Module 7 Unit 4
The first underground in the world
Language points
A. since; because 因为 B. in the way in which 以……方式 方式 as的常 C. during the time when; while 当……时候 时候 尽管; 见用法: 见用法: D. although 尽管;虽然 E. and so too 也一样 F. a fact which 正如 一样 正如……一样
  1. Ruth is unusually tall, as are her parents. C
  2. As he grew older, he lost interest in D A
everything except gardening.
  3. Young as he is, he knows a lot.
  4. As she’s been ill perhaps she needs help.
A. since; because 因为 B. in the way in which 以……方式 方式 as的常 C. during the time when; while 当……时候 时候 尽管; 见用法: 见用法: D. although 尽管;虽然 E. and so too 也一样 F. a fact which 正如 一样 正如……一样
  5. As it is commonly known, The Tube. F
  6. As you know, Cyprus is an island country. D
  7. Much as Pete likes her, he couldn’t marry C
  8. I watched her as she combed her hair.
A. since; because 因为 B. in the way in which 以……方式 方式 as的常 C. during the time when; while 当……时候 时候 尽管; 见用法: 见用法: D. although 尽管;虽然 E. and so too 也一样 F. a fact which 正如 一样 正如……一样
  9. Why didn’t you catch the last bus as I told E
you to?
  10. As he is a doctor, as was his wife before she had children.
A. since; because 因为 B. in the way in which 以……方式 方式 as的常 C. during the time when; while 当……时候 时候 尽管; 见用法: 见用法: D. although 尽管;虽然 E. and so too 也一样 F. a fact which 正如 一样 正如……一样
  11. Traveling on these lines was inconvenient, C
though, as each line was separately owned and many were very far …
  12. As time went by, the situation was getting worse.
Fill the spaces with correct prepositions.

  1. 进入伦敦的火车 trains London into
  2. 对建筑的损伤 damage buildings to
  3. 交通的问题 the problem with traffic
  4. 伦敦的南部 the south of London in/to
  5. 归……掌管 掌管 under the authority of
  6. 乘坐地铁旅行 travel on the underground __
  7. 对……负责 负责 be responsible for

  1. distant (Line
  5) adj. far away adj. in the distant past / future; far away in the past or future: distance n. the amount of space between two places: He travels quite a distance (= a long way) to work every day. Does she live within walking distance of her parents?
The faces of four famous American presidents on Mount Rushmore can be B seen from a of 60 miles.(20
  04) miles.(20
  04) A. length B. distance C. way D. space

  2. boundary: n.
A. the edge (Line
  5) B. wall / fence C. limit The mountain becomes the national boundary for both countries. The fence serves as a boundary between the two buildings. the boundaries of knowledge

  3. historic: adj. having importance in or influence on history (Line
  6) 11 November 1918 is a historic day as it represents the end of World War I. Can you tell me when the historic meeting between the two great leaders was held? This building is of historic importance.
historic / historical: Historic and historical are differentiated in usage, though their senses overlap. Historic refers to what is important in history: the first historic voyage to outer space It is also used of what is famous or interesting because of its association with persons or events in history: a historic house
Historical refers to whatever existed in the past, whether regarded as important or not: a historical character Historical refers also to anything concerned with history or the study of the past: a historical novel; historical discoveries The differentiation between the words is not complete. They are often used interchangeably: historic times / historical times

  4. choke (Line
  8) n. / v. 窒息;堵塞 窒息;
  1) The child swallowed a chocolate ball by accident and chocked to death.
  2) The roads to the coast were choked with traffic.
  3) At lunchtime the streets were choked with traffic.
  4) Children can choke on peanuts.
  5) 引申: chock back 忍住,抑制 忍住, chock up 因激动等说不出话来
During the rush hours the roads are usually up with traffic. A A. chocked B. crowded C. blocked D. checked

  5. link (Line
  21) v. to make a connection between two or more people, things or ideas:
  1) The explosions are not thought to be linked in any way. link up: to form a connection, especially in order to work or operate together:
  2) The organization's aim is to link up people from all over the country who are suffering from the disease.
  3) They linked up two areas by telephone. be connected with 与…相接; 和…有联系 相接;

  6. place: A. be in a state or situation B. put sth. in a particular place C. find home / job for sb. A
  1) She placed a tape recorder in front of her on the table. C
  2) They placed the orphans with fosterparents (养父母). B
  3) His uncooperative attitude placed us in an embarrassing situation.
常见短语: 常见短语: 订购 place an order (for) 打赌 place a bet place sb. under arrest 逮捕 要求 place demand on sb. place sb. in a difficult 使…处于困境 处于困境 situation / position Place confidence / trust / 对…保有信心 保有信心 faith in sb.

  7. be responsible for: be in charge of
  1) The driver is responsible for the passengers’ safety.
  2) Philip is the project manager. He is responsible for anything concerning the project.
  3) Who is responsible for making the dinner reservation?

  8. function as: serve as (L
  42) My living room also functions as a study. The room functioned as a store room for keeping all our collection. The beautiful leaf functioned as a bookmark.

  9. honor (L
  51) a quality that combines respect, pride and honesty: a man of honor We fought for the honor of our country. n. [C] a reward, prize or title that publicly expresses admiration or respect: She received an honor for her services to the community. in honor of sb./ sth. in order to celebrate or show great respect for someone or sth.: a banquet in honor of the president
My sister was against my suggestion 2006陕西 while my brother was it. (2006陕西) A A. in favor of B. in memory of C. in honor of D. in search of

  10. permit (L
  57) v. to allow sth. The regulations do not permit much flexibility. [+ ing form of verb] The prison authorities permit visiting only once a month. [+ object + to infinitive] The security system will not permit you to enter without the correct password.
Homework Finish off all the exercises on pages 126 and 1


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