高二英语寒假作业(一)参考答案 英语寒假作业(
基础训练 I.词汇 A 单词 : forgiveness / forgive / forgivable ; persuasion / persuade / persuasive ; discouragement / discourage / discouraging (discouraged); puzzlement / puzzle / puzzled (puzzling); hesitation / hesitate / hesitant ; strength / strengthen / strong diversity / diversify / diverse ; benefit / benefit / beneficial ; effect / affect / effective ; tiredness / tire / tired (tiring / tiresome) ; disappointment / disappoint / disappointed (disappointing); impression / impress / impressive B. 词组 :
  1. betray sb. to sb.
  2. be proud of / take pride in
  3. feel ashamed of
  4. keep sth. secret
  5. swear to do sth.
  6. forgive sb. for (doing)sth.
  7. result from / lie in/ arise from
  8.apologize to sb. for sth. / make an apology to sb. for sth.
  9. discourage sb. from doing sth.
  10. hesitate to do sth.
  11. think twice
  12.debate with sb. about / on sth.
  13. have/get the floor
  14. do damage to his reputation
  15. have an effect / influence / impact on / upon
  16. cut down/back on
  17.be beneficial to / be of benefit to
  18.expand on
  19.see as
  20.take responsibility for C. 词汇运用 :
  1.taken by surprise
  2. was overlooked
  3. (should)go
  4. stand getting up
  5. apologize to; in coming
  6. absorbed in /buried in / applied to / devoted to / dedicated to
  7. came/ran across/into
  8.convince them of your ability
  9.was shocked at
  10.was tired with
  11. closely followed by
  12. supplies / provides / offers to Ⅱ. 重要句型
  1. It’s likely that
  2. should the government take measures
  3. If untreated
  4. It is advised; see
  5. of ; to say hello to 能力提升 I. 1-5ABAAC Ⅱ. 1-4 BCAC
6-10 ABBCB 11-15 BDDDC
高二英语寒假作业(二)参考答案 英语寒假作业(
基础训练 I. 词汇 A. 单词
  1. agriculture
  2. Surely
  3. desperate 4 fields
  5. advanced
  6. cautious /careful
  7. farming
  8. benefit
  9. nutrition
  10. correct
B. 词组:
  1. cause debate
  2.on the way to sth.(doing)
  3.with the intention(purpose) of….
  4. show no respect for
  5. have a child=give birth to sb.
  6.be desperate to do sth.
  7. succeed in doing=manage to do
  8. adopt anyone else’s child
  9. be genetically related to….
  10. push ahead with=go ahead with
  11. end up with sth. 或 end up doing
  12. conduct a survey
  13. urge sb. to do sth.
  14. take turns to do…
  15. be seriously affected
  16. spell disaster
  17. be concerned about
  18. blame sb. for sth. C. 词汇运用:
  1. be limited to
  2. is strict with
  3. there’s no point
  4. put into practice
  5. the consequence of
  6. of great benefit to
  7. conduct themselves
  8. was delivered of Ⅱ. 重要句子: 将下列句子翻译成英语:
  1. The scientists were praised for their wonderful scientific breakthrough.
  2. If they continued to act in this way, they would be on their way to failing.
  4. Nowadays, many youth go abroad with the intention of finding a better job in the future.
  5.Things turned out to be exactly as the professor had foreseen.
  6. The very words that he said tonight made us all in favor of the plan. 能力提升 I. 1??5 DBDAA 6??10DCBCA 11??15BBCDA Ⅱ. 1?5 BDCCD 6?10 CBABD 11?15 CAABA 16?20 CCADB Ⅲ. Take Good Care of Eyes In recent years more and more school students have become near-sighted. It is reported that as high as 30 to 50 percent of the students wear glasses and the number is still increasing. We should pay great attention to this problem. As we know, there are some different causes for near-sightedness. Students always have too much homework to do every day. They have to spend a lot of time doing their home-work. Besides, some of them watch TV overmuch. Others play video games or chat on line for a long time. All this will do harm to their eyes. As students, we must try our best to take care of our eyes; therefore we should form a good habit of reading, do eyesight exercises regularly and never wear out our eyes.
高二英语寒假作业(三)参考答案 英语寒假作业(
基础训练 I.词汇 1 injuries
  2. hopeless
  4. hunger
  5. positive
  6. optimistic
  7. reaction
  8. humorous 9 skilled
  10. poster

  11. annoyed 12 emergency
  13. outstanding
  14. routine
  15. enthusiastic
  16. meaningfully
  17. sympathies
  18. rebuilt
  19. confused
  20. simply Ⅱ.句型 (A)完成句子
  1. have been researching (making a study of )clone
  2. appropriate that he made such great progress
  3. laughter is good for health.
  4. That’s because he stayed up late last night and got up late this morning.
  5. to stay optimistic
  6. achieving/reaching goals
  7. is concerned about
  8. Living apart from…be independent (B)翻译句子
  1. Millions of people gave freely in response to the famine appeal.
  2.You should forgive him for his forgetfulness; after all , he is over seventy.
  3. Man is engaged in a constant struggle with Nature.
  4. She devoted her life to helping the poor
  5.The men stepped off in good spirits.
  6.You must quit smoking. Most important of all, you should start taking exercise.
  7. Parents often find it difficult to communicate with their children.
  1.单选题: 1-5 AAAAA 6-10 DADDA Ⅱ.完型 16-20 BACDA 21-25 CCACB
11-15 CBADB 26-30 DCBAB 31-35 DACDB
高二英语寒假作业(四)参考答案 英语寒假作业(
基础训练 I.汇词 (A)
  1. reminded
  2. conflicts
  3. remote
  4. voluntary
  6. urgent
  7. awareness
  8. fetch
  9. operation (B)
  1.difference/ differ/ different
  2.accumulation /accumulate/ accumulated(accumulative)
  3.embarrassment / embarrass/ embarrassing(embarrassed)
  4.clarification/ clarify/ clarifying
  5.approval/approve/ approving
  6.summary/ summarize/ summarizable Ⅱ. 词组

  5. conscience
  10. purpose
  1.appropriate behavior
  2. finish one’s education
  3. get into university
  4. have an ambition to do …
  5. in contract with
  6. have power over
  7. take(have) the chance(opportunity) to do…
  8. have one’s approval
  9. be proud of (take pride in )
  10. make rules and laws (B)
  1. comes to
  2. in celebration of
  3. to log off
  4. get used to
  5. to do with
  6. look up to
  7. look down upon
  8. taken on as Ⅲ.句型
  1. Our country has experienced great changes over the past ten years.
  2. If I were you, I would participate in this competition.
  3. We need to avoid making mistakes in communication that could be embarrassing.
  4. Many English words are connected with French food.
  5. Arabic provided English with many words for things that could be traded.
  6. You have to assist Mrs. Smith in preparing a report.
  7. The organization works to promote friendship between nations.
  8. She conducts her business very successfully.
  9. On behalf of my colleagues and myself I thank you.
  10. The speaker often referred to his notes. 能力提升 I. 1-5BDBBA 6-10CCDBC Ⅱ
  1. reasons
  2. share independence
  6. down
  7. equally
  8. jobs Ⅲ. One possible version Should students' mistakes be corrected by themselves or by their teachers? Some people think that teachers' correcting mistakes makes students dependent on them, so students should correct their own mistakes. But others hold the opposite view. In my opinion, letting students correct their own mistakes sounds right, but is hardly practical. In real school learning situations, especially in learning a foreign language like English, without teachers' correction all the way, beginners will repeat their mistakes without realizing them. I, for example, liked to use words too formal for a student`s composition. But I never realized it until my teachers repeatedly replayed them with simple words. Now I can write naturally in simple English. So teachers should be encouraged to correct their students' mistakes as soon as possible and remind students of their mistakes again and again. And students should also be encouraged to correct mistakes on their own. Only in this way can students realize what is wrong and make progress ste
11-15 BCBBC
  3. husbands
  9. paid
  4. financial
  10. Challenges



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