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高二英语教材知识点总结及重难点解析 Unit11-12
  1. One woman was lying in bed, awake, listening to the rushing winds.
  2. If the hurricane had happened during the day-time, there would have been many more deaths.
  3. It took weeks to clear all the roads and to mend all the broken electricity lines and telephone lines.
  4. She was just about to open the window and shout at the dog to frighten it, when she stopped and stood quite still.
  5. For one thing they keep the water clean. Also they make the tank look much better.
  6. Mrs. Cousins ran to the table, picked up her baby in her arms, ran inside and shut the door. ☆重点词汇☆
  1. mankind n. 人类
  2. support n. & v. 支持
  3. daily adj. & adv. 每日(的);n. 日报
  4. achieve vt. 取得
  5. likely adj. 可能的
  6. zone n. 区,地带
  7. private adj. 私人的
  8. institute n. 学会
  9. grasp vt. 抓住
  10. master vt. 掌握
  11.perfect adj. 完美的
  12. arrange vt. 安排
  13. failure n. 失败
  14. valley n. 山谷
  15. base n. 基础
  16. mark vt. 标记
  17. agency n. 代理处
  18. forward adv. 向前
  19. march n. 行军
  20. aim n. & v. 瞄准
  21. announce vt. 宣布
  22. battle n. 战斗
  23. belief n. 信仰
  24. league n. 联盟
  25. apply v. 申请,应用
  26. servant n. 佣人
  27. companion n. 同伴
高考网 www.gaokao.com
高考网 www.gaokao.com

  28. guest n. 旅客
  29. abroad adv. 国外
  30. dislike vt. 不喜欢
  31. gentle adj. 温和的
  32. luggage n. 行李
  33. brilliant adj. 杰出的
  34. phenomenon n. 现象
  35. 1abour n. 劳动
  36. hesitate vi. 犹豫 ☆重点短语☆
  1. work on 从事
  2. manned spaceship 载人飞船
  3. special economic zone 经济特区
  4. set foot (in) 上路
  5. have an effect on... 对……有影响
  6. rely on 依靠
  7. come to life 苏醒
  8. put forward 提出
  9. aim at 瞄准
  10. in store 就要到来
  11. make a living 谋生
  12. set out 出发
  13. on voyage 航行
  14. in public 公开
  15. throw light upon 澄清
  16. slow down 减速
  17. cut up 切碎 短语闯关 下列短语都是这两个单元学过的重要短语,请你根据 汉语在横线上填人一个正确的词.每个词 5 分,80 分才 能过关,你一定能过关,做好了闯关的准备吗?那么我 们就开始吧?
  1. foot in / on 到达;进入;踏上
  2. have an effect 对……产生作用;对……有 效果/有影响
  3. come to 恢复生机;恢复活力;活跃起来;苏 醒过来
  4. rely 依赖;依靠;信赖;指望
  5. put 提出(主意,计划等);建议;推荐
  6. (sth)at 旨在;目的在于;瞄准;企图
  7. make a 谋生
  8. set 出发,动身;上路;着手,开始
  9. public 公开地;公然
高考网 www.gaokao.com
高考网 www.gaokao.com

  10. throw on / upon 阐明某事;使某事显得非 常清楚
  11. cut 切碎;剪碎
  12. ... clear 表明,弄清楚
  13. burn 烧光,烧尽;筋疲力尽
  14. a sketch 0f 制作……的草图;概述
  15. come 成为现实
  16. one's attention 吸引某人的注意力
  17. instead 取代;代替;而不
  18. many eases 在很多情况下
  19. height 从高度上说
  20. work 从事;致力于 ☆交际用语☆
  1. I am thinking of ...
  2. I want / wish / hope / intend / plan to
  3. I can' t believe my eye.
  4. It's likely ...
  5. I can' t imagine ...
  6. If I got the money, I would ...
  7. I doubt that ... ☆词汇短语☆
  3. achieve v. succeed in doing something good, usually by working hard 取得,实现 He has achieved all its goals. 他已经实现了所有的奋斗目标. Never say die. You will achieve what you need. 绝不能言弃.你会取得预期的目的的.
  8. aim n. the purpose of doing something, and what you hope to achieve: 目标,目的 Living without an aim is like sailing without a compass. 生活没有目标,犹如航行没有罗盘. The aim of the project is to help the poor. 这个项目的目的是帮助穷人. take aim: point a weapon towards someone or something 对准,瞄准 The policeman took careful aim at the murderer and fired. 警察小心翼翼地瞄准谋杀者,然后开了枪. v. point or direct (a weapon, shot, remark, etc.) towards somebody or something; direct one's efforts or intend to 瞄准;目的在于 I aim to be a writer when I grow up. 我立志长大了要当一名作家.
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高考网 www.gaokao.com
  3】announce 的用法 ▲ 构词:announcement n. 公布,(口头)通知 ▲ 搭配: ① announce meeting 通知开会 ② make an announcement 通知 ▲ 句型: ① announce sth to sb = announce to sb sth 向某人宣布 某事 ② announce (to sb) that... (向某人)宣布…… ③ It is announced that... 据宣布/据通知…… ▲辨析:announce;declare 两词均意为"宣布",但 announce 意为"宣告,宣布,通 知",指官方或公众的言论,内容可以是权威性的或知 识性的.不跟双宾语.declare 意为"宣布,声明",指明 确,有力的断言,公开宣布某事.其后不跟不定式和双 宾语,可跟名词,代词,从句或复合结构.例如: Everyone was silent as he announced the result.他宣布 结果时,大家都很安静. The US declared war on England in 18
  12.1812 年美国 向英国宣战. 【考例
  3】Fifty years ago, Chairman Mao the founding of the People's Republic of China. A. announced C. commented B. said D. declared
[考查目标] 考查动词在实际语境中的运用. [答案与解析]D 结合上下文的意思可以知道,"50 年 前,毛主席宣布了中华人民共和国的成立".
  11. apply v. ask officially for something,often by writing; , ; put 0r bring into use;(cause to) have an effect;be directly related 申请;应用;(使)产生作用;有关系 I will apply for a joy tomorrow. 明天我要去申请一项工作. This law only applies tomarried people. 这项法律只适应于已婚者. 【考点
  2】arrange 的用法 ▲ 构词:arrangement n. 安排;筹备;准备 ▲ 搭配: ① arrange for 安排 ② arrange with 与……约定 ③ have an arrangement with sb 和某人协商 ④ make some arrangements 做些安排 ▲句型: ① arrange to do sth 安排/约定/准备做某事 ② arrange for sb to do sth 安排某人干某事
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高考网 www.gaokao.com
③ arrange that... 商定……;安排…… ④ arrange sb for sth 为……安排…… ⑤ It was / has been arranged that... 已安排好…… 【考例
  2】It has been the meeting will be held tonight in the hall. A. said which C. arranged that B. decided what D. announced
[考查目标]考查主语从句中的动词的选择与运用. [答案与解析]C It is / has been + that-clause 是主语 从句的固定句型,其中 that 不担任成分,一般也不省 略.
  5. arrange: put in order 安排;筹划;整理;布置. 安排;筹划;整理;布置. She's good at arranging flowers. 她擅长插花. I arrangedthe books on the shelves. 我把书摆在书架上. Before going away, he arranged his business affairs. 他在离开之前,把事情安排妥当了. I've arranged for a car to meet them at the station. 我已经安排了一辆车去车站接他们. 【考点
  6】attention 的用法 ▲构词: ① attentive adj. 注意的 ② attentively adv. 注意地;聚精会神地 ▲搭配: ① pay / give / bring much / more / special / close / lit? tle / no attention to sth (非常/特别/一点都不)留心; 关心;关注 ② give / turn one's / much / more attention (=mind) to sth (主语和 one's 指同一人)注意(到) ③ fix one's attention on / upon sth (主语和 one's 指同 一人)专心于……某人把注意力集中在……上 ④ with attention = attentively 注意地,专注地,聚精会 神地 ▲句型: ① sb call / draw / attract / win one's attention to sth = sb bring sth to one's attention = sb bring one's atten? tion to sth (主语和 one's 不指同一人)使/叫某人注意 某事;引起某人对某事的注意;吸引某人对……的注 意力 ② sth draw / attract / catch / absorb / engage one's at? tention (to...) ……吸引了某人的注意力; …… 引起 某人对某事的注意/关注; …… 很受某人欢迎 ③ sb hold one's attention 使某人集中注意力才(主语
高考网 www.gaokao.com
高考网 www.gaokao.com
和 one's 不指同一人);吸引某人(注意力) ④ Attention, please. = May l have your attention, please? 请注意!(主要用于口头通知) ⑤ Attention! = Stand at attention! 立正!(口令用语) ⑥ be all attention 十分专心 【考例
  6】Enough should be paid to the impor? tant conference. A. attend C. attention B. attendance D. attending
[考查目标] 考查名词 attention 在动词短语中的搭配. [答案与解析]C pay enough (more, little, much, etc.) attention to sth 为固定短语搭配.
  2. daily adj. & adv. happening or produced every day or once a day: 每天的(地) The shop is open daily from 8: 00 a. m. to 6:00 p. m.. 这家店铺每天开放时间是上午 8 点到下午 6 点. This is connected with our daily life. 这与我们的日常生活息息相关. n. a newspaper that is published every day except Sunday: 日报 No mention of the explosion was printed in any of Sunday's daily. 星期天的日报都没有报导那次爆炸.
  7. failure: failing person, attempt, or thing that fails 失 败;失败的人(事) His plans ended in failure. 他的计划以失败而告终. Martin was not deeply affected by his failure. 马丁没有因为他的失败而受到很大的影响. You learn through failures. 你通过失败而学习. 【考点
  14】find 的用法 ▲构词: ① finder n. [C] 拾者 ② finding n. [C] 发现 ▲搭配:find out 搞清,查明;发现;了解;打听,弄明白 事实真相 ▲句型: ① find sb sth = find sth for sb 给某人找某物 ② find (that) clause 认为;发现;觉得 ⑧find + 宾语 + 宾补 (名词,形容词,副词,介词短语充 当) 认为,发现 ④ find + 宾语 + 宾补 (现在分词充当) 认为,发现 ⑤ find + 宾语 + 宾补 (过去分词充当)认为,发现
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高考网 www.gaokao.com
⑥ find it adj. / n. to do sth (该句型中动词带宾语)若 对 adj.提问,用句型 How do you find it to d0 sth? ⑦ find sth adj./ n. to do (该句型中动词不带宾语) Once you have interest in English, you'll find it not that difficult to learn. = Once you have interest in English, you'll find it easy to learn it well. 一旦你对英语有了兴 趣,你将发现它不难学. ③ How do you find sth? = What do you think of / about sth? 你觉得……怎么样? ▲友情提示:请注意以下句型之间的相互转换: ① "find it adj./ n. to do sth" 与 "find + 宾语从句" 和 "find sth adj. / n. to do" 之间的相互转换: l find it difficult to master a foreign language within a few months. = I find (that) it is difficult to master a foreign language within a few months. = I find a for? eign language difficult to master within a few months. = I find (that) a foreign language is difficult to master within a few months. 我发现几个月内精 通一门外语是很难的. ② find sth adj./ n. to do 与 find it adj. / n. to do sth 之间的相互转换: My grammar is improving, but l find idioms and use? ful expressions hard to learn. = My grammar is im? proving, but I find it hard to learn idioms and useful expressions. 我的语法进步了.但我发觉习语和惯用 法难学. ③ "find + 宾语 + 宾补" 与 "find+宾语从句" 之间的相互 转换: He was disappointed to find his suggestions turned down. = He was disappointed to find that his sug? gestions had been turned down. 发现自己的建议被拒 绝了,他很失望. ▲辨析:discover;find;find out;invent;look for; search;seek;make sure (见第十二讲重点单词考点
  2) 【考例
  14】(NMET 20
  03)A cook will be immediately fired if he is found in the kitchen. A. smoke C. to smoke B. smoking D. smoked
[考查目标] 考查非谓语动词的实际运用. [答案与解析]B find sb doing sth 表示"发现某人正 在做某事",与本句的内容一致. 【考点
  9】help 的用法 ▲ 构词: ① helpful adj. 有帮助的;有用的;有益的
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高考网 www.gaokao.com
② helpless adj. 无援助的;不能自助的 ▲ 搭配: ① go / turn / refer to sb. for help 向某人寻求帮助 ② with one's help = with the help of 在……的帮助下 ③ help oneself to 自行取用;偷;随便吃……. ④ help sb. out 帮助某人解决困难 ⑤ help sb with sth 帮助某人做某事 ⑥ (be) of great / much / some / any / no / little help to sb. / sth = (be) helpful to sb. / sth 对……有/无帮 助 ⑦ ask / call sb. for help 请求某人帮助/帮忙 ⑧ call / cry for help 请求帮助;哭喊救命 ⑨ get help from sb. = get one's help 得到某人的帮助 ⑩ without one's help 没得到某人的帮助 ⑩ come to one's help 来帮某人 ▲句型: ① help (sb) with sth 帮助(某人)做某事 ② help (sb) (to) do sth 帮助(某人)做某事;有助于某 人干某事 ③ can't help doing sth 禁不住干…… ④ can't help but do sth 不得不干…… ⑤ help(to)do sth 有助于千……;帮助干……;协助干 ⑥ can't help (to) do sth 不能帮忙干…… ⑦ It doesn't / won't help. 那无用. ⑧ a good / great help to sb / in doing sth / sth = help sb a lot = do sb a great service 对……有/无帮助 ⑨ Can I be of any help to you? = (Is there) Anything I can do for you?要我



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