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高二英语教材知识点总结及重难点解析 Unit17-18
☆重点句型☆ 重点句型☆
  1. I know people are trying to help, but I wish they wouldn't treat me as if I were a child.
  2. Creative thinking is a conscious effort to break away from old thought patterns in order to explore new possibilities.
  3. Today there are more opportunities for disabled people to develop their potential, live a rich life and make a contribu- tion to society.
  4. One of the teachers at the special education college says that their aim is to help disabled students understand that they can play a valuable role within society.
  5. It is often disappointing to find that other people do not feel comfortable together with someone who is disabled.
  6. Good solutions and new ideas are often the result of a change in perception.
  7. By comparing and connecting ideas and objects in new ways, creative thinkers are able to think of new applications and solutions. ☆重点词汇☆ 重点词汇☆
  1. ability n. 能力
  2. fair n. 商品交易会 adj. 公平的
  3. gifted adj. 有天赋的
  4. encouragement n. 鼓励
  5. adjust vt. 调整
  6. ceremony n. 仪式
  7. victory n. 胜利
  8. shameful adj. 丢脸的
  9. participate vi. 参与
  10. officer n. 官员
  11. petrol n. 汽油
  12. background n. 背景
  13. reject vt. 拒绝
  14. possibility n. 可能性
  15. otherwise adv. 不然
  16. previous adj. 珍贵的
  17. aware adj. 意识的
  18.dusty adj.满是灰尘的
  19. pilot n. 飞行员
  20. storage n. 储蓄
  21. typewriter n. 打字机
  22. conduct v. 引导;指导;导电
  23. connection n. 连接
  24. trial n. 试验;审问 ☆重点短语☆ 重点短语☆
  1. get around 四处走动
  2. get used to 习惯于
  3. allow for 顾及
高考网 www.gaokao.com
高考网 www.gaokao.com

  4. get stuck 遇到困难
  5. break away from 摆脱
  6. be aware of 意识到
  7. trial and error 反复试验
  8. keep track of 保持联系
  9. make a contribution to... 为……作贡献
  10. now that 既然
  11. come up with 提出
  12. after all 毕竟 短语闯关 下列短语都是这两个单元学过的重要短语,请你根据汉语在横线上填人一个正确的词,每个词 5 分,80 分 才能过关,你一定能过关,做好了闯关的准备吗?那么我们就开始吧?
  1. get 四处走动;活动
  2. get to 适应于……;习惯于……
  3. allow 顾及;为……做准备;考虑到
  4. get / be 遇到困难;陷进去;被困住
  5. break from 摆脱;脱离
  6. be of 知道;意识到
  7. trial and 反复实验;不断摸索
  8. all 毕竟;终究;归根到底
  9. keep track 保持联系
  10. make a contribution 对……作出贡献
  11. sure 确保;查明
  12. adjust 适应于
  13. take in 参加
  14. compete 竞争;对抗;比赛
  15. let 放出;泄密
  16. translate... ……把……译成……
  17. times 有时
  18. prepare 为……做准备
  19. be different 与……不同
  20. than 多于;不仪仅;极其 ☆交际用语☆ 交际用语☆
  1. I'm sure I would be able to...
  2. If I..., I would be able to...
  3. I would need help to...
  4. It would be difficult to...
  5. I would try to...
  6. This invention can help people...
  7. This is a new way of...
  8. How does it work?
  9. What's it made of?
  10. How would people use it? ☆单词聚焦☆ ☆
高考网 www.gaokao.com
高考网 www.gaokao.com

  1. ability n. 能力 What a pity. He has the ability to learn, but he doesn't want to. 很遗憾,他有能力学,然而不想学.Mary is a woman of great ability. 玛丽是个很有能力的女子. The school cares for children 0f different abilities. 学校关心 不同才能孩子的需要.
  3. adjust v. 调整,使适应,使适合 She carefully adjusted her clothes and her hair before going out. 她出门之 调整,使适应, 前仔细地整了整衣服和头发. is unable to adjust themselves to their environment. 他们不能调整自己以适应 He 环境的变化.Please do not adjust your set, eg as a warning on a TV screen that the controls do not need to be changed. 请勿自行调节,如电视机屏幕上的警告语句,意为各项操作装置无需更改. 【考点
  2】appear 的用法 ▲ 构词: ① appearance n. [c;u]
  1. 出现,露面
  2. 容貌 ② disappear v. 消失 ③ disappearance n. 消失 ④ reappear vi. (再)出现 ⑤ reappearance n. (再)出现 ▲搭配: ① at first appearance 初看起来 ② make one's firrst appearance 首次登场;首次登台演出 ▲ 句型:It appears that…看来…… ▲ 辨析:appear;look;seem 该组词均表示"似乎",但强调点不同:seem 暗示该判断 有一定的根据,往往接近于事实;look 着重于通过视觉 得出的印象;appear 强调外表看起来给人的印象而事 实上或实质上并非如此.句子结构有同有异:均可跟 形容词;均可跟介词 like + 名词或 like + 动名词;均可接 不定式作表语.seem 和 appear 可跟从句.而 look 则不 能;look 和 seem 可跟 as if 从句,而 appear 则不能; seem 和 appear 可川于 It seems / appears that-clause 中,而 look 不能;seem 和 appear 可用于 There seems / appears to be...中,而 look 不能.例如: The noise appeared to be endless. 这喧闹声好像永无休止. There appears to be no student in the classroom. 教室里 似乎没有一个学生. The stars look very smaIl only because they are much far? ther away. 星星看上去很小,仅仅是他们太小的缘故. It seems as if it is going to rain. You'd better take your umbrella with you. = It looks like rain. You'd better take your umbrella with you. 天好像要下雨,你最好带 把雨伞. His father seems much better today. 他爸爸今天似乎好 多了. The baby seems to be sleeping.Don't make so much
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高考网 www.gaokao.com
noise. 孩子好像在睡觉,别这么吵. It seems that he is lying. 看样子他好像是在撒谎. There seems to be an important meeting tonight. 今晚 好像有个重要会议. 【考例
  2】(2001 上海)Do let your mother know aIl the truth. She appears everything. A. to tell B. to be told D. to have been told
C. to be telling
[考查目标]appear + 动词不定式用法. [答案与解析]D 根据前面的分句意思"务必让你的妈 妈知道所有的真相".其原因是似乎别人已经告诉她所 有的事情.
  2. fair (
  1) n. 商品交易会 a computer fair 电脑展销会 a job fair 职业交流会 (
  2) adj. 好的;晴朗的;公正的 His knowledge of French is fair, but ought to be better. 他法语还不错,但应该 更好些.We hope for fair weather. 我们希望有好天气.The punishment was quite fair. 这一惩罚十分公正. 【考点
  4】join 的用法 ▲友情提示:join + 表示人的名词或代词.表示加入到 某(些)人的活动或行列中. ▲ 搭配: ① join + 团体,组织,协会,机构的名词,加入某一个组 织.而成为其中的一个成员 (become a member of), 絮觅名词有:the League / Party / army / navy / club / organization 入团/入党/参军/加入俱乐部/加人组 织 ② join the line 排队 ③ join in 参加;加入;主要指参加一些短暂的正在进行 的活动,如游戏,比赛,讨论,娱乐,谈话,散步等.强 调"加入某人一起干"或加入某项正在进行中的活 动.join in a/the+名词,常见名词有:discussion, talk, conversation, game, strike, march, concert, sports, walk, work ④ join up 连接起来;联合起来 ⑤ join together 联合起来 ⑥ join...to... 把……与……连接起来 ▲句型:join (sb) in (doing) + 名词(和某人一起)参加 某项活动,常见名词有:talk / walk / game / discussion 等. ▲辨析: ① attend; join; take part in 该组词均表达"参加"之意,但 attend 强调动作,多指 参加会议,听讲座,听课等.join 尤指参加某一组织 成为其中一员.take part in 尤指参加一些短暂的活 动,如游行,比赛等.另外表示"参加"之意的词还
高考网 www.gaokao.com
高考网 www.gaokao.com
有:enter, be engaged in, go into, go in for 等.例 如: They went to their school to attend a get-together. 他 们去学校参加联欢会了. I don't think it necessary to join the club. It's a waste of time. 我认为没必要加人那个俱乐部,简直是浪费 时间. Every summer vacation I'll take part in social prac? tice. 每年暑假我都参加社会实践. ② connect; join; unite 三词均意为"连接,相连",但 connect 意为"连接,相 连",指两个或多个物体通过媒介连接起来,或将分 开的物体在某一点上相互接触,各自仍保持原有的 特性及独立性,结合的程度没有 join 紧密.join 意为 "连接.汇合",指两个或多个事物联合起来,强调把 原来分离的事物连接为一体,而联合后可能又分离 的特点.结合的程度较 connect 密切,还有"加入"的 含义.unite 意为"联合,团结".指两个或多个事物或 物体合成为一个统一体,强调过程的完整性,及合成 后的一体性或惟一性.例如: The printer is connected to the computer. 打印机连 接着电脑. This road joins the two villages. 这条路把两个村庄 给连接起来了. Unless we unite our enemies will defeat us. 除非我们 联合起来,否则敌人会打败我们. 【考例
  4】The Panama Canal the Atlantic the Pacific. A. connects; with C. unites; with B. joins; with D. ioin; up
[考查目标] 考查固定短语. [答案与解析]A connect...with...为固定短语,表示 "把……和……连接起来";join...to...,join up,unite... with... 使用的范围不当.
  4. otherwise adv. (
  1) 不然; 否则 Put the cap back on the bottle, otherwise the juice will spill. 把瓶盖儿盖好, 要不汁液就溢出 来了.We must hurry, otherwise we'll be too late. 我们得快点,要不然就太晚了.Do as you're told, otherwise you'll be in trouble. 叫你怎么做就怎么做,否则有麻烦. (
  2) 以另外的方式,不同地 (in another way;differently) She thought otherwise. 她从另一个侧面考虑.You obviously think otherwise. 显然你的想法不同. otherwise 意思是"否则"还常与虚拟语气的谓语动词连用. 其后的谓语动词与 if 虚拟的主句谓语动词一致. 【考点
  3】possible 的用法 ▲构词: ①impossible adj. 不可能的
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高考网 www.gaokao.com
②possibility n. 可能;可能性;可能的事 ③possibly adv. 可能,也许 ▲搭配: ①as...as possible = as possible as sb can / could = as ...as sb possibly can / could 尽可能,尽(量) ② when / whenever / where / wherever possible 一旦 有可能,只要有可能,一旦有机会 if (at all) possible 如果有可能的话 ▲句型: ① (quite)possibly (很)可能 ② It is (im)possible (for sb) to do sth ③ It is possible that 从句 ④ Sb can't / couldn't possibly do sth 某人不可能干某事 ⑤ Sb think / find / consider it (im)possible (for sb) to do sth ⑥ Sb think / find / consider it (im)possible that 从句 ⑦ sth make it (im)possible for sb to do sth ⑧ Can / Could you possibly do sth? (用于礼貌地请求) 请你……可以吗? ⑨ How could you possibly do sth? (强调对看到或听到 的事表示奇怪或惊讶)你怎么会……? ⑩ Would it be possible (for sb) to do sth? (用于礼貌 地询问某人是否能做某事或拥有某物)干……可以 吗? ⑩ There is a possibility that... ⑩ There is no possibility that... ▲友情提示:不能使用 sb is possible to do sth 表达某人 有可能干某事. 【考例
  3】I can't go to the party. A. possible C. likely B. probable D. possibly
[考查目标] 形容词和副词运用. [答案与解析]D can't go 暗示要用副词修饰动词,A, B 都可以排除,而 likely 经常使用于 It's / Sb is likely to do sth / It's likely that-clause. 【考点
  10】result 的用法 ▲ 搭配: ① as a / the result of (= because of) 由于;作为(…… 的)结果 ② result in (=cause) 导致 ③ result from (=be caused by) 由……引起;起因于 ④ as a result 因此;所以;结果 ⑤ without result 无效地.毫无结果地 ⑥ get / expect / have / see a result 得到 / 企盼 / 有 /
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高考网 www.gaokao.com
看到结果 ⑦a (an) final / good / important result (最终 / 好 / 重 要) 结果 ⑧ the latest result 最新结果 ⑨ meet with / obtain good resuhs 取得好结果 ▲句型: ① The result is that... 因此;所以;结果 ② with the result that... 因此;所以;结果是 ③ A result in B"A 引起/导致 B" ④ B result from A (=B lie in A)"B 由 A 所致;B 因 A 而引起;B 起因于 A;B 来自(于)A" ▲友情提示:Hard work results in success. = Success results from hard work. 成功来自努力. 【考例
  10】[NMET 2003,完形] My cousin must have made an effort to get himself into shape. , at the point in our game. A. After all C. Above all B. As a result D. At last
[考查目标]考查 result 构成的短语的用法和意思. [答案与解析]B as a result 意思是"结果,因此". 【考点
  6】seem 的用法 ▲ 搭配:seem like 好像 ▲ 句型: ① seem + (to be) + adj. / n. 似乎;看上去 ② seem + (to be) + v-ing / p. p. / prep. phr. ③ seem to do sth 似乎;好像 ④ It seems / seemed (to sb) that……似乎;好像 ⑤ It seemed to him that he would never be able to work out the question for good. 在他看来他好像永远无法 解决那个问题. ⑥ There seems / seemed + (to be) + …似乎有 ⑦ It seems as if / as



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