Kwan-yin of 1,000 Hands
Unit 17

  1. How many different types of disabilities do you know?
A. physical disability
blind dumb / mute deaf lame瘸的 near-sighted six fingers color blindness paralyzed (瘫痪的)
B. mental disability

  2. Should disabled students be allowed to go to university? Why or why not?

  3. Do you know of any famous people who are disabled?
全 国 政 协 副 主 席
Zhang Haidi
Hu Yizhou
Mentally disabled
Light in My Darkness Helen Keller
Educator / writer
Deaf and blind
Professor Hawking
a physics expert
Disabled? Not Me!
Read the whole text quickly to finish the task
About each paragraph and its main idea difficulties Para1 The Xiaowen has as well as her success. importance Para2 The of giving the disabled a chance to receive education. special college set up for the Para3 The education disabled. introduction Para4 General to the magazine for the disabled. effect Para5 The good that the magazine has on the disabled. advice Para6 Xiaowen's to those who are living with the disabled.

  1. Zhong Xiaowen thinks . A. people should not always help her B. people should not think she is a child C. people should not think she is disabled D. people should treat her in the right way
  2. Which of the following can she do without difficulty? . A. Getting dressed B. Getting around C. Creating Programs D. Using her legs
  3. In the special education college, . A. only gifted disabled students can study there B. only disabled students can study there C. disabled students are helped to understand their own ability D. most of the students are deaf and blind

  4. Which is not so important to disabled people according to the text? . A. People's help B. People's sympathy C. People's inspiration D. People's recognition
  5. Literature of Chinese Blind Children is an example of . A. a meaningful and productive life B. inspiration and motivation C. success of the disabled D. stories about the disabled
True or false exercise. Correct false ones. T
  1. Zhong Xiaowen doesn't wish to be treated as a little child. F
  2. Xiaowen's story serves as an example to show that physical disabilities can't limit a can person's life. F
  3. All the disabled students can receive Gifted education in the Beijing Union University. T
  4. The disabled people need both recognition and inspiration and encouragement .
  5. The articles in " Literature of Chinese Blind Children" are often about disabled people. only blind people. T
  6. Literature of Chinese Blind Children is a great help in encouraging blind children to overcome difficulties and challenges. F
  7. In 2000 Ye Zijie was invited to London and became the first Chinese to study abroad. the first visually impaired Chinese T
  8. It might be frustrating and challenging to live with disability.
Read Para. 1 & 2 and fill in the form with the information about the main character Name Age Sex Zhong Xiaowen 16 female
Profession student Problem Success & awards
Without the ability to use her legs and has no feelings below the waist. created programmes, won an award, one of the best students
Para 1 & 2 get up move around (about) get around get out of... get out of bed computer science science fair physical disability develop one's potential live a richer life 站起来, 站起来,起立 四处走动 走动 从……中出去 中出去 下床 计算机科学 科学展览 身体的残疾 发展某人的潜能 过着多彩的生活
make a contribution to… 对… …作出贡献 作出贡献
Para 3 a matter of… 大约, 大约, 实际上 offer guidance 主动)给予指导(引导) (主动)给予指导(引导) the Beijing Union University 北京联合大学 in life 一生中 the special education college 特殊教育学院 play a role (in…) (在…中)扮演角色 (在…中) 起作用 扮演角色; 在 中 扮演角色 在 中 more than 不仅仅
Para 4 Literature of Chinese Blind Children 《中国盲童文学》 中国盲童文学》 all over China 全中国 inspire sb. to do sth. 鼓励某人做某事 realize one's dream 实现梦想 disabled people 残疾人 live a meaningful and productive life 过有意义而又有作为的生活
Para5 visually impaired Para 6 living with disability everyday activities feel comfortable together with… live with… one's way of life get (be) used to… 残疾生活 日常活动 感到舒服 和……一起 一起 忍受…,忍耐…,接受… 忍受 ,忍耐 ,接受 某人的生活方式 习惯于…… 习惯于 视力障碍

  13. Living with disability is frustrating and challenging. 残疾生活上伴随挫折,经受挑战的生活. frustrate vt. 挫败,阻挠;使感到灰心, 引起(某人的)挫折感
The bad weather frustrated our hope of going out. 坏天气使我们外出的希望落空了. frustrate the enemy in his plans 挫败敌人的计划 feel frustrated 感到灰心丧气 做某事的企图遭到失败 be frustrated in an attempt to do sth.
frustration n. 挫折,失败,落空
adjust v. 调整,调节,整理,整顿,校正 She adjusted her clothes and hair before going out. 她出去之前仔细了整了整衣服和头发. adjust to… / adjust oneself to… (使) 适合 / 适应… He adjusted himself very quickly to the heat of the country. 他使自己很快适应了这个国家炎热的气候. He soon adjusted to the life in the army. 他很快就适应了军中生活. adjust a camera adjust one's clothes adjust accounts 校准镜头 整顿装束 清理帐目;核算
What have you learned from the text?
Not only do disabled people read,write, draw pictures, paint and cook,but they also study,go to university, take exams and have jobs. In their personal lives, they also get married, have children, go out and meet people, play music , even succeed in their favorite field and make the whole world remember them forever.
People do not lack strength, they lack will. 人缺少的不是力量, 而是意志. Hugo 雨果 Chances favor the minds that are prepared. 机遇总是垂青于有准备的人. Pasteur 巴斯德 Every man is the master of his own fortune. 每个人都是自己命运的主宰者. R. Steels 斯蒂尔斯 Great works are performed not by strength, but by perseverance. Samuel Johnson 塞缪尔.约翰逊 成就的取得不光靠力量,而且靠毅力.


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