高二英语期中考复习练习 高二英语期中考复习练习
I. 单项选择题
  1. There is no point further. It won’t help much. A. on explaining B. to explain C. of explaining D. in explaining
  2. The shopping center in the city was as a result of a cigarette, which shocked the whole country. A. burned down B. turned down C. turned up D. taken in
  3. Things that we’re facing should be considered ,so that we’ll deal with them well. A. on all sides B. in order C. around the corner D. in place
  4. There was so much noise in the hall and the speaker could hardly make himself . Besides, he could hardly make us him with his poor English. A. heard; understood B. heard; understand C. hear; understand D. hear; understood
  5. Having a trip abroad is certainly good for the old couple, but it remains whether they will enjoy it. A. to see B. to be seen C. seeing D. seen
  6. The secretary asked her boss whether he had anything more before she went back home. A. to type B. typed C. to be typed D. has typed
  7. We wanted to get home before dark, but it didn’t quite as planned. A. make out B. turn out C. go on D. come up
  8. can you expect to get a promotion. A. With hard work B. Only with hard work C. Despite hard work D. Without hard work
  9. I’ll take the driving test this month. you should fail? A. Why not B. If only C. How about D. What if
  10. I wonder what’s your attitude the problem now. A. in; discussing B. with; to be discussed C. towards; discussed D. to; being discussed
  11. The old man, his bag in the street, couldn’t do anything but the police for help. A. robbed ; to ask B. robbed of; ask C. robbing; ask D. robbing; to ask
  12.Was it at the school was named after a heroine he spent his childhood ? A.which, that B. where ,which C.where ,that D.there ,that
  13. In general, the old man is generous. But , he was mean to an old beggar. A. at once B. once again C. for once D. once over

  14. The research is so designed that once nothing can be done to change it. A. begins B. having begun C. beginning D. begun
  15. He has got himself into a dangerous situation he is likely to lose control over the plane. A. where B. which C. while D. why
  16. A nest is to a bird a house is to a man. A. where B. how C. what D. when
  17. Will you drop in at my house this afternoon if ? A. it is convenient for you B. you are convenient C. it is convenient of you D. you will be convenient
  18. I’m sorry, young man. We don’t find anything in your information. A. of valuable B. of value C. of values D great valuable
  19. This is the second time I here. A. was B. have been C. came D. am coming
  20. The parents felt helpless when they found that their son had love stories for long. A. addicted B. addicted to C. addicted himself D. been addicted to
  21. The Suez Canal would soon mud if not regularly cleared. A. die out B. use up C. fill up with D. die away
  22. It’s time for supper now. Please your books aside so that we can use the table for supper. A. take B. bring C. set D. carry
  23. My sister has recently got engaged a foreign teacher, who has been engaged education research for years. A. with; in B. to; in C. with; on D. in; fir
  24. We are kept of what’s happening in the world by reading newspapers and watching TV. A. to inform B. to be informed C. informing D. informed
  25. It was in the village he once lived he got his junior education. A. that; where B. where; that C. which; where D. where; which II. 完型填空 Everyone has a wish to travel. But those who cannot do so themselves might find it 26 to work in a travel agency, 27 journeys for other people. Tom does this, working in a small travel agency in an industrial city. Most of his work is concerned with 28 ,both at home and abroad. Every autumn, the agency 29 hundreds of booklets (小册子) full of attractive, colored photographs,30the holidays that the customers will be able to have the next year. Soon, people began to come into the office to 31 their holiday: perhaps a week's skiing in Austria in January, perhaps a
seaside holiday in Spain in May, or a tour of North Africa. Tom often has to 32 people on what holidays will be 33 for them. And people always have a lot of 34 .Last year, for example, a lady of eighty-two wanted to book for a 35 holiday in the Alps, and Tom had great difficulty in 36 her that it would not be suitable. In the end, she decided to go for a Mediterranean cruise(地中海巡游) 37 . Arranging journeys for people who have to travel 38 on business is often very 39 , but Tom 40 his work. For example, last spring, Mr Perry, director of a local chemical firm, 41 a business trip, and Tom arranged it all for him. First Mr Perry traveled to London by train ,and stayed overnight in a hotel near the airport, because his plane 42 early the next morning. He flew to Frankfurt, where he43 the morning discussing business. Then he went on by train to Zurich, and spent three days there44 going on to America. He had business in Seattle, Chicago and New York, and then home by train. The next day he telephoned the agency to 45 Tom for arranging everything so well for him. ( )
  26. A. boring B. hard C. interesting D. attractive ( )
  27. A. arranging B. taking C. making D. creating ( )
  28. A. games B. holidays C. meetings D. plays ( )
  29. A. receives B. takes out C. gets D. sends out ( )
  30. A. describing B. telling C. drawing D. designing ( )
  31. A. need B. ask C. book D. request ( )
  32. A. infer B. advise C. tell D. remind ( )
  33. A. necessary B. probable C. possible D. suitable ( )
  34. A. questions B. things C. situations D. difficulties ( )
  35. A. seaside B. swimming C. mountaineering D. skating ( )
  36. A. preventing B. persuading C. advising D. promising ( )
  37. A. though B. therefore C. however D. instead ( )
  38. A. abroad B. at home C. away D. a long way ( )
  39. A. convenient B. easy C. complicated D. different ( )
  40. A. leaves B. enjoys C. dislikes D. refuses ( )
  41. A. carried out B. got through C. picked up D. went on ( )
  42. A. left B. arrived C. landed D. returned ( )
  43. A. took B. cost C. spent D. wasting ( )
  44. A. until B. before C. after D. while ( )
  45. A. offer B. request C. demand D. thank
III. 改错题 Dear friends,
It is real a good chance to have met all of you here.
  1. We have spent several precious weekend in learning in the
  2. English Club. Although we have been members for a short
  3. period of time, we have made a great progress. That is
  4. because we are all very much active and the activities are not
  5. only enjoyable and also helpful, Besides, the foreign teachers
  6. here work hard and try his best to make the activities
  7. lively and interested. I am very pleased to say that all of
  8. us greatly improved our spoken English so far. I am
  9. looking forward to see all of you again in the near future!
  10. Thank you. IV. 单词拼写
  1. He is a p new painter.
  2. If you are c about Australia cities, just read the book written by Dr. Johnson.
  3. They are never s with a simple answer and are always looking for new questions.
  4. Scientists p that environmental pollution will increase in the next ten years.
  5. The (实验) proved that her theory was true.
  6. Fortunately, nobody was i in the accident.
  7. I want to write about people you s read about.
  8. All my family are c about her safety.
  9. The rescue team made every (努力) to save the girl.
  10. I’m sure they won’t feel (失望)
  11. D the fact that he used traditional material, Gaudi was a modern architect.
  12. When you look around at buildings, you’ll find them (设计) in different styles.
  13. He has a p for coffee to tea.
  14. Tom bought some (家具) for his new house.
  15. Modern buildings i us because they are huge.
参考答案 I. 单项选择题 1?5 D A A B B 6?10 C B B D D 11?15 B A C D A 16?20 C A B B D 21?25 C C B D B
II. 完形填空 26??30 CABDA 36??40 BDACB III. 改错
31??35 CBDAC 41??45 DACBD
Dear friends, It is real a good chance to have met all of you here. We have spent several precious weekend in learning in the English Club, Although we have been members for a short period of time, we have made a great progress. That is because we are all very much active and the activities are not only enjoyable and also helpful, Besides, the foreign teachers here work hard and try his best to make the activities lively and interested. I am very pleased to say that all of us /\ greatly improved our spoken English so far. I am looking forward to see all of you again in the near future! Thank you.

  77. _weekends_ _
  78. √
  79. a
  80. much
  81. but
  82. their
  83. _interesting__
  84. have _
  85. seeing
IV. 单词拼写
  1. promising
  6. injured
  10. disappointed
  14. furniture

  2. curious
  3. satisfied
  4. predict
  5. experiment
  7. seldom
  8. concerned
  9. effort
  11. Despite
  12. designed
  13. preference
  15. impress



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