Module 5 Unit 2 Grammar-2
Verb-ing phrases
Please read the text and try to get more information about verb-ing phrases. verb-

  1. 作伴随状语 加现在分词作伴随状语, 动词stand,sit和lie加现在分词作伴随状语, 表示两个动作同时发生。 表示两个动作同时发生。
We sat there talking to each other. The poor man sat by the road, begging. staring at the sky He lay on the grass, for a long time.
他躺在草地上,长时间地望着天空。 他躺在草地上,长时间地望着天空。
He sent me an email, to get further B information. A. hope C. to hope B. hoping D. hope

  2. 作方式状语
Americans like travelling, . driving their cars They often communicate with each other, using English .

  3.作时间状语,相当于时间状语从句 作时间状语, 作时间状语
Seeing the big snake,the girl was almost frightened to death. =When she saw the big snake,the girl was almost frightened to death. 现在分词的一般式可用来表示和谓语动词 一般式可用来表示 现在分词的一般式可用来表示和谓语动词同时发
生的动作。 生的动作。 而现在分词的完成式表示一个已完成的动作, 完成式表示一个已完成的动作 而现在分词的完成式表示一个已完成的动作,这 个动作发生或完成在谓语动词表示的动作 个动作发生或完成在谓语动词表示的动作之前。
Having waited in the line for half an hour, he suddenly realized that he left his wallet at home. =After he waited in the line for half an hour, he suddenly realized that he left his wallet at home. 有时表示时间的分词短语可由连接词 when, while, once, until, whenever 等引出。 等引出。 While reading the novel, he nodded from time to time. =While he was reading the novel, he nodded from time to time.

  4. 作原因状语,相当于原因状语从句。 作原因状语,相当于原因状语从句。
Being a student, I must work hard. =Because I am a student, I must work hard. Not knowing what to do next,he turned to the teacher for help. =Because he didn’t know what to do next, he turned to the teacher for help.

  1. full preparations,we decided to D put off the meeting till next week. A. We did not make B. Having not made C. We had not made D. Not having made
现在分词的否定式中,否定词 现在分词的否定式中,否定词not 必须放在现在分词前面。 必须放在现在分词前面。
Not knowing much English, he found it difficult to communicate with foreigners.. Not having received a reply, he wrote a letter to the professor again.
现在分词的否定式中,否定词 现在分词的否定式中,否定词not 必须放在现在分词前面。 必须放在现在分词前面。
  2. what the situation would be like, they decided to keep silent. A. Having not known B. knowing not C. Not know D. Not knowing

  3. the earth to be flat, many feared B that Columbus would fall off the edge of the earth. A. Having believed B. Believing C. Believed D. Being believed
  4. such heavy pollution already, it
may now be too late to clean up the river. A. Having suffered B. Suffering C. To suffer D. Suffered

  5. the program, they have to stay C there for another two weeks. A. Not completing B. Not completed C. Not having completed D. Having not completed

  5. 作结果状语
Both his parents died in the war, leaving him alone in the world. The fish can eat a person in two minutes, leaving only the bones. She was so angry that she threw the toy on the ground,. breaking it into pieces
她非常生气,把玩具扔在地上,摔成了碎片。 她非常生气,把玩具扔在地上,摔成了碎片。

  1.European football is played in 80 countries, it the most popular A sport in the world. A. making C. made B. makes D. to make

  2. Suddenly, a tall man driving a golden carriage the girl and took her D away, into the woods. A. seizing;disappeared seizing; B. seizing;disappearing seizing; C. seizing;to disappear seizing; D. seized;disappearing seized;

  6. 作条件状语 Working hard, you will succeed one day. =If you work hard, you will succeed one day. Putting more salt into the soup, you will find it more delicious. = If you put more salt into the soup, you will find it more delicious.
Tip 1: 现在分词作状语时,其逻辑主语必 现在分词作状语时,
须与句子的主语相同; 须与句子的主语相同;
Tip 2:如果不相同,分词前必须加上自己 如果不相同,
的主语,这种结构被称为独立主格结构。 独立主格结构 的主语,这种结构被称为独立主格结构。
Looking out through the window, the garden × was beautiful. Looking out through the window, we saw a beautiful garden.
Tip 2:如果现在分词的逻辑主语与句子的主
语不相同,分词前必须加上自己的主语, 语不相同,分词前必须加上自己的主语,这种 结构被称为独立主格结构 独立主格结构。 结构被称为独立主格结构。
Time permitting, I will stay for another week. =If time permits, I will stay for another week.
Everyone being ready , the teacher began his class. 每个人都准备好后,老师开始上课。 每个人都准备好后,老师开始上课。 When everyone was ready, the teacher began …
Tip 3:倒装 倒装
B all over the hills and around the lake are wild flowers of different kinds.
A. To grow C. Grown B. Growing D. Grow
Page 100 C1
  1. amazing
  2. interesting
  3. exciting
  4. fascinating
  5. pleasing
  6. frustrating
  7. having worked
Page 100 C2
  1. Hearing the news
  2. Waiting for the bus
  3. Not finishing his homework
  4. Listening to music
  5. Causing a lot of damage
  6. Walking straight down this street
  7. Not knowing what to do
  8. Turning to her
Reading A.B.


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