Language points

  1. Reading poetry brings people from different places and different times together. (Para
  2. More than any other form of literature, poetry plays with sounds, words and grammar.
  3. Poetry also calls up all the colors, feelings, experiences and curious images of a dream world.
  4.the introduction of English poetry to China

  5.Reading poetry in English also opens the door to finding new ways of expressing yourself in Chinese.

  6. Reading poetry brings people from different places and different times together. bring A and B together "使会聚到一块
儿" "使和解" " "
The loss of their son brought the parents together.
Modern technology of communication can bring the people from all over the world together.
  9. More than any other form of literature, poetry plays with sounds, words and grammar.
  1.)more than: not only "胜过于" 在此句中意为
她的表演非常好(远远不止好),可以说是 完美的. was more than good Her performance; it was perfect.

  2.)play with Comedians often play with words. 玩弄
I have no brother at home to play with. 与逗玩 Hurry up!We have little time to play with. 可以利用
  10. Poetry also calls up all the colors, feelings, experiences and curious images of a dream world. 诗歌还能汇集梦幻世界中的一切色彩,感情, 经历和各种奇妙的意象. call up 汇集;召唤; 汇集;召唤; 唤起对的回忆; 唤起对的回忆; 的回忆 给打电话 打电话
这首歌让我忆起了旧时光. This song makes me call up old times.
明晚7点我给你打电话. I'll call you up at 7 tomorrow evening.

  11. stand out 引人注目;脱颖而出;突出; 坚持 e.g. Our daughter is a good dancer. She stands out above the rest.
译: 那帽子因为奇特而引人注目. The hat stood out because of its strange shape.

  11. stand out 引人注目;脱颖而出;突出; 坚持
他在人群中很突出,因为他身高两米. He stands out in the crowd, for he is two meters high.
译: They stood out till victory. 他们坚持到胜利.

  12. feature [Cn] 特征,特点;面貌的一部分;相貌 译: 中国的地理特征是什么? What are the geographical features of China? 这房子最好的特点就是那个漂亮的阳台. The best feature of the house is the beautiful balcony. 译:Her mouth is her worst feature. Para 2
pleasing feature

  13. follow v. 遵循;听从;注视;领会 译: 你为什么没有听老师的建议? Why didn't you follow the teacher's advice? 他们密切注意形势的发展. They closely followed the development of the situation. 他的讲座很难听得懂. Para2
His lecture was very difficult to follow.

  14. that is now difficult to understand. 修饰形容词作表语的不定式常用主动 表被动.
e.g. I think romantic poetry will
be very nice to read. 看足球赛很有趣. Football match is interesting to watch. Tom 很难相处. Tom is difficult to get along with. Para3
  15. around the time of , toward(s)--快天亮时 towards dawn
  9. is most famous for his plays. most 前没有定冠词 前没有定冠词the 时,不表最高级, 不表最高级, 只表示" 十分" 只表示"极,很,十分" e.g. She is a most beautiful girl.
译:会见在极友好的气氛中进行 (proceed). (proceed). The meeting proceeded in a most friendly atmosphere.

  16. belong

  1)表"属于,应归于"时,常接to, 再加 表 属于,应归于" 常接 , 宾语. 宾语. 这栋房子属于我. 译: 这栋房子属于我. This house belongs to me.
  2.)表 "应被放置在 处合适,适用"时, 表 应被放置在处合适 适用" 处合适, 多接in. 多接 译:This chair belongs in the 这把椅子应该放在角落里. corner. 这把椅子应该放在角落里.

  17.Once published ,his works became famous for the absence of rhyme at the end of each line . absence n.不在,缺席; absence from 不在, 不在 缺席; school / classes 我很快注意到他缺课. I soon noticed his absence from school. 我不在时规矩一点. Behave yourself during my absence. n. 缺乏,缺少 absence of sth. 缺乏,
Absence of rain caused the plants to die. adj. absent 缺席的
Nobody is absent today.

  18.the introduction of English poetry to China 英文诗歌传入中国 introduction + of + 具体内容 + to + 动作方向
  13. be interested to do sth == be interested in doing sth
  14. Translations can be good, but --理论上的可能性" can 表 "理论上的可能性" 经验丰富的教师也可能会犯错. 经验丰富的教师也可能会犯错. Even experienced teachers can make mistakes.

  19.Reading poetry in English also opens the door to finding new ways of expressing yourself in Chinese. open the door to sth./ doing sth. "为…创造条件" "向… 开门" 为 创造条件 创造条件" 开门" 学好英语为将来找好工作创造了条件. 译: 学好英语为将来找好工作创造了条件. Leaning English well opens the door to finding a good job in the future.

  20. Quietly, we embrace In a world lit up by words. light up 照亮,点上 照亮, up可省略;表"照亮"时,一般up不省 在说话前,他点燃了一根烟. He lighted (up) a cigarette before speaking. 你照亮了我的心. You have lighted up my heart.

  21.come into being (事物,局部)形成, 成 事物, 事物 局部)形成, 立,产生 e.g. We do not know when the universe first came into being. 中国什么时候有的第一条铁路? When did the first railway come into being in China?


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