南康中学 龚平玲
Do you know any Chinese poets? Can you name some?
李 白
王 维
Can you tell who are the people below?
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William Shakespeare (1564 - 16
John Donne (1572(1572-16
John Keats (1795 - 18
Lord Byron (1788 - 18
Scan the text and answer the questions.
  1.Whose poetry reminds Chinese readers of Du Fu or Li Bai?

  2.Whose poetry reminds us of Su Dongpo?
  3.Write down five key words that you would expect to find in a text about poetry.
The works by Wordsworth, Byron, Shelly and Keats
The works by John Donne
A. 16th B. 17th

  1. Modern English came into being from about the end of the(A) century. C. 18th D. 19th

  2.The poetry of John Donne reminds Chinese readers of the poems buy (C) A. Dufu B. Libai C. Su Dongpo D. Guo Moruo
  3. Byron’s Isles of Greece (18
  24) is an example of (B) A. a sonnet B. romantic poetry C. nature poetry D. modern poetry
  4.The wider public in China discovered English poetry at the beginning of (D) century. A. 17th B. 18th C. 19th D. 20th

  5. The advantage of reading English poetry in Chinese translation is . (C) A. That you have more choice B. that something of spirit is lost
C. That you understand it better D. that you learn how to express yourself in new ways
What do the words in bold refer to?
that (in P
  1): Poetry plays with sound ,words,and grammar. English poetry’s its (in P
  3): their (in P
  4): English Romantic poets’ such as Wordsworth,
Byron and Keats.
they ( in P
  5): Modern poets they ( in P
  7): Poems and literature
③ ②

1800 1900 2000

⑤ ① ① William Shakespeare ② John Donne ③ John Milton ④ Alexander Pope

⑤ George Gordon Byron ⑥ John Keats ⑦ William Wordsworth ⑧ Robert Frost

  1.If a poem is translated into another language, is it still the same poem?What are some differences?
No.Something of the original work will be lost.

  2.To say that “poems an literature can be bridges ” is an image.What other images could you use to express the same idea?
Poetry opens the doors. We can embrace each other in poetry.
True or False
Poetry is quite difficult to write and boring to read. The number of lines and characters in each line is quite important for good poems as well as rhythm and rhyme. William Shakespeare is only famous for his plays. According to the time, the correct order of the poets should be: Shakespeare, Alexander Pope, John Milton, and John Donne. Romantic poems and nature poems are two styles of English poems. We have read English poems since Tang Dynasty. Translating poems into other languages can not only help people to read more but also understand it without losing any spirit.

  1.More than any other form of literature,poetry plays… (P
比较级+ than any other +名词单数 (前后属同一范畴) 比较级+ than any of the other +名词复数 (前后属不同范畴) 比较级+ than any +名词单数 Eg: Tom is higher than any other student in his class. Tom is higher than any of the students in his class. Tom is higher than any student in Class

  2.Once published, his work became famous for the absence of rhyme.(P
  3) (过去分词作状语)
1 absence of sth. 缺少、缺乏 Eg:Because of absence of water,those trees died. 2 =Once his work was published, his work became famous for the absence of rhyme. Eg:Decorated with some flowers,the room looks beautiful.
倒装句) (倒装句 What/how/where/when/who/whom/which/whose+ever 用于名词性
  3.Greatly loved in China are the English Romantic poets.(P
  4) ) 从句在句中作主语、宾语、定语、补足语等, 无论,凡是 不 从句在句中作主语、宾语、定语、补足语等,“无论,主语 ”,不 表语放在句首常需倒装,结构为:表语+谓语动词be+ 凡是” 表语+ be+主语 表语 谓语动词be+ 能Eg:Hanging on the wall is a painting by Chu beihong. 转化成no the what/how/….形式 Eg: 形式. 转化成 matterdays when we形式 young. Gone are (
  1)Whoever (=Anyone who) comes will be welcome. (
  2)The manager decided to give the job to whoever (anyone who)
  4.Whilestrong sense of duty. (活到多少岁) had a Wordsworth …lived to the age of
  4) Eg: can take whatever (=anything (
  2)You Keats only lived to the age of
  26.that) you like. (
  3)Return the book to whosever (=anyone whose) name is on it.

  5.No matter how well a poem is translated,something of the… No matter +what/how/where/when/who/whom/which/whose常引导让 步状语从句和(w)h-ever可互换,“无论,不管”。Eg: (P
  1)No matter when you leave the room,don’t forget to turn off the gas. ( Whenever ) (
  2)No matter who/whom you are, you should obey the rules. (Whoever / Whomever) (
  3)No matter what you want, he will promise you. (Whatever)
莎士比亚是英国文艺复兴时期伟大的诗人 和戏剧家。曾被马克思誉为“ 和戏剧家。曾被马克思誉为“最伟大的天 才戏剧家” 他的诗歌造诣也相当高, 才戏剧家”。他的诗歌造诣也相当高,其 十四行诗在文学史上占重要的地位。 十四行诗在文学史上占重要的地位。
Shakespeare (1564-16
多恩,英国“玄学派诗歌”的代表人物, 多恩,英国“玄学派诗歌”的代表人物, 作品主要有《海上风暴》 作品主要有《海上风暴》、《圣十四行 诗》等。
John Donne (1572-16
弥尔顿,英国诗人,政论家。 弥尔顿,英国诗人,政论家。主 要文学作品是两首长诗: 要文学作品是两首长诗:《失乐 复乐园》以及诗剧《 园》和《复乐园》以及诗剧《力 士参孙》 在英国诗人中, 士参孙》。在英国诗人中,弥尔 顿的地位仅排在莎士比亚之后。 顿的地位仅排在莎士比亚之后。
John Milton (1608(1608-16
蒲柏, 是英国启蒙运动时期古典主义诗人。 蒲柏, 是英国启蒙运动时期古典主义诗人。主要 作品有《批评论》 人论》 作品有《批评论》和《人论》。蒲柏翻译了古希腊 荷马的史诗,并且编辑了《莎士比亚全集》 荷马的史诗,并且编辑了《莎士比亚全集》。
Alexander Pope (1688(1688-17
拜伦,19世纪英国伟大的 革命浪漫主义诗人。主要 代表作 《唐璜》和《恰 尔德哈罗尔德游记》。
George Gordon Byron (1788-18
  50) 济慈,19世纪英国杰出的浪漫 主义诗人。代表作《夜莺颂》、 《秋颂》等。 John Keats (1795-18
华兹华斯,英国浪漫派湖畔诗人. 曾被封为“桂冠诗人”。主要代表 作有《致云雀》、《致杜鹃》、 《孤独的收割者》。
William Wordsworth (1770-18
  50) 弗罗斯特,美国诗人,四 次获普利策奖。
Robert Frost (1874-19
Shakespeare) sonnet (by Shakespeare)
summer’s Shall I compare thee to a summer s day? temperate. Thou art more lovely and more temperate.
十四行诗。 Sonnet 十四行诗。这是一种
我可否将你比拟作夏天 抒情短诗, 抒情短诗,一般说来有十四 你比夏天更可爱更温婉 Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, 每一行有特定的韵律, 行,每一行有特定的韵律, 狂风会吹落五月的蓓蕾 summer’s date. And summer s lease hath all too short a date. 夏天的时光又何其短暂 而行与行之间有固定的押韵 Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines, 有时烈日就是太空巨眼 格式, 格式,即 但其金色光彩常被遮暗 dimmed; And often is his gold complexion dimmed; 一切容貌也会失去美丽 ababcdcdefefgg And every fair from fair sometime declines, 是偶尔但也有自然摧残 nature’s untrimmed; 最后两句常常带有警句性质, By chance, or nature s changing course, untrimmed; 最后两句常常带有警句性质, 但你永恒之爱不会消逝 总结全诗。 总结全诗。 But thy eternal summer shall not fade, 也不会失去你美丽的仪容 死神不夸你在其阴影中徘徊 ow’st st. Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow st. wand’rest Nor shall Death brag thou wand rest in his shade, 你将与不朽的诗篇同在 只要大家能生存,眼睛能看 grow’st st; When in eternal lines to time thou grow st; 这诗就会常在,让你青春永驻
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see, thee. So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.
Quietly, we embrace In a world lit up by words
我们静静地相拥 在这个用语言照亮的世界里
穆旦,原名查良峥。 穆旦,原名查良峥。 中国现代著名诗人和翻译家。 中国现代著名诗人和翻译家。

  1.Please read the text again after class, try to find out the main idea of each paragraph.
  2.Prepare for language Study.
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静夜思 床前明月光,疑是地上霜。 床前明月光,疑是地上霜。 举头望明月,低头思故乡。 举头望明月,低头思故乡。
In the Quiet Night So bright a gleam on the foot of my bed. Could there have been a frost already ? Lifting myself to look, I found that it was moonlight. Sinking back again, I thought suddenly of home.
杜 甫
王 维


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