Words and expressions
Unit 7
Have you ever dreamed of your future hometown?Is it much better or much worse than today?Here is what I expect my hometown to be In the near future. It’s a green garden with lots of trees,flowers and grasses all round as well as new houses and tall buildings.Born and brought up here,you can always hear birds singing, watch birds flying without going out of your doorstep.Sometimes,it’s hard for you to tell the old trees from the building-some of my neighbours say, there are houses where are trees and flowers. This is just my hometown, my paradise. Maybe it’s just a dream, but I’m sure it will come true sooner and later.
Viruses 1 cause illnesses such as the common cold,flu and measles.麻疹 cured 2 After a year,she wasof cancer,and she still works happily now. 3 One of the boys in the class had a fever and he soonother children. infected 4 The virus istransmitted via physical contact. available 5 Simon is notat the moment.Should I ask him to call you back? 6 We have been asked toour limit presentation to 5 minutes maximum.
7 He doesn’t often get flu,but when he does suffers he really. 8 Normally,people and animals that defenceless areare weak and unable to protect themselves from attack.

  1. break down immune system,
  2. leave…defenceless,
  3. infect with,
  4. live with,
  5. live life to the fullest,
  6. die of ,
  7. available,
  8. deadly,
  9. a lack of,
  10. on the contrary
AIDS is a disease that breaks down the body’s immune system and leaves a person defenceless against infections and illnesses. People get AIDS after having been infected with HIV, the virus that causes the disease.There are millions of people who die of AIDS every year.
So far, there is no treatment available for the disease and AIDS patients have to deal with the fact that they might die young. Unfortunately, a deadly disease such as AIDS also frightens others. Because of a lack of knowledge about how it gets transmitted, people often treat AIDS patients as if they were bad or dangerous.
Xiaohua is a 12-year-old girl. 12-yearThough she has been living with AIDS for 12 years, she is not discouraged by the disease. On the contrary, contrary, it makes her realize how precious life is and how important fullest. it is to live life to the fullest.
1 live with 忍受(不愉快的事),与… 住在一起
You must live with the fact you are an adult. No matter how bad the situation may be, you must live with it.

  2.deadly 致命的;极有害的;非常的
Cancer is a deadly disease.
A deadly silence filled the class.

  3.imaginary 想象中的;虚构的
The story is not real, it is only imaginary. imaginative 富于想象力的;爱想象的 an imaginative child 有想象力的孩子 imaginable 可想像的;想像的到的
4 false adj 错误的,假的,伪造的
false tales of bravery. 不真实的英勇故事 false teeth 假牙 false documents 伪造的文件

  5. Infect 传染;感染(精神)
Infect someone with 将……传染给某人 be/become infected with 感染上,沾染上 Some of them became infected with bird flu and died Her spirit infected me a lot.
6 via prep. 凭借,通过(某种手段或某 人),经过,经由
  1)by way of: 经过: I went to Beijing via Shanghai. 经过上海到 北京 (
  2) by means of:通过(某种手段或某人), 凭借: I sent the letter via airmail. 通过空邮寄信
7 prevention n 预防,阻止,防碍
prevent vt prevent sb (from) doing sth =stop sb( from )doing sth =keep sb from doing They prevented us from winning. 阻挠我们 获胜

  8.persuade 说服,劝服,使某人相信
persuade sb 劝服,说服某人 persuade sb to do sth 说服某人做某事 persuade sb into (doing) sth 说服某人做某事 persuade sb out of (doing) sth 说服某人不要做某事 persuade sb of sth 使某人相信某事 persuade sb that从句 使某人相信

  9.defenseless 无防备的
defense n & v 防御;防卫 defend v. 防卫;保卫 defensive 防御用的;防御性的

  10.unprotected 无保护的;无防卫的
v. protect 保护;保卫;防御 protect sb /sth from/against 保护某人 或某物使其免受…… You need warm clothes to protect you against the cold n. protection 保护 adj. protective 保护的

die of 病(饿、冻)死
die of(死于年老/情感/饥饿/疾病) die from(死于其他原因,也可用于死于疾病) die for(为…而死) be dying垂死 be dying for sth.想某物想得要死 be dying to do sth非常想做某事
In the old times, many people died of hunger and cold. died from The fish in that river all polluted water. Many passenger died from the terrible traffic accident.

  12. lack n & vt/ vi 缺乏;短少
作名词时,常用 lack of 缺乏; 缺少 She showed a lack of humour.(可加a) I cannot buy the bike because of my lack of money.
vt & vi 缺乏,短少,没有 常和 介词for 搭配(用于否定句)
I can’t buy the car because I lack(vt.) money. She doesn't’t lack(vi) for money. (作不及物动词时 常和介词for 搭配(用 于否定句) be lacking in (wisdom,courage,humor) 缺乏(某种品质、特点等)不够…… He seemed to be lacking in courage.
13 proper adj 合适的,适当的(没有比较级) It isn’t proper to telephone him at this late hour.
A proper tool for the job 适用于做这个工 作的工具(常与介词 for 搭配)

  14. available 可利用的;可达到的; 有效的
You will be informed when the book is available.
15 discourage 使泄气;使失去信心
Don’t let one failure discourage you,try again. discourage sb from doing sth 劝阻某人做某 事 discouraged 感到沮丧的 discouraging 令人沮丧的 encouraged 受到鼓舞的encouraging 令人 鼓舞的

  16.cheer 使高兴;使鼓舞;欢呼;喝彩
The boys cheered their football team.
Everyone was cheered by the good news. cheer n. 欢呼声 A cheer arose from the crowd when he came.
cheer sb up
Your visit has cheered the sick man up. They all cheered up at the news.

  17. Suffer from 遭受(痛苦、疾病、损失等)
Every night he suffers from headache. They suffered huge losses in the earthquake. suffer pain/hunger/ punishment suffer great losses

  18.recover vt & vi 恢复;康复,弥补
She recovered her health. I think she will recover soon. recovered adj. 痊愈的 be recovered from (illness) Are you recovered from your illness?

  19.contrary adj & n 相反的;相对的; 反面
Hot is the contrary of cold on the contrary 正相反,反之 I am not sick; on the contrary, I am quite well. I thought it was going to clear up.On the contrary,it began to rain.
20 for the moment暂时,目前 for a moment 一会儿,片刻(与延 续性动词连用) at any moment/ time随时 at the moment目前,现在;那时 at that moment 在那时 the moment 一…就 in/after a moment马上;过了一会儿 (in将来/过去时态 after过去式)

  21.(be)free from 不受……的影响, 无……的
He wants to live a life entirely free from trouble. The child is free from care.
(be)free of 远离; 摆脱
If your wages are very small, you will be free of income tax.
(adj.) The boy was swimming in a direction contrary to the current. (adv.) He passed the examination, contrary to what I expected. You must be tired. On the contrary , I feel wide awake.

  1.He got hurt yesterday.He is now treatent under(治疗)in the clinic. discourage
  2.Don’t let one failure(气馁) you,try again.
  3.He (说服)her to go to persuaded school,even though she did not want to. prevention
  4.After SARS we all realize that(预防) is more important than cure.
  5. You aren’t wearing(适当的) proper clothes for this hot weather.


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