1. Who is girl in a red skirt? Oh, that’s my sister, Selina. A. a ,
  2. B. an C. the D. / Mr. Smith drank little wine, ? . He doesn't like drinking wine. A. didn’t he; Yes, he did. C. did he; Yes, he did. Yes, he enjoys driving it to show off. A. proud of B. good at C. interested in D. famous for
  4. Excuse me. Could you please tell me ? It will arrive in ten minutes. A. where will the train arrive C. when will the train arrive
  5. Did you see a man ? Sorry, I a book. B. come in, am reading D. comes in, am reading A. came in, was reading C. come in , was reading
  6. ?Did you see Tom at the party? ?No, he by the time I got there. B. when the train will arrive D. when the train to arrive B. didn’t he; No, he didn’t. D. did he; No, he didn’t.

  3. Tom is very his new car, an Audi A
A. left B. was leaving C. had left
  7. those lights, please. Don’t waste so must energy. A. Take off B. Put out C. Turn off D. Turn on
  8. Is Mr. Smith driving here? I’m not sure. He come by subway. A. may B. shall C. need D. must
  9. Our family are traveling to Taiwan Island this coming holiday. ! A. Congratulations B. See you later C. Have a great time D. Be careful
D. have left

  10. My mother is the person I can share my feelings. A. with whom B. to whom C. to which D. with which
  11. Jim passed the driving test, surprised everybody in the office. A. which B. that C. this D. it
  12.The question is it is worth doing. A. if B. whether C. which D. what
  13. the harder you work, the better result you’ll get. B. What we believed that A. It’s believed that
C. It’s fact D. What the fact is
  14.Not only I but also Jane and Mary tired of having one examination after another. A. is B. are C. am D .be
  15. Tell him the window. A. to shut not B. not to shut C. to not shut D. not shut
二, 阅读理解
(A) In 1961 Obama was born in Hawaii, US. His father was an African and his mother was a white American. He grew up in Indonesia and Hawaii. When Obama was 10 years old, he was one of the only three black students at his school in Hawaii. He felt very different from most other students. White girls wanted to touch his hair. A white boy even asked him what his father was. “I lied to them that my father was a Kenyan prince. But I kept asking myself who I am,”said Obama. However, 37 years later, the boy made history. Obama became the first black president in US history. This unusual background made him wonder who he was. He once turned to alcohol(酒)to help forget this question. With the help of his friends, Obama finally turned his life around at college. His hard work made him a star at Harvard. Later, he became the third black senator(参议员)in US history. “Obama’s success has made Martin Luther King’s dream come true. That is: A man should not be judged(判断)by the colour of his skin, but by the content of his character,”wrote ABC news.
  16. Obama was born in . A. Britain B. America C. Kenya D. Indonesia black student (s) besides Obama at the school where he studied when
  17. There was / were he was ten. A. no B. one C. two D. three
  18. Obama became the first black president in US history when he was . A. 37 B. 38 C. 47 D. 48
  19. Which of the following is TRUE? A. Obama’s father was a Kenyan prince. B. Obama once forgot who his father was with the help of alcohol. C. When he was young, Obama was so dishonest that nobody believed in him. D. Obama changed his college life because of his friends’ help and his hard work.
  20. From the passage we can see that . A. we could judge a person by the colour of his skin B. we could not judge a person by the content of his character
C. we should not judge a person by the colour of his skin D. we should judge a person by what he did when he was young
Where is Love? How can we find Love? Once a little boy wanted to meet Love. He knew it was a long trip to where Love lived, so he got his things ready with some pizzas and drinks and started off. When he passed three streets, he saw an old woman sitting in the park and watching some birds. She looked very hungry. The boy gave her a pizza. She took it and smiled at him. The smile was so beautiful that he wanted to see it again, so he gave her a Coke. She smiled once again. The boy was very happy. They sat there all the afternoon, eating and smiling, but they said nothing. When it grew dark, the boy decided to leave. But before he had gone more than a few steps, he turned around, ran back to the old woman and gave her a hug. The woman gave him her biggest smile ever. When the boy opened the door of his house, his mother was surprised by the look of joy(快 乐)on his face and asked what had made him so happy. “I had lunch with Love. She has got the most beautiful smile in the world.” At the same time, the old woman’s son was also surprised at his mother’s pleasure and asked why. “I ate a pizza in the park with Love,” she said, “and he is much younger than I expected.” If the world is full of love, we can enjoy a better life. ( )
  21.When the little boy saw the old woman, she was B. passing the street D. having a pizza . .
A. looking for a seat in the park C. looking at some birds (
  22.The little boy gave the old woman a Coke because
A. the old woman still felt hungry C. he didn’t like the drink (
B. he wanted to see the smile again D. the old woman paid him for it .
  23.The old woman gave the little boy the biggest smile B. before it grew dark
A. after the little boy went home C. when she was drinking Coke (
D. after the little boy hugged her when the door opened. D. angry
  24.The boy’s mother was surprised to see her son was very B. sad C. unhappy
A. pleased (
  25.Which of the following is TRUE?
A. The little boy failed to find Love. B. Both the little boy and the old woman found what they wanted at last. C. The little boy decided never to go home. D. The old woman gave the little boy a hug to thank him.
  1. 买一套校服花了我 100 元。(It took sb. some money to do sthg)
  2. 听!一些同学正在教室唱歌。
  3. 我的父母以我为骄傲。
单选 1-5 CDABC 阅读理解 16-20
6-10 CCACA
11-15 ABABB 11-
21?25 CBDAB
  1. It took me 100 yuan to buy a suit of school uniform.
  2. listen ! some students are singing in the classroom.
  3. My parents are proud of me.
  4. He is a child who is hard-working.



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