2 Often , those buildings are pulled down after having stood empty without use for many years . (
  1)After having stood …是一个表示 完成时态的时间 是一个表示 是一个表示 状语。 状语。 后可doing 短语, 短语, 表时间的 after ,before ,when ,while后可 后可 相当于一个时间状语从句。 相当于一个时间状语从句。 如果doing 短语所表示的动作先于谓语动作, 短语所表示的动作先于谓语动作, 先于谓语动作 如果 短语用完成式 完成式。 则doing 短语用完成式。 Eg : After having written the letter , she went to post it .
1 from heart trouble for years , Professor C White has to take some medicine with him wherever he goes . A Suffered B To suffer C Having suffered D Being suffered B 2 When to a certain temperature , water can be turned into vapour. A heating B heated C is heated D heats B 3 her letter , I wrote to her again . A Having not received B Not having received C Not received D Receiving not
(2 )pull down A 拆除 拆掉,拆毁 拆除,拆掉 拆毁 拆掉 拆毁. 工人们拆除了那幢旧建筑物. 工人们拆除了那幢旧建筑物 Eg : The workers pulled the old building down. B 赚钱 挣钱 赚钱,挣钱 挣钱, Eg : 他做那个工作每月挣五百多元 他做那个工作每月挣五百多元. He pulls down more than five hundred dollars a month in the job.
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C 使降低 使降低. 大地震使股票价格下跌. 大地震使股票价格下跌 Eg : The earthquake pulled stock price down. D 向下拉 拉下 向下拉,拉下 拉下. 她把窗帘拉下. 她把窗帘拉下 Eg : She pull down the curtain .
  2)Stand link-verb “ 不动 不使用” 不动,不使用 不使用” + adj Eg : They found some houses standing empty for many years .
1 The lines and shapes of ancient architecture stand to nature . A A closer B nearer C closely D nearly
3 they are decorated with small round windows that remind you of ships,bent roofs and twentyfoot high walls of glass that make them special when compared with other architecture from the same period . (
  1)decorate v “装饰 布置 装修 美化” 装饰,布置 装修,美化 装饰 布置,装修 美化” + with (表示所用的材料 表示所用的材料) 表示所用的材料 Eg : The streets were decorated with flags . They decorated the cake with candles .
A 1 Children like living in rooms with colorful things . Right . When I got home yesterday , I saw my daughter her room with cartoon pictures . A decorated ,decorating B decorating , decorated C decorated ,is decorating D to be decorated , decorating
  2) remind sb of sth/sb 提醒某人做某事. sb. to do sth 提醒某人做某事 sb. that 提醒某人 提醒某人… 使某人想起--使某人想起 Eg : 看到他使我想起了他的父亲. 看到他使我想起了他的父亲 Seeing him reminds me of his father. 我提醒他要用功. 我提醒他要用功 I reminded him to work hard. 她提醒我还没吃早饭. 她提醒我还没吃早饭 She reminded me that I hadn’t had breakfast.
使某人想起某人. 使某人想起某人
4 The simple style of the buildings and the fact that they are German set them aside as as very different from Chinese architecture. 的 同位语 (
  1) that they are German 为fact的___ 从句 that, whether 同位语从句一般由________ ________等连接词引 同位语从句一般由________等连接词引 fact,news,idea,truth,hope,problem, 常放在________________ 导,常放在________________ information 等后面,说明该名词的具体内容。 _____等后面 _____等后面,说明该名词的具体内容。 Eg : The news that our team won the match gave us much pleasure. The problem whether we should continue to do the experiment has not been solved.
比较下列句子 Eg : The fact that the earth goes around the sun is known to all . The fact that we are discussing is very important . I have no idea how soon he will come . The idea that came to him was very good .
  2) Set…aside a 存钱 Eg : I’ve set aside some money for this journey. b搁置(一会儿)(暂时)把……放在一边 搁置(一会儿)(暂时) 搁置 )(暂时 放在一边
Let’s set aside our personal feelings. Peter set aside the papers and went out to smoke.
c取消 取消 The man set aside the decision that he will go to Japan . d拒绝接受 拒绝接受 He set all their offers aside.
e 提出 保留 提出;保留 保留. I will set this aside for future use. f 从…中挑选 选定 中挑选;选定 中挑选 选定. The governor set aside a day for Thanksgiving.
h不注意 忽视 不注意,忽视 不注意
Let’s set aside our personal feeling.
5 Some art companies asked if they could move into the empty space and rent parts of the factory . rent Rentable For rent n.租金 n.租金 租用, v 租用,租借 adj. 供出租(的 供出租 的)
出租给… 把…出租给 出租给
Rent sth (out) (to sb)
Eg :This man rented all his lands out to the farmers and had a rich life .
处租用… Rent sth (from sb) 从…处租用 处租用 Eg : It takes the factory a lot of money to rent an airplane from the air-line company. 以一定租金出租… 以一定租金出租 Rent at/for sth
Eg : The building rents at $3000 a year.
6 Old factory buildings have many halls and workshops of different sizes .
of +n.=adj. 特征或性质, 表示人或事物所具有的特征或性质 表示人或事物所具有的特征或性质, 在句中常用作表语或定语 表语或定语。 在句中常用作表语或定语。 interest (=very interesting) value help use (=very valuable)
Of + great +
(=very helpful) (=very useful)
important (=very important)
Eg : The book is of interest. interesting The meeting is of great importance. important The book is of high quality.
7 This was the beginning of the development of this area into a centre for the arts ,bringing together Chinese artists , art companies , musicians 结果 状语,动作发生在谓 Bringing 现在分词作状语 动作发生在谓 多放在句末,不可位于句首 语动词之后,多放在句末 语动词之后,多放在句末,不可位于句首 Eg : A bomb exploded on the train , killing seven people . The bus was held up by the storm , causing the delay .
注意: 注意 不定式 作结果状语 现在分词 多表示未曾料到的不愉 快的结果
表示事实的结果 或必然的结果
Eg : I hurried to the classroom only to find the door locked and none of the students there . The man died , leaving his sons a lot of money .
8 painters and other artists can move into the smaller rooms to use them as studios to paint , while music bands rents space to practise . use as “把---当作材料 工具,场所来使用” “把---当作材料,工具,场所来使用” 当作材料, Eg : Some articles from foreign newspapers are used as reading materials . Don’t use the bedroom as your office .
use for “用来做” 来做” 来做 For 表目的,+n / doing 表目的, Eg : These cups are used for drinking wine thousands of years ago .
9They like these buildings because the rooms and halls are often very large , which is good for artists who want to make large objects .
  1)Be good for / be good at / be good to Be good for “ 对--有利” --有利 有利” Eg : Milk is good for you . Be good at 擅长 善于 擅长;善于 I was good at English songs. Be good to 对…友好 友好. 友好 You’ve been very good to me.
2 ) object n “ 目的 目标 宗旨” 目的,目标 宗旨” 目标,宗旨 Eg: The object of his visit was to earn fame . The enemy failed in their object again .
10 Many large cities,such as Liverpool and New York, have had experiments of this kind, with old factories turned into successful arts centers. with+n/pron+补语 (n/adj/adv/v-ing/v-ed/to do) 补语
open Eg : He always sleeps with his eyes ( open). to do With a lot of work (do), he is as busy as a
bee permitting With tiem(permit) ,we will go out for a walk . tied The man was brought in with his hand(tie) behind his back.
Do you know the woman with a child in her arms.
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