VerbVerb-filling: ? with a difficult situation, Tommy Faced decided to ask his friend for help. (face) ? Marie was sitting at her desk quietly, her head slightly over a pile of lowered newspapers. (lower) ? I have been over the maths puzzling problem for a while, but at last I worked iy out. (puzzle) ? There are hundreds of visitors up lining in front of the new Art Gallery to have a look at the new exhibition. (line) To improve ? the employees’ working efficiency, the manager will allow them to have an hour’s break after lunch. (improve)
VerbVerb-filling: ? everything, this is the best Considering choice. (consider) ? Everything , this is the best considered choice. (consider) ? With no rain for three months and food supplies out, the situation here running is worse and worse. (run) ? When I hurried to school, I found my pocket (pick) and the disk in it with the picked important documents . (go) gone ? His words left me about his real wondering purpose. (wonder)
VerbVerb-filling: ? In fact, it was the manager rather than the shop assistants that for the was to blame terrible accident. (blame) ? the last bus this afternoon means To miss home. (miss, walk) walking ? the program, they Not having completed have to stay there for another two weeks. (not complete) ? They happened each other to have known before. (know) ? When we visited my old family home, memory came back. (flood) flooding ? In order to catch up with the other students, I spent the whole day in my study. locked (lock)
Important phrases: (P.
持续的效果 *持续的效果 *一个极有趣的演讲 一个极有趣的演讲 快速增长的经济 *快速增长的经济 不环保的 *不环保的 经营这些厂的人 *经营这些厂的人 发现他的论据令人信服 *发现他的论据令人信服
Important phrases: (P.
*发起一场保护环境的运动 发起一场保护环境的运动
*写信提出建议 写信提出建议 写入;写信提出(请求等); );书面要求 write in 写入;写信提出(请求等);书面要求 在选票上加写(非原定候选人的名字) 在选票上加写(非原定候选人的名字) .His name was written in by his supporters. .You’d better write in to our radio station to
express your opinion.
我们公园的状况 *我们公园的状况 state n.状态/状况;国家/ 州 状态/状况;国家/ . in a … state ( in a state of …) .The house was in a dirty state. . Everything was in a state of disorder. . solid state / liquid state / gaseous state 物理学】稳态, . steady state 【物理学】稳态,稳恒态 . state secrets / pay taxes to the State state. a state-owned factory /state banquet 规定;声明; vt. 规定;声明;陈述 . He stated his views to me. . A witness must state the facts as they are. .statement n. 声明;陈述,叙述 声明;陈述, 政治家; .statesman n. 政治家; 政治家
令人震惊 *令人震惊 (sth.) be shocking = sth. shock sb. = sth. make sb. shocked 使震惊; 震动, shock v. 使震惊;使震动 n. 震动,电击等 adj. shocking / shocked *be shocked at sth. 由于…而感到震惊 由于… 由于做… *be shocked to do sth. 由于做…而感到震惊 . The news of her death us. shocked = We were shocked at the news of her death. .We (hear) that he were shocked to hear was a thief. . was (使我们最感震惊 What shocked us most . 的是他偷了钱) that he stole the money 的是他偷了钱) . His death was a great shock to us. . The shock of the earthquake was felt for miles.
到处是垃圾 *到处是垃圾 *发现…令人烦恼 发现…令人烦恼
adj. (宾补 宾补) find + n.+ adj. (宾补) [adv./ doing/ done/ do / 介词短语) .When he came home, he . (发现门开着) found the door open 发现门开着) 发现灯亮着) he . (发现灯亮着) found the lights on he . found his son doing homework he . found his mother in the kitchen
(发现他母亲在厨房里) 发现他母亲在厨房里) 引起疲劳的; tiring adj. 引起疲劳的;令人厌倦的 疲劳的; tired adj. 疲劳的;劳累的 be tired of…/doing… 对…感到厌倦 由于… be tired with / from… 由于…而感到劳累 筋疲力尽的 be tired out (发现儿子在做作业) 发现儿子在做作业)
我要去坐的地方 *我要去坐的地方 Where 引导地点状语 从句 will, .Where there is a will, there is a way. them. .They’ve gone where the police can’t get them. are. .Keep sitting where you are. . Make a mark you have any question. where . Make a mark at the place you have any where question . ( = in which ) 被塑料袋盖着 *被塑料袋盖着 令人失望的是 *令人失望的是 be at / about sth. be to hear the news… the look on one’s face The news made sb. to one’s
disappointing / disappointed adj. disappoint v. / disappointment n.
清扫公园 *清扫公园 *生活在公园里的动物和昆虫 生活在公园里的动物和昆虫 *一件惭愧的事/ 遗憾的事 一件惭愧的事/ 遗憾的事
It’s It’s a shame that you missed such a good chance.
would be * It a shame if they were destroyed because of people’s activities in the park. (be, destroy) . I that car if I enough money. would buy had (buy, have) . If it Sunday tomorrow, I would visit were my friends. ( be, visit) . If you my advice, you had taken in the exam. (take, not fail) would not have failed
. for the free tickets, I would not have gone to the films so often. A. If it is not B. Were it not C. Had it not been D. If they were not 动物爱好者 *动物爱好者 由于…而被捕 *由于…而被捕 be arrested (at sp. ) for (doing)… = arrest sb. for … . My manager was arrested for dangerous driving. 吸引 . The loud noise arrested our attention. . The new drug did not arrest the cancer. 控制疾病 cancer. . arrest progress 阻碍/ 阻止 阻碍/ . arrest one’s eye 吸引注意 . be put under arrest 被捕
*非法出售药品 adj. illegal 非法出售药品 sell drugs illegally
n. illegality
legal illegal logical illogical regular irregular responsible irresponsible customs one of the customs officers 一名海关官员 *一名海关官员 customs = a customs officer . pass the customs 通过海关 . at the Customs Office 在海关办公室 . pay customs on … 为… 交关税 . follow the custom . customer
仔细地观察到来的人 *仔细地观察到来的人 arrival n. 到达者/到达物; 到达 到达者/到达物; .new arrival 新品上市 .Later arrivals can’t find enough room to rest. .On his arrival at the airport, the thief was arrested. closely adv. 仔细地 靠近/ close adv. 靠近/ 接近 . The boy who sits close to the door is watching the passage closely. .deep/ . high/ highly .deep/ deeply .wide / widely *看见羽毛从…掉下来 看见羽毛从…掉下来 一脱下外套 *一脱下外套
On taking off his jacket, a sleeping tortoise stomach. was found on his stomach. On doing ... 一…就…
On hearing the good news, he jumped with joy.
* on/upon +n./doing… * as soon as + clause * the moment/ minute/ instant…+clause; * immediately/ directly/ instantly+ clause; * no sooner…than…; * hardly… when…;
. The moment she heard the news, she burst into tears. . No sooner had I arrived home than the telephone rang. . Hardly had I arrived home when the telephone rang. rang.
On taking off his jacket, a sleeping tortoise stomach. was found on his stomach. stomachs) *stomach : (pl. stomachs) stomachache * take off take off his clothes / his glasses take a few days off take $10 off the price .The plane is taking off.
*显然地 显然地
apparently : obviously apparent : obvious . “Did she succeed?” “Apparently not.” “Apparently
*把乌龟藏在毯子下面 把乌龟藏在毯子下面
Important phrases: (P.
避免抓到没有长大的鱼 *避免抓到没有长大的鱼 *不断释放烟雾 把环境保护考虑在内 *把环境保护考虑在内
Important phrases: (P.
*互相同意(对方的观点) 互相同意(对方的观点) 似乎 *似乎
as if / as though
* I like it when you told that joke. joke. full. . I hate it when people talk with their mouths full.
(like / hate / appreciate / enjoy) 我印象很深 *我印象很深 sb be impressed (with …) …使某人深刻印象 = impress sb. with sth. .impress sth. on/ upon sb. . leave/make a deep impression on sb.
用最恰当的方式来使用我们的资源 *用最恰当的方式来使用我们的资源 开发自然资源 exploit natural resources 有限的矿产/矿物资源 有限的矿产/矿物资源 limited mineral resources human resources 人力资源 人力资源 清理脏乱 * 清理脏乱 收拾;清理; clean up 收拾;清理;清除 .He cleaned up his desk after school. clean up .The waiter hurried to the pieces of the broken plates. clean out 清理干净 clean off 把…刷掉 *强有力地作出了声明 强有力地作出了声明
statement n. v. state adj. forcefully adv. adj. forceful n. forcefulness
VerbVerb-filling: ? Such the case, there were no being grounds to justify your complaints. (be) ? The Group of Eight is an international organization the richest consisting of countries in the world, five of which are quite small and two of which are island states. (consist of ) ? The official suggested the projected the project of preserving history worth paying attention to at the meeting. be discussed (discuss) ? When I walked in, Dad was sitting at the spread kitchen table, the newspaper before him. (spread)
Important phrases: (P.
*从中国西部流进华东 从中国西部流进华东
flow ? flowed ? flowed
*经过9个省份 经过9个省份 作为世界第三长河 *作为世界第三长河 引起国内外的关注 *引起国内外的关注
raise vt. raise a question raise one’s hand / raise one’s voice raise money for… / raise an army raise wheat / raise a family raise a laugh / raise a few laughs 引人发笑 raise concern ( be concerned about …/ with… be concerned with… ) rise vi. The sun is rising.
*工农业的迅猛发展 工农业的迅猛发展 人口的迅猛增长 *人口的迅猛增长 huge population growth *取水量在增长


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