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一.单词拼写: 单词拼写:
  1. Generally speaking, the c is the fundamental law of a country.
  2. When you are making big decisions, it is important to get s from your family.
  3. The old man goes to the park( 每天) to feed the birds.
  4. No one can a anything without effort.
  5. He is l(有可能) to be late.
  6. Here is a forbidden(地区).
  7. You shouldn’t read others’ p letters without permission.
  8. My son wants to go to the English language (研习所).
  9. He didn’t have a thorough g of this sentence, because he was sleeping when the teacher explain it.
  10. It is difficult to (征服)nature.
  11. He a that the meeting should be put off for a week.
  12. Don’t (指望) on me seeing you off, and I am busy.
  13. Success came after many f.
  14. His theory has a solid b in fact.
  15.The teacher (标出)the important words with a red pencil.
  16.The (突破) made by scientists gives hope to cancer patients all over the world.
  17. Science never stops (前进) on.
  18. My brother (立志) to be a novelist.
  19.The news was (宣布) to the public on TV.
  20.Many soldiers died in the field of b. 二.完成句子: 完成句子:
  1. ( 有 可 能 )that many of great achievements will be born in northeastern Beijing.
  2.The center (开始于)in the early 1980s.
  3.The spirit of creativity and scientific skills has this city .(使。。 。 是个成功)
  4.Years of failure, years of trying have (导致)great scientific achievements.
  5.China has long been a leader in the field of genetic research (旨在) improving agriculture.
  6.If you want to (实现自己的目标),you must work hard.
  7. Edison (建立了) a chemical lab (自己的) at the age of ten.
  8.After 20 years’ working abroad, he (踏上) the motherland again.
  9.We shouldn’t too much (依赖) our parents.
  10.If you want to succeed, you should (准备)to (接受别人的建议).
  11.When the kids saw the beautiful birds, they (兴致勃勃) at once.
  12.His house (坐落于)of the city.
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  13.We have discussed the suggestion (被提出的) by our monitor.
  14.He is reading a book (论述、处理) reading, writing and speaking.
  15.The city is not (以前的样子了). 三.词语填空: 词语填空:
  1. Neil Armstrong is the first person to the moon.
  2. All your efforts to persuade them are beginning to . They will probably support our plan at the meeting.
  3. At present, many people now the Internet for news.
  4. When I mentioned our plans for a picnic, the kids at once.
  5. The UN a peace plan that it hopes will stop the war in the country.
  6. Scientists think they are beginning to in the fight against AIDS.
  7. The new laws are reducing heavy traffic in cities.
  8. I have a surprise for you. You have to prepare yourself for it.
  9. , it looked like diamond. Actually, it was made of glass.
  10. The President’s unexpected absence from the important conference has speculation(推测) about his health.
一.单词拼写: 单词拼写:
  1. Many boys like reading science f, while girls like love stories.
  2. Her (信仰) in God is very firm.
  3. When he graduated from Oxford, he a for a job as an English teacher.
  4. Now, she is a public (公务员), and she wants to devote herself to the society.
  5. A c between a bus and a car made two persons die.
  6. Everyone in the world wants to enjoy a p peace, not wars.
  7. “Welcome (登车),” said the stewardess 女乘务员.
  8. Bad (伙伴) can lead young people astray 误入歧途.
  9. They were taken p in the battle, and they would have no freedom.
  10. Mothers are always (温柔的) with their babies.
  11. The word “l” is usually used with “baggage”.
  12. Mozart is a (才华横溢的,杰出的) musician.
  13. His new book is the product of some three years’ (劳动).
  14. A rainbow appears after a rain, which is a natural p.
  15. Don’t h any longer. If you do not take action, there won’t be any chance.
  16. Taking a v(航游) round the world is too exciting.
  17. He was in (与..同盟,勾结) with her, but he pretended not to know her. .
  18. The astronauts p the way to the moon.
  19. It doesn’t seem ugly to me; on the c, I think it’s rather beautiful.
  20. We all (渴望) peace and happiness. 二.完成句子: 完成句子
  1.Tom didn’t go to Paris to study law; ( 相 反 ), he
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for the theatre.
  2. (在他们努力求生时) to survive, they find themselves on the surface of a monster itself.
  3. (穿着) diving suits, they walk about in this magic world.
  4.This still (仍然是个严重的问题).
  5.She (谋生) by growing flowers.
  6.There is a room, (它的窗户朝着) the river.
  7.It was (正是在这种情绪支配下) that I began the creation of a human being.
  8.He went there (而不是花钱).
  9. (向窗外望去),I found my head teacher talking with someone.
  10.I (开始意识到) that I was wrong. 三.词语填空: 词语填空: turn out a view of in public apply for slow down be taken prisoner throw new light on set out all aboard lay the foundation for

  1. She a job with the local newspaper.
  2. The band are on a tour around the world, and they will perform in Beijing next month.
  3. “” is used to tell passengers of a ship, bus, or train that they must get on because it will leave soon.
  4. Her husband was always nice to her , but treated her badly at home.
  5. These discoveries may the origins(起源) of the universe and make it easier to understand.
  6. Although this theory was not perfect, it the modern revolution in our understanding of the deepest parts of the earth.
  7. It was a difficult time, but eventually things all right.
  8. Everyone’s always rushing around trying to get things donewe all need to and take it easy.
  9. Good morning. What can I do for you? We’d like a room with the sea.
  10. John fought in the World War II and by the Germans.
Unit 13
I. 单词拼写
  1. The reform(有益于) the working families.
  6. Prices r from 5 dollars to 10 dollars. His health b down completely. Take full a of the opportunity to enjoy rock music. She is s to other people’s criticism. A some sugar to the coffee.
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All the a(可利用的) money has been used up. Density is (测量) in kilos per cubic meter. When I opened the door, I found my father sitting in his chair, completely a in a magazine. Soap has the (特性) of removing dirt.
II. 短语填空 give off call in a variety of benefit from contribute to made up of sensitive to range in
  9. all the way take advantage of
What a discovery! Many thousands have the new medicine. Jerry got very upset; she didn’t speak a word to me back home. Don’t lend them the car they’re you! Try not to breathe in the gas by the paint; it’s very poisonous. Finally the teenager’s behavior got so bad that the police had to be . The restaurant offers Chinese dishes; let’s eat out there my treat! Take it easy! Pressure many illnesses. The committee is representatives from every state. --My teeth are really hot and cold. --You have to see a dentist.
  10. The shoes are expensive; they price from $100 to $5
III.完成句子 .
  1. He drove (从加拿大一直开车到墨西哥)
  2. His school education (加起来不到一年)
  3. Everyone arrived late at the party (由于种种不同理由)
  4. They were (身体倒挂着)
  5. The construction of a highway will (有助于郊区的发展)
  6. Zhongguancun and help the country he loves.(使他有可能实现自己的梦想)
  7. That book (在香港买不到)
  8. My leg is (对温度的变化很敏感)
  9. I congratulate you (发自内心地)
  10. His inability to speak English at the international conference.(使他处于不利地位)
Unit 14
I 单词拼写
  1. I was surprised at her (结婚) to Paul.
  2. We (禁止) spitting in public.
  3. She took an a part in local politics.
  4. My mother t my proposal as a joke.
  5. I’ll come on c that my parents are invited, too.
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  6. I could hardly p him out from the crowds.
  7. Black people should be treated to other people.
  8. In those days women couldn’t (选举)
  9. Oil is in great d these days.
  10. He was (逮捕) for robbery. II. 短语填空 from then on contribute to
  10. start with join hands regardless of put in prison at first glance vote for set a good example
Nelson Mandela was from 1962 till 1989 because he led many Peaceful actions. Parents should to their children by being active and keeping fit. He went to his first football game when he was four, and he was crazy about it. Teachers must what is known by the students and build new knowledge on that basis. The law requires equal treatment for all, race, religion or sex. the idea will probably sound strange, yet there is a way in which it is also reasonable. If you want the job, you’ll have to go and it. I haven’t decided who I’m going to . Both of them are very good. As richest colony, the island more than 40% the economy of France. The visiting president expressed the hope that the two developing powers to develop high-tech industries, especially information technology.
III. 完成句子
  1.(在任何时候都不) will China be the first to use nuclear weapon.
  2. (从你说的情况判断) they ought to succeed.
  3. his composition, mine is just so so. (和他的作文相比)
  4. I rely on you to the workers.(为工人们树立个好榜样)
  5.(乍看之下),their demands seemed reasonable.
  6. Most of the Republic Party (投票赞成那项措施)
  7.No one can (不努力就有所成就)
  8.I was told that the murderer was (被捕)
  9.He was thrown into prison for being (在游行中)the day before.
  10. The speech “I Have a Dream” (激励人们为平等而战)
Unit 15
I. 单词拼写 .
  1. She caught a sudden g of herself in the mirror.
  2. The water of the sea (展开) round them as far as the eye could see.
  3. How do you (庆祝) Christmas.
  4. I (保证) that you’ll enjoy yourself.
  5. She made a monthly (预算) for her family.
  6. He d the pen into ink.
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They are very (有经验的)at mending cars. (列出) the reasons why you learn English. He made an (概要) of the story. The plane flew at an a of 30000 feet.
II. 短语填空 work out take a dip every now and then be tired of cool off have an itch for be located in get rid of
  7. look over look into
Police are the disappearance of two children. Though Jessie lives downtown, I still see her , but not often. I watching television; let’s go for a walk. After the quarrel, he slammed the door and went for a walk to. Many young people adventure travel, which they think is great fun. Harry keeps fit by for half an hour every morning. ?Let’s in the lake before lunch, shall we?



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