBCA 46 ? 50 DCBAC 51 ? 55 DCDAB 61 ? 63 DAB 参考答案 6 单项填空: 一、单项填空 1-5 BDCDB 6-10 ABDCA 11-15 BDDAB 16 ? 20 CBDAC 36 ? 40 CACDA 56 ? 60 DCBDC

  57. embarrassed
  58. customs
  59. approval 二、单词拼写:
  56. accumulated 单词拼写
  60. misunderstand
  61. contact
  62. minorities
  63. account
  64. instruments
  65. powerful 句子转换: 三、句子转换
  66. gets; whenever
  67. Had; joined
  68. participates; must
  69. that; logged
  70. church mouse 动词填空:
  72. has been accumulated
  73. hunting 六、动词填空:
  71. to concern
  74. carved
  75. have been touring
  76. roasted
  77. adjusted
  78. are requested
  79. will clarify
  80. analyzing 完成句子: 四、完成句子:
  81. should; get; take; opportunity
  82. shake hands; same as
  83. taboo; upsetting; embarrassing; concerned

  84. have unbelievable differences; culture
  85. what; held; celebrate of 句子改错 改错:
  87. towith 五、句子改错
  86. eateating
  88. that 后加 what
  89. culturecultural
  90. 在 given 后加 it
  91. thatone
  92. pointpointing
  93. celebratecelebrating
  94. upout
  95. facecheek 介或副词填空:
  97. with; after
  98. off; into
  99. In; from 六、介或副词填空
  96. for; on 1
  00. to; for 1
  01. to; like 1
  02. out about 1
  03. in; from 1
  04. to; with 1
  05. for; over
参考答案 7
I. 选择题: 1-15: CCDADDDBCCCBCBB II. 阅读理解: 1?5 CDABB 6?10 DCACA 11?15 BDACD 16?20 BDABD III. 任务型阅读:
  2.Many diseases
  4.preparing food
  5.using the toilet
  6.sneezing or coughing
  8.using soap
  9.about l
  10.animals Or objects.
参考答案 8
  1. laughing
  2. comedians
  3. Generally
  4. adapted
  5. description
  6. precious
  7. desperate
  8. inspiring
  9. participates
  10. Wandering 根据中文意思完成下列句子
  11. broadcast, live
  12. following in, footsteps
  13. it ;comes
  14. such; as
  15. make room for
  16. cost
  17. injured; rushed ;nearby
  18. after all
  19. believe in
  20. Faced with;failed; in advance 单选:21-25 DDAAA 26-30ABCDB 31-35CBBDA 完型填空:36-40 BDCAB 41-45 DACBD 46-50 CABDB 51-55 CADBA 阅读理解:56-60 BADCB 61-65 CABAD 66-70 DCACC 71-75 CBDCA 任务型阅读
  76. Title
  77. Choices
  78. familiar / known
  79. possible
  80. suitable / fit
  81. motivation
  82. involve
  84. recommended
  85. Horror 单词:
  87. Mass
  88. weighing 89 outstanding
  90. shaping
  91. personally
  92. relief
  93. sharp
  94. accompany
  95.convenience w.w.w.k.s.



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