Module7 Unit2 复习

  1.可能性 可能性
  2.历史学家 历史学家
  3.化学家;药剂师 化学家; 化学家
  4.医生;内科医生 医生; 医生
  5.处方;食谱 处方; 处方
  6.畅销的 畅销的
  7.作者 作者
  8.长度 长度
  9.普遍的 普遍的
  10.手腕 手腕


  11.注意到,记录 注意到, 注意到
  12.肺 肺
  13.迅速地;快速地 迅速地; 迅速地
  14.奇迹 奇迹
  15.询问;咨询n. 询问;咨询 询问
  16.视力 视力
  17.锋利的;尖的 锋利的; 锋利的
  18.脉搏 脉搏
  19.功能;作用 功能; 功能
  20.肿胀的 肿胀的



  21.树皮;狗叫 树皮; 树皮
  22.试用;考验 试用; 试用
  23.药片;写字板 药片; 药片
  24.毫克 毫克
  25.止痛药;镇痛剂 止痛药; 止痛药
  26.中风 中风
  27.当代的;当代人 当代的; 当代的
  28.结肠 结肠
  29.霉 霉
  30.透明的 透明的


  31. 净化;提纯 净化;
  32.细菌的 细菌的
  33.肺炎 肺炎
  34.生理学 生理学
  35.(病痛忧虑等)减轻,缓解 (病痛忧虑等)减轻,
  36.潜在的;可能的 潜在的; 潜在的
  37.基础的;根本的;重要的 基础的;根本的; 基础的
  38.详情;细节 详情; 详情
  39.小册子 小册子
  40.可调节的 可调节的


  41.有魔力的 有魔力的
  42.针 针
  43.针灸 针灸
  44.病房 病房
  45.陶器 陶器
  46.剑 剑
  47.银;银子 银
  48.外科的 外科的
  49.症状 症状
  50.草本植物的;药草的 草本植物的; 草本植物的

  1.focus on
  1.关注 up
  3.recommend doing
  3.推荐做 推荐做…
  3.推荐做 made from/of
  5.take place
  6.reduce the risk of
  6.减少 减少…风险
  6.减少 风险
  7.carry out
  7.开展 开展,
  8.replace A with /by B
  8.用 代替A
  8.用B代替A contemporary society
  10.try out
  10.试验 unable to
  12. be fundamental to
  12.对 基本的 基本的,

  16.遗留 忘记, 遗留,
  17.导致 导致…后果
  17.导致 后果
  19.勉强分辨出 理解/ 勉强分辨出/
  19.勉强分辨出/理解/ 列出/ 列出/声称
  21.划分 劈开, 划分,
  23.一把 large quantities
  12.mass production
  13.due to
  14.die from/of
  15.bring relief to
  16.leave behind
  17.result in
  18.put up with
  19.make out
  20.decide on
  21.split up
  22.put through
  23.a handful of

  24.被…所代替 被 所代替
  25.代替 就坐 代替,就坐 代替
  26.放出 发出 泄露 放出,发出 放出 发出,泄露
  27.复杂的外科手术 复杂的外科手术 仪器
  28.沉溺于 沉溺于 replaced by
  25.take one's place
  26.let out
  27.complex surgical instrument
  28.addiction to/be addicted to

  1.increase the length of people's
  1.延长寿命 延长寿命 life
  3.手术室 手术室 operating theatre
  4.患心脏病的风险 患心脏病的风险
  4.reduce the risk of heart attack
  5.减低血糖 减低血糖
  5.reduce blood sugar levels
  6.书架,阅览架 书架, 书架 stand
  7.发出一声叫喊 发出一声叫喊
  7.let out a cry
  8.弥补 弥补
  8.make up for
  9.急需 急需 badly in need of
  10.扑灭 扑灭
  10.put out

  11.对…开放 对 开放
  13.取下,拿下 取下, 取下 记下;写下 记下;
  14.成百万的 成百万的
  15.(英国)中 (英国)
  16.阻止 做… 阻止…做 阻止
  17.病历,病史 病历, 病历
  18.调查 调查
  19.保护视力 保护视力
  20.当心,小心 当心, 当心 open to
  13.take down/put down/write down
  14.millions of
  15.secondary school
  16.block sth. from… from…
  17.medical history
  18.look into
  19.protect one's eyesight
  20.look out for

  21.不锈钢 不锈钢
  22.针灸点 针灸点
  23.填表 填表
  24.辨认出 辨认出
  25.很受欢迎 很受欢迎 26上台,执政 上台, 上台
  27.难怪 难怪
  28.血管 血管
  30.出现;到场;露面 出现;到场; 出现

  21.stainless steel
  22.acupuncture points
  23.fill in/out form/blanks/gaps
  24.make out well received by
  26.come into power
  27.No wonder
  28.blood vessel
  30.turn up

  32.try sth. out on… …
  33.operating theatre
  34.emergency room room

  32.在…上试用某物 在
  33.手术室 手术室
  34.急诊室 急诊室
  35.诊室 诊室

  1.我认为,勤奋是成功的根本. 我认为,勤奋是成功的根本. 我认为
I think that hard work is fundamental to success.

  2.因为他学习很认真,他通过这次语言考试的可能性 因为他学习很认真, 因为他学习很认真 很大. 很大.
Because he works so hard, there is a high probability that he will pass the language exam.

  3.我竭力想与他联系,却没能联系上. 我竭力想与他联系,却没能联系上. 我竭力想与他联系
I tried hard to get in touch with him but was unable to.

  4.直到半夜我才得以入睡. 直到半夜我才得以入睡. 直到半夜我才得以入睡
It was not until midnight that I could go to sleep.

  5.要过许多年以后我们才能再次相见. 要过许多年以后我们才能再次相见. 要过许多年以后我们才能再次相见
It will be many years before we meet again.

  1) 几个小时后,我们达到了小镇. 几个小时后,我们达到了小镇. It was several hours before we reached the village.
  2)很久之后 我们才会见面. 很久之后, It will be a long time before we meet again.
  3)不久你就会取得成功 不久你就会取得成功. It won't be long before you succeed. won' succeed.
Due to the widespread use of penicillin, many lives were saved during World War II.
由于,应归于 由于,

  1) The flight will arrive late due to the heave fog. (车,船)应到的
  2) When is the next train due? due?
  3) Please let me know when the rent is due in 应付的, 应付的,到期的 advance.
  4) The match is due to begin on Tuesday.
In the west, acupuncture has become very popular, as has Chinese traditional herbal medicine. As 作为代词 作为代词=become very popular The earth is a planet moving around the sun, as are Mars and Jupiter.
Multiple choices
  1.It was not until 1972__the war finally came to an end. A. since B. that C. when D. before A
  3.The huge picture looks more beautiful __ the blue sky. A. against B. to C. over D. under D
  4.It was some time he realized the truth. A. when B. until C. since D. before

  1.(2006全国 It was not until she got home 全国II) 全国 Jennifer realized she had lost her keys. A. when B. that C. where D. before
  2. (2006辽宁 It was after he got what he had 辽宁) 辽宁 desired he realized it was not so important. A. that B. when C. since D. as
他们正在研制大批并且廉价地生产疫苗的方法. 他们正在研制大批并且廉价地生产疫苗的方法. They are now developing ways to produce the vaccine in large quantities and cheaply. 表示"许多"的词或短语如下: 表示"许多"的词或短语如下: (
  1)修饰可数名词的:many, a great/good many, 修饰可数名词的: 修饰可数名词的 quite a few, a large/great number of /numbers of ,many a, (
  2) 修饰不可数名词的:much, a great deal of, 修饰不可数名词的: a large amount of/large amounts of
  3) 既可以修饰可数又可以修饰不可数名词的: 既可以修饰可数又可以修饰不可数名词的: a lot of/lots of, plenty of, a large quantity of /large quantities of, a mass of, masses of
We always keep spare paper, in case we ran out. (2006浙江 浙江) 浙江 A.too much C. plenty of B. a number D. a good many
她死于饥饿. She died of/from hunger die相关短语 相关短语: 相关短语 die from: 死于(外因) : 死于(外因) die of: 死于(疾病,饥饿,严寒等内因) : 死于(疾病,饥饿,严寒等内因) die away: (声音等的)消逝 : 声音等的) die down: (火势,怒气等的)平息 : 火势,怒气等的) die out: (风俗习惯,物种等的)灭绝,消失 : 风俗习惯,物种等的)灭绝,
die off: 相继死去直至死光 : die for:为…而死;渴望得到 而死; : 而死 他的脚步声渐渐地消失了. 他的脚步声渐渐地消失了. The sound of his footsteps gradually died away. 几分钟后掌声才平息下来. 几分钟后掌声才平息下来. It was several minutes before the applause died down.
Allen had to call a taxi because the box was to carry all the way home. (2003全国 全国) 全国 A.much too heavy B. too much heavy C. heavy too much D. too heavy much

  1.We're trying to ring you back, Bryan, but . we think we your number incorrectly.(2006浙江) 浙江) ( 浙江 A.looked up B. took down C. worked out D. brought about
  2. Most of us know we should cut down on fat, but knowing such things isn't much help when it shopping and eating. 天津) (2006天津) 天津 A.refers to C. focuses on B. speaks of D. comes to

  3. The computer system suddenly while he was searching for information on the Internet.(2006辽宁) 辽宁) ( 辽宁 A.broke down B. broke out C. broke up D. broke in
  4. -The boss said we had only three days to finish the work. -Don't worry. We have already two thirds of it.(2006四川) 四川) ( 四川 A. got down C. given in B. got through D. given away

  5. She Japanese when she was in Japan. Now she can speak it freely. 福建) (2006福建) 福建 A.picked out B. made out C. made up D. picked up
  6. With no one to in such a frightening situation, she felt very helpless.(2006陕西) 陕西) ( 陕西 A.turn on C. turn over B. turn off D. turn to

  7. It's already 10 o'clock I wonder how it that she was two hours late on such a short trip.(2006湖南) 湖南) ( 湖南 A.came over B. came out C. came about D. came up
  8. The building around the corner caught fire last night. The police are now the matter. (2006湖北 湖北) 湖北 A.getting through B. working out C. looking into D. watching over

  9. As I grew up in a small town at the foot of a mountain, the visit to the village scenes of my childhood.(2006湖北) 湖北) ( 湖北 A.called up C. called on B. called for D. called in

  10. Although the wind has , the rain remains steady, so you still need a raincoat.(2006湖北) 湖北) ( 湖北 A.turned up B. gone back C. died down D. blown out
I. Multiple choice:

  1.The world is seven continents and four oceans. A. made up of B. made out of C. made from D. made in
  2. I really don't want to go to the party, but I don't see how I can it. A. get back from B. get out of C. get away D. get off

  3. You'd better some money for special use. A.pick up B.set aside . . C.put off D.give away . .

  5. You can take anything from the shelf and read, but please the books when you've finished with them. A.put on B. put down C. put back D. put off
  6. The final examination is coming up soon . It's time for us to our studies . A.get down to B.get out . . C.get back for D.get over . .

  7. It's ten years since the scientist on his life's work of discovering the valuable chemical. A.made for B. set out C. took off D. turned up
  8. The forest guards often find campfires that have not been completely. A.turned down C. put away B. put out D. turned over

  9. He accidentally he had quarreled with his wife and that he hadn't been home for a couple of weeks. A. let out B. took care C. made sure D. made out
  10. for the glass! It's OK. I'm wearing shoes. A. Look out C. Go out B. Walk out D. Set out

  11. Unfortunately, not everyone has realized the important part the balance of nature their daily life. A. plays in C. plays of B. playing D. to play in

  12. The students studied hard. They were for knowledge. A. worry B. worried C. eager D. curious

  13. She devoted herself the problems of the teenagers. A. in studying C. to study B. at studying D. to studying

  14. After he retired from office, Rogers painting for a while, but soon lost interest. 山东) (2006山东) 山东 A.took up B. saved up C. kept up D. drew up
  15. I was still sleeping when the fire , and then it spread quickly.(2006广东) 广东) ( 广东 A.broke out B. put out C. came out D. got out


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