高 考 复 习
第 二 册 (上)
第 1 单元
  1) ★It is obvious (to sb) that …:( …:( ) ,… 显 见 / 显 about/as to: ★be curious about/as to: 对…… 奇 时间/ ★within/in/inside + 时间/ ……内 : ……内
★graduate from: 从(大学/ 学)毕业 (graduate: 大学/ 学毕业 ) graduate: ★work on (sth): 继续工 , 继续工 时间) ★go by: (时间)过去, 过 ,抓紧 by) (pass/pass by/go on/speed by) 做了个梦) (dream a dream: 做了个梦) with) ( = go with)
★dream of/about: 梦 ,梦到 ★match sth: ★use up: …… /光 / 称
★be satisfied with: 对……满 ……满 with ★be patient with sb/sth: 对…… 耐 / ……: ★take measures to do ……: ★make a (big) difference: (大) / 耐 么 / 响/ 为 么没 么 / 义.
★There is little/no point in doing sth. ★talk sb into sth/doing……: 说 sth/doing……: …… ★go into: 从 ,进 ,
,阐 ,彻 调查
★with the development /invention of: 随 …… 发 /发明 /invention ★come true: 实现 产生, ★come into being: 产生,开始存在
★come into power: 执 , ★on earth: world) 球 (= in the world) 究竟, 究竟,到 (=in the world ★leave (sw) for sw: 开( )去 订 问词 强调 ) 强调.
★be/get engaged to sb: 与 ★engage/employ/hire sb: 雇佣 engage/employ/hire
……:雇 engage sb to do ……:雇佣 engage sb as……: 雇佣 ★engage/order (a room/seat): 预 当 么

★book (a seat/ticket/table/band): 预 ,预约 ★order sth: ,订购,订 订购,
(for… ★place/make an order (for…): 订购 ★take one's order: ★engage in: 从 ,参加 翻到,转向, back:倒翻 倒翻, ★turn to: 翻到,转向,求助于 ★turn back:倒翻,往回去 开大,露面, ★turn up: 开大,露面,卷起 ★turn on/off: 开/关 上交, ★turn in: 上交,交纳 ★turn… into…: 把…变成 turn… into… ★What's up? ≈ What's the matter? What' 开小, ★turn down: 开小,拒绝 翻过来,翻耕/ ★turn over: 翻过来,翻耕/身 证明,结果,生产, ★turn out: 证明,结果,生产, 订单, 订单,接受点菜
★How is that? 你刚才说什么呢? 你刚才说什么呢? (
  2) a promising ……: 个 / 途 …… ……研 ……研究
carry out/do some research into/in/on……: research into/in/on……: 研究 试图/ seek to do……: 试图/企图 seek for/after: 寻找 take/have take/have a look (at): 看 experiment on/with: …… 实验 么
be on fire for: 对…… 激 /兴 build a theory: 创 make/obey a rule: make/obey find sth: 论 / 规矩
(be on fire: set a goal:
) 标
到/发现(丢失的人/东西) 到/发现(丢失的人/东西) 到 black holes: 洞
经调查/ find out: (经调查/研究/努 ) the Big Bang: 大 on (the) campus: in the/one's age: take sides: to…… ……: an end to……: apply sth to sth: 么 结 /终 么应 学校 学
时代/ 纪,
那个时代 那个时代 个时

  3)★ (
  3)★ the other way around/round: 【 ,从 , 】
her, I was accused of stealing money from her, but in fact it was the other
way around. We should draw the line the other way around. The earth moves around the sun, not the other way around. (
  4) (
  4) disable sb: Sb be disabled: the disabled: 残 disabled: a disabled …… 残废 …… (
  5) (
  5) boundary: 界线 界线 between……) (the boundary between……) between/with…) (the border between/with…) between/with…) (the frontier between/with…) 词 + to do …… 残废/ 残废/丧 能
border: 国界,边境,边界 frontier: 边界
  6)★ find/think/feel/consider/make it + (
  7)★ (
  7)★ turn out: 结果 ,证 It turned out that……. turn out (to be) +
, 来 , 产,
,关 /关掉(电 / ) ,
词/ 词 怎样? … 怎样?
  8)★ 么将怎么样? (
  8)★ What if + 陈 句? 果 么将怎么样? 句? What for? 为 么? What's more. ,更
So what? 那又是怎么样呢?那有什么了不起呢? 那又是怎么样呢?那有什么了不起呢? ) (表不感兴趣或认为不重要. 表不感兴趣或认为不重要.
which/that/ h/that/~ (
  9)I do not like the way / in which/that/~ you treat your parents. way/ I will write a novel in a way/ that/which the farmers can understand.
  10)★ (
only G (从句) 句 , 句 状语( 状语
倒 :
Only in this way can we find the lost soldier. games. Only yesterday did she play computer games. over Only after the war is over will we go home. Only by working hard can you reach your goal. Only ten trees did he plant last spring. (宾语) 宾语)
主语) Only Kate has already finished the housework. (主语) (11 sb) (
  11) It appears (to sb) that …: (对 说来) 说来) 像,看来
though…… ……: It appears as if/as though……: 看来, 像 这样( It appears so/not. 看来/ 像 这样( 这样) . 这样) 像……
Sb appears(seams) to do/be/have done……: appears(seams) done……: …… Sb appears + 词/ 词: 像……
if)………… …………: It seems (that/as if)…………: Sb seems + 词: 像…… 这样. 这样. .
It seems not. 看来/ 像 So it seems/appears. 看样 (
  12)★ (
  12)★ that/this /so + H/ 词 词
如此,那么. 如此,这么. 这么,那么,如此. 【that: 如此,那么.this: 如此,这么.so: 这么,那么,如此. 】 (
  13)★ (
  13)★ only to do/be ……: 结果…… (没 预 到 结果. only doing ……: "惊讶, 惊讶, , . ) "‰z
预 "…G?/ 到 结果.
They came home only to find the room broken into.
He made a long speech only to show his ignorance of the world.
Last Saturday we hurried to the port, only to find that the ship had left.
This afternoon they ran to the airport, only to be told that the plane had taken off. only He went to ask the boss for his pay, only getting 10 dollars. station, Yesterday morning I got up late. I hurried to the railway station, gone. only finding that the train had gone.
  14)★ (
The doctor said that she had only six months to live. We will have lots of things to do next week. Today I have nothing/something to say at the conference. I need a pen/pencil to write with. They only have one bed to sleep on. You should find a room to live in. Kate will buy a chair to sit on/in. He is a good person to work with. come She is always the first (girl) to come to school. (
  15)★ (
  15)★ 语:
To ignore his advice would be a mistake. To act like that is foolish. To complete the dam in 11 years was a great achievement. It is good not to depend on the others.
It is an easy thing to keep up with your wife. It seems a pity to refuse his offer. It has been decided to bring up the matter at the next meeting. It made us very angry to hear him talk like that. It is a great honour for us to be invited to the wedding. It is unwise of you to turn down the proposal. (
  16) duty, 语: duty, work, job, task, wish, hope, thing, goal, problem, question, happiness, what, advice,


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