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Designing a poster
Ge Weimei, No.66 High School, Nanjing
Skills building 1 : Listening and drawing conclusions e.g : I’v just been to the hospital , and the doctor asked me to take some medicine . From the above information you can draw the following conclusion: I am ill.
Listening :
Possible answers:
  1) flood
  2) fire
  3) earthquake
  4) typhoon
  5) drought
The second listening : Listen to the tape and complete Part B: Answers :
  1) √
  2) √
  4) √
Step 1 : Listening to a lecture
Possible answers :
  1) It is when useable land becomes dry and turns into a desert .
  2) It happens in Africa , the USA , South American and China.
  3) People lose their homes and farms , many families starve and others move to the cities to find work.

  4) People plant too much on the land without giving it a rest ; too many animals all depend on the same land for fuel and to make space for more farms .
  5) Everyone should be concerned.
Ask students to finish Part B . Ask them to consider what conclusions can be drawn from the statements . Then check answers as a class. possible answers :
  1) d
  2) a
  3) b
  4) c
Skills building 2 : Reading for information How to read for information?
Part B : Read and get the answers . 1 At
  14.30 2 Cloudy 3 The city’s new Modern Art Museum. 4 Over 10,000 people.
Step 2: Read a scientific article
Underline all of the solutions it mentions:
List their solutions : Part B : 1 Collect some money to help the poor farmers . 2 Save as much water as possible in our daily life . 3 Ask scientists to find more plants that are suitable for growing in desert .
Skills building 3 : presenting your point of view How to introduce your point of view ? I think /believe that --From my point view it seems that --It seems to me that --Personally I agree /disagree because
How to explain your point of view ? because --due to --as a result of --on account of
Read and finish Part A : 1c 2a 3d 4b 5f 6e
Read Part B and put the right numbers : 23456781
Step 3 : Design a poster
The viewpoint they agree with: The viewpoint they focus on :
Discuss and present Part B What does a good poster consist of ? good content and a good layout . List the layout of Part C on Page
Homework :
  1) Ask them to create their own poster.
  2) Do Part A and Part B on Page 105 in Workbook.
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