选择题 一、单项选择
  1.Here is my card.Let’s keep in . A.touch B.relation C.connection D.friendship
  2.After we moved into the new home ,.our neighbor came to us. A.call on B.call in C.call at D.call for
  3.To their delight, they got what they had been looking forward to. A.normally B.eventually C.particularly D.originally
  4.He often in the street, doing nothing, which worries his parents a lot. A.comes out B.brings out C.hangs out D.puts out
  5.the size of the earth, the biggest ocean in the world looks small. A.Compared to B.comparing to C.To comparing to D . Being compared to
  6.How different life today is from that we in the past. A.used to B.got used to C.get used to D.were used
  7.Having worked for just two weeks, he is to those who have been in the company for a long time. A.senior B.prior C.junior D.former
  8.If you don’t go there , . A.so will I B.neither do I C.so do I D.neither will I
  9.The natural beauty of JiuzHaigou millions of tourists from all over the world every year. A.encourages B.attracts C.reminds D.seizes
  10. You mustn’t mention that at the beginning ;otherwise, you will the shocking end. A.keep away B.give away C.put away D.take away
  11.Many friends sent me e-mails to me on the birth of my son. A.celebrate B.reward C.express D.congratulate
  12.He was about the test because he began to prepare for it two months ago. A.anxious B.excited C.curious D.confident
  13.Nowadays there are still a number of people letters to keep touch with their friends. A.use B.using C.to use D.used
  14.Is this the research center you visited the modern equipment? A.which B.how C.where D.that
  15.I could tell that he was very sad from the on his face. A.expression B.description C.sight D.feeling 二、完形填空 Two parachutists 伞兵) been flown behind enemy lines early in the morning. ( had They were 1 to gain as much information as possible on a new experimental factory.
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The two men destroyed their 3 4
and they dressed as laborers to avoid being easily 5
. Soon they reached a road. the roadside, they noticed a deep pit 坑) At ( where rainwater had , with some tools, and a broken-down lorry nearby.The men were making their way 6 7 .At that . There was
towards the lorry when the sound of a truck in the distance made them dash for moment, they had no choice but to jump into the pit, as the countryside was so a great splash (飞溅声) and very soon all was 8 , had to would 12 they of the lorry driver.They 11 13 10
. The water was quite shallow, and the men
9 themselves against the sides of the pit wondering if they had attracted the attention anxiously as the truck came nearer and nearer, and hoped it .But, much to their disappointment, the truck seemed to stop almost directly that some men in the truck had come to collect the 15 16 14 .Suddenly, the men
them.They heard voices and the truck door shut loudly overhead.From their discussion, into the pit and which struck the their breath and wondered what 17 , for they
were startled(惊吓)by a piece of wood which was water just behind them.They could do nothing but knew as the men were leaving, they had narrowly joy quickly turned to 10
  3.A.shot 架)
  17.A.at ease (放松)
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would happen next. Then the sound of the engine started up again, setting them 18 19
being captured.But very soon, their
, because when they looked up, they found that the pit was much B.instructed B.planes B.spotted B.risen B.impatiently B.cover B.poor B.still B.push B.watched B.pass B.below B.recognized B.sticks B.poured B.hold B.escaped B.anger B.bigger C.advised C.papers C.killed C.sunk C.anxiously C.pleasure C.dry C.silent C.press C.stood C.explode C.above C.admitted C.weapons C.filled C.save C.admitted C.regret C.deeper D.allowed D.certificates D.kidnapped (绑 D.collected D.hopefully D.rest D.dangerous D.calm D.find D.wondered D.speed D.behind D.remembered D.tools D.laid D.lose D.at work D.prevented D.sorrow D.narrower
than they had thought.Its sides were wet and slippery and there was no way out.
B.at length (长时间地)C.at leisure (悠闲)
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三、阅读理解 A I suddenly heard an elephant crying as though frightened.Looking down, I immediately recognized that something was wrong, and ran down to the edge of the near bank. There I saw Ma Shwe with her three-month-old calf(幼崽)struggling in the fast-rising water, and it was a life-and-death struggle. calf was floating and screaming with fear. Shwe was as near to the Her Ma far bank as she could get, holding her whole body against the rushing water, and keeping the calf pressed against her huge body. Every now and then the rushing water would sweep the calf away. There was a sudden rise in the water and the calf was washed clean over the mother’s body and was gone. Shwe turned quickly to reach it and pressed the calf with her head and trunk (象 Ma 鼻) against the rocky bank.Then with a huge effort, she picked it up in her trunk and tried until she was able to place it on a narrow shelf of rock. Just at this moment she fell back into the river.If she were carried down, it would be certain death.I knew, as well as she did, that there was one spot where she could get up the bank, but it was on the other side from where she had put her calf. While I was wondering what I could do next, I heard the sound of a mother’s love.Ma Shwe had crossed the river and got up the bank and was making her way back as fast as she could, roaring (吼叫) all the time, but to her calf it was music.
  1.The moment the author got down to the river bank he saw , A.the calf was about to fall into the river B.Ma Shwe was placing the calf on the rock C.the calf was washed away by the rising water D.Ma Shwe was holding the calf against the rushing water
  2.How did Ma Shwe manage to save her calf from the fast-flowing water? A.By putting it on a safe spot. B.By pressing it against her body. C.By taking it away with her. D.By carrying it on her back.
  3.How did the calf feel about the mother elephant’s roaring? A.It was a call for help. B.It was a sign of danger. C.It was a great comfort. D.It was a musical note.
  4.What can be the best title for the text? A.A Mother’s Love B.A Brave Act C.A Deadly River D.A Matter of Life and Death B Computer programmer David Jones earns ¥35,000 a year designing new computer games, yet he cannot find a bank ready to let him have a credit card.Instead, he has been told to wait another two years, until he is
  18.The 16-year-old works for a small firm in Liverpool, where the problem of most young people of his age is finding a job.David’s firm releases (推出) two new games for the fast throwing computer market each month. But David’s biggest headache is what to do with his money.Even though he earns a lot, he cannot drive a car, take out a mortgage (抵押贷款), or get credit cards.David got his job with the Liverpool-based company four months ago, a year after leaving school with six O-levels and working for a time in a computer shop.“I got the job because the people who run the firm knew I
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had already written some programs,” he said.David spends some of his money on records and clothes, and gives his mother 50 pounds a week.But most of his spare time is spent working. “Unfortunately, computing was not part of our studies at school,” he said.“But I had been studying it in books and magazines for four years in my spare time.I knew what I wanted to do and never considered staying on at school.Most people in this business are fairly young, anyway.” David added: “I would like to earn a million and I suppose early retirement is a possibility.You never know when the market might disappear.”

  5.In what way is David different from people of his age? A.He often goes out with friends. B.He lives with his mother. C.He has a handsome income. D.He graduated with six O-levels.
  6.What is one of the problems that David is facing now? A.He is too young to get a credit card. B.He has no time to learn driving. C.He has very little spare time. D.He will soon lose his job.
  7.Why was David able to get the job in the company? A.He had done well in all his exams. B.He had written some computer programs. C.He was good at playing computer games. D.He had learnt to use computers at school.
  8.Why did David decide to leave school and start working? A.He received lots of job offers. B.He was eager to help his mother. C.He lost interest in school studies. D.He wanted to earn his own living. 非选择题 一、短文改错 此题要求改正以下短文中的错误: 该行多一词:把多余的词用下划线( __)划出,并用斜线(\)划掉,在该行右边横线上写 出该词,并也用斜线划掉。 该行缺一词:在缺词处加一个漏字符(∧),在该行右边横线上写出该加的词。 该行错一词:在错的词下划一横线,在该行右边横线上写出改正后的词。 l. B 【格式图例】 :A B C A B ∧ C
  2. D A B C
  3. E What a long winter vacation! I stay at home doing nothing except
  1. homework every day as a robot.One day, an idea occurred to me,
  2. "Why not to find a part-time job to learn something new?"
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The next morning, after visiting many of shops, I was lucky
  4. enough to find one in small but pretty cake shop.When a
  5. tired-looking old man came in to buy a cake, I immediate
  6. helped him sat down in a chair and then brought him the cake.
  7. After he paid for them, I said thanks to him.He looked so
  8. happy that he praised me with a satisfying smile.From this,
  9. I learned: "Be good to others or they'll be good to you."
  10. 第二节 书面表达 如今世界粮食短缺,价格飞涨,给部分地区造成社会动荡。假设在你校开展的研究性学 习中,你们小组以“World Food Crisiso”为题进行研究,现在请你代表你们小组向全体同学简 要介绍你们的研究成果。主要内容如下:
  3.世界能源价格上涨,使用粮食生产生物燃料你如何做出自己的贡献 注意:
  2.字数 100 左右,文章开头已提供,不计入总词数
  3.参考词汇:城市化 urbanization 生物燃料 biofuels Hello, everyone, Now I'll tell you something about our research project The World Food Crisis on behalf of our group.As you know, food shortages have hit many countries in the world and even caused social unrest in some areas.
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  1.A 本题考查名词。由“here’s my card”可知是“保持联系”;keep in touch 保持联系。
  2.A 本题考查动词词组。由语境我们可知“邻居来拜访我们”;call on 拜访某人;call in 召 集;call for 要求。
  3. 本题考查副词。 B 由“to their delight”(使他们高兴的是)可知, “他们终于得到了他们一直想 要的东西”;eventually 终于, 最后;normally 正常地, 通常地;particularly 特别地; originally 最初, 原先。
  4. 本题考查动词词组。 C 由“doing nothing”及“which worries his parents a lot ”可知“他经常在 街上闲狂”;hang out 闲荡;come out 出版;bring out 阐述;put out 扑灭。
  5.A 本题考查非谓语动词。由句子可看出动词 compare 的逻辑主语是 the biggest ocean; 两 者是被动关系;所以前面的句子可还原为:The biggest ocean is compared to the size of the earth。
  6.B 本题考查词组 get used to。句意:今天的生活非常不同于我们过去所熟悉的生活。Used to 过去常常做某事;



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   奋战小升初: 奋战小升初:掌握英语介词学习方法及口诀 在小学英语中,介词学习的比重占了课程的很大一部分,掌握好介词也是为以后学英语 奠定基础的关键之一.有些孩子由于英语介词不过关而对英语怯步,如今在小升初临门一脚 时,如何不让英语介词绊倒通往中学的大道?以下就来看看,他人是如何学习英语介词的? 首先来看看, 表示时间的一点;in 表示一个时期;on 表 首先来看看,at in 与 on 在时间方面的用法 :at 表示时间的一点 表示一个时期 示特殊日子.如: 示特殊日子 He goes to ...


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