高二英语上 Unit5阅读课 高二英语上册 Unit5阅读课 英语
Teaching Aims:
  1. Further develop the students' reading ability and reading skills.
  2. Get the students to know more about the British Isles. Teaching Important Points:
  1. Train the students' reading ability and develop their reading skills.
  2. Enable the students to understand the text better.
  3. Get the students to know more about. Teaching Difficult Points:
  1. How to make the students know the British Isles very well.
  2. How to make the students know the text well. Teaching Methods: :
  1. Pre-reading to make the students take interest in the British Isles and have a basic knowledge of the British Isles.
  2. Fast reading to get a general idea of the text.
  3. Question-and-answer activity to get the detailed information in the text.
  4. Practicing activities to make the students use the language they learn in the class. Teaching Aids:
  1. a computer and a courseware
  2. a tape recorder Teaching Procedures: Step I Greetings Greet the whole class as usual. Step II Warming-up T: Today we’ll go to the UK to have a look. When we talk about the UK, what comes to your mind? Ss: Show their different ideas, such as Bid Ben, Buckingham Palace and so on.
T: Show the attractions on the screen Ss: (Speak out the English names ) Big Ben; River Thames; The Tower of Lodon; Henge; Buckingham Palace; Stone
Oxford University; Webmister Abbey; The British Museum; The
national gallery Beckham; Queen Elizabeth II; Tony Blair; James Bond T: Show a small quiz about the UK, including the national flag; the national bird, flower, badge Ss: the national flag-C the national bird?robin(红胸鸽) the national flower--rose the national badge ?lion ;unicorn; crown; harp T: Show a video about the UK. Ss: Answer three questions

  1.What does the letters UK stand for?
  2.What's the weather in the British Isles like?
  3.What is the UK made up of?
Step III Fast-Reading Try to get the main idea of each paragraph
Para1: People’s view of the British Isles Para2: Location of the British Isles Para3: Climate of the British Isles Para4,5:Culture of the British Isles Para6: History of the British Isles Para7: Language of the British Isles
Step IV Careful-Reading
(Teacher gives students a few more minutes to read the passage to get more details about the text.) Part1:Which of the following is wrong?(careful-reading) Part2:Finish the map on P
  36.(Write the numbers in the correct places on the map.) (Read together)
Part3-5: Answer some questions. (scanning and skipping)) Part6:Accoding to the map ,say something about the development of its history
1283 1533 1536 1707 1801 now
Part7: Fill in the blanks on the screen.(Read it together) T:In total, There are six native languages and two local languages. But moat of them
are now threatened and may disappeared is a serious matter to the people in Britain. (lead in the discussion.) Step V Discussion
Imagine you are a guide of the British Isles, Please introduce the British isles
To us -- the tourists? Ss stand in front of the class, introduce the British Isles to the others , using the knowledge they have learned in this class. Step VI: Summary and Homework T: Today we've read a passage and learnt something about the United Kingdom and Ireland, especially about the British Isles. Now we all know that the climate there is mild with a lot of rain. There are all kinds of flowers all year round and many trees everywhere. Also there are many cultural relics, places of interest and natural parks. Do you want to travel to England if you have a chance? Where are you going?
Today's homework: please make a travel plan for going on a trip through the UK. At the same time, give your reasons and list the things and clothes you'll take. I think
you'll do the best. Step VII The Design of the Writing on the Blackboard
The UK Great Britain England
para1:View para2:location para3:climate para4:culture para5:influence para6: history para7:language Step VIII Record after Teaching
  1.Ss have got a good knowledge of the British Isles very well.
  2.The procedure of the whole class is very smooth.
  3.The discussion should be improved.
Other small isles of the British Isles N. Ireland Wales



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