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William Shakespeare(1564-16
  16)was born in Stratford-upon-Avon,England.He began to write for the stage in the late 15
  80. He first came to notice in 1592 as a playwright in London.In 1599 he became a part owner of the Globe Theatre in London and finally retired to his birthplace, Stratford-upon-Avon,in16
  13.He wrote 37 plays.Apart from the plays,he is identified as the author of four large poems and a book of sonnets.
Pick out the plays written by Shakespeare Twelfth Night ; Henry V ; Cymbeline; The Lost necklace ; Love’s Labours Lost; The Millionaire;The Merchant of Venice; Hamlet ; The Tempest ; Measure for Measure
A Venetian merchant of huge wealth.he makes his money from trade,much liked by his friends. He is always ready to help others.
A successful Jewish moneylender.He lends the 3,00 ducats to Antonio.He asks Antonio to pay with one pound of his flesh if the debt is not repaid on time.
The romantic lead of this play.He is Antonio’s friend.He marries Portia.He borrows a lot of money from Antonio.
The heroine of this play.Portia is a wealthy and beautiful woman who is desired by many men. She also possesses a sharp mind,which saves Antonio from doom at the hands of Shylock.
As judge over the court case between Shylock and Antonia,he has the power to pardon a death sentence.In the play,he is put in a difficult position by Shylock;he doesn’t want Antonio to die,but to ignore Shylock’s legal rights would be to place all of Venice in disrepute as a place to conduct business.
Reading Comprehension
Parts of the story Description
Antonio and Bassanio borrow 3,000 ducats from backgroundShylock.However,there is a catch:if the debt is not repaid on time,Antonio as security will pay with one pound of his flesh.
Rising action
Antonio and Bassanio are not able to pay the debt.Antonio’s ships are lost.Shylock starts demanding his pound of flesh. The Duke tells Shylock to have mercy on Antonio.Bassanio promises to pay twice or even ten times the money that Antonio has borrowed.Portia tells Shylock to be merciful,but Shylock insists on having his pound of flesh. Portia declares Shylock may have a pound of flesh to be cut nearest to Antonio’s heart,no more,no less.And if Shylock lets one drop of Antonio’s blood fall,he will lose all his land and money
Shylock begs for mercy.He is punished,though not killed.

  1.What is your opinion of Portia?
  2.What is your opinion of Shylock?
  3.Why do you think Shylock prefers to take his pound of flesh instead of the money from Bassanio?
  4.What are the two meanings of “I’ll pay him back with all my heart?
  5.A classical balance is often used as a symbol for Th merchant of Venice. (
  1).What is usually weighed with a balance? What goes into the scales left and right? (
  2).Why does Portia ask Shylock whether he brought a balance? (
  3).What is the deeper meaning of the balance? What is weighed in Portia’s court of law?
Self-interest versus love Mercy versus Revenge The law Cross-dressing The pound of flesh
The End
Thank You Very Much
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