Language Study & Grammar
forecast trend urban consumers tiny goods cash regular ensure physician
  1. Have you listened to the weather ? What will the weather forecast be like tomorrow?
  2. Young people are always interested in the of the fashion. trend
  3. Many people want to work in areas but still live in the urban countryside.
  4. This company promises that who have been cheated consumers by it can get double their money back. ensure
  5. The fast food restaurant tries to that customers are served quickly.
forecast trend urban customers tiny goods cash regular ensure physician
  6. Computers are getting smaller and smaller. Some day we will wear tiny computers around our neck or on our wrist.
  7. It is not a good idea to carry too much when you travel. cash You had better use a bank card. regularly
  8. The two girls used to see each other , but they have not been able to do so since one of them moved to another province. physician
  9. A is a doctor who examines patients and gives advice on general medicine. goods
  10. You are required to pay for your before you leave the supermarket.
Choose the correct phrase to fill in the blanks in the following story.
in general in store
keep in touch with pay (no) attention to
lead to
Anne lives in a small town.She studies hard and helps her parents with the housework. She is fond of surfing the Internet. In general she spends about an hour a day online.To her, it is a wonderful place because you never know what it may havefor you. Last Friday, she found an e-pal. He called in store keep in touch with himself “future”. They promised toeach other. Ann’s parents and friends told her to be careful.“What will lead to it ?” they asked.“A happy ending,” Anne said and paying no attention to continued typing, them. One month passed and “Future” asked Anne to meet him at the school gate.
Should Anne go to meet her e-pal “Future”? Why or why not?
What life will be like in the future is the topic of Unit . Can you imagine what life will be like in the future?
  3. One of the questions that few people can give answer to is what life will be like in the future.
  4. We are sure about the fact that life in the future will be better .
What kind of noun clauses they are?
  1. What life will be like in the future is difficult to predict.
subjective clause

  2. They are careful about what they eat and exercise regularly.
objective clause

  3. The schools of the futures will probably be different from what they are today.
objective clause

  4. We cannot be sure whether our dreams will come true, but we can at least be hopeful that...
objective clause

  5. If we learn to accept change and appreciate what is new and different, we will be well-prepared for whatever the future may have in store.
objective clauses

  6. The discussion topic for today is what school will be like in the future.
predicative clause
What is the function of the Noun Clauses in the sentences below? Match each sentence with any of the three functions in the box.

  1.If we learn to accept change and appreciate what is new and different, we will be well-prepared for whatever the future may have in store.
  2. It is still a question whether our dreams will come true.

  3. How we can develop transportation without polluting the environment is still a problem.
  4.All I want to know is whose book you are reading.
  5.Some senior officials eat chicken in public in order to remove the Chinese citizens’ fear that it is not safe to eat chicken. A. Subject B.Object C.Predicative D.Appositive
B A 1 2
A 3
C D 4 5
Part 2 on page 46
  1. I can’t imagine when man will be able to live on Mars.
  2. Scientists have not found answers to the question how life began on earth.
  3. The problem is how we should use modern technology.

  4. We cannot be sure when we’ll be able to travel in space.
  5. They are worried about whether robots will be smarter than people.
  6. We cannot be sure whether the future will be better.
Part 3 on page 46
  1. It is hard for us to imagine where all these advanced technologies will lead us. NC
  2. People want to know which “green” transportation will be used in the city. NC

  3. Have you heard of the new maglev train, which is environmentally friendly, energy-saving and travels at an amazing speed? AC
  4. His memory brought him back to the spring of 1998 when he met her for the first time. AC

  5. Many parents do not understand why their children like to try new things and be different.
English Name Mandarin Name Date of Birth Place of Birth University Attended Favorite Food Sings For
Coco Lee Li Wen January 17, 1976 Hong Kong University of California, Irvine Chocolate, Strawberries Sony Music Entertainment, Inc.
Her Hobbies : Singing, Poetry Studying skeletons (Biology) Listening to Music (R&B) Her Dreams: International recognition as an artist. Working in the medical field. Finding the cure to cancer.
Choose the best answers.

  1.they are leaving for Paris has not been decided yet. A.When B.Where C.That D. Why

  2.Go and get your coat. It’s you left it. A. there B. where C.there where D.where there

  3. Last night we heard the newsthe British prime Minister was on a visit to China. A.which B.what C. whatever D.that

  4. It is generally considered unwise to give a childhe or she wants. A.however B.whichever C. whenever D. whatever
  5.His grandfather was among the first to settle in is now a famous holiday center. A.what B.which C.when D.that
Make a dialogue in pairs to talk about Coco Lee referring to the profile of Coco Lee.Try to use sentences that contain Noun Clauses beginning with that according to he profile of Coco Lee.

  1.Review the Noun Clauses.
  2.Finish Ex.3 on Page 1


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