Unit2 laughter heals

  1.Practical adj. 实际的,现实的,讲求实际的 A ~ question 现实问题 ~work 实际工作
She was a simple, practical, hard-working woman.
  2. Define ☆ ~ sth as vt 下定义,释义 把…定义为
Can you define the word " joke"?
We can define an ant as a small insect that lives in highly organized groups. Definition Definite Definitely n. 定义, 定义,释义 ☆be definite about adj. 肯定的,明确的 肯定的,
Adj. 肯定地,没问题 肯定地,
That answer is definitely true. The warehouse will definitely collapse if there is a flood. 如果有洪水,仓库肯定会塌.
  3. Laughter ☆burst into laughter (bust out laughing )突然笑起来 ☆roar with laughter 哄堂大笑 ☆cause laughter 引起哄堂大笑 Laugh v. laugh at =make fun of 嘲笑 ☆~ sb of sth. 怀疑某人有罪
  4.Suspect vt. 怀疑
They ~him of murderer / of giving false evidence.

Vt. 使为难, 使尴尬,使难为情
He hoped that this request would not embarrass her in any way. 受困难; ☆be ~ed by/ with 使…受困难; 使…….受妨碍 受困难 受妨碍 He was ~ed by her comments on his clothes. The representative was ~ed by the question from the reporter. ☆Embarrassment n.. 困窘,尴尬
  6.Regard vt 看待,当作 ☆~sth/sb as sth/sb 视…为 为 ( consider sth/sb as……/ think of …..as…./ look upon ……as….) ) ☆regards 问候 n. ☆With/in regard to send/give one's ~to sb 问候某人 关于, 关于,对于
☆As regards +n. 关于 You needn't worry as regards the cost of the operation. With regard to(in regard to / as regards) the contract, the second paragraph must be changed. ☆Regarding prep: 关于 关于(…..的问题 的问题) 的问题 What did he say regarding my proposal? 关于我的提案 你有什么说的吗? ☆Regardless of…
  7. Inferior Adj. (身份,地位)低下的; (质量)次的,
An inferior officer/ an inferior position An inferior product /goods of inferior quality. ☆feel ~ to others 感到低人一等 地位比……低 ☆Be inferior to 比… 差;地位比 低 She always felt inferior to her elder sister. An assistant manager is inferior in position to a manager. 部下, ☆n. 部下,属下 The manager is friendly with his inferiors. A good leader gets on well with inferiors.
  8. Humble Adj. 身份低下的,卑微的; 谦卑恭顺, He is of ~birth. 他出身卑微. The man's humble behavior left a favorable impression on the judge.
  9. Rather Ad. 相当,颇 Rather a long time =a rather long time 时间 宁愿….而不愿 ☆Had/would rather…….than…….宁愿 而不愿 宁愿 而不,与其…宁愿 ☆Rather than 而不,与其 宁愿 ?
  10.Hang v. ①挂(hung) , 悬,吊, His paintings hang in many museums. Other than 相当长的
Hang your coat (up) on the hook. Hang the pictures on the wall. ②(hanged, hanged )绞死,吊死 The thief was hanged in ancient Europe. He hanged himself in sorrow after his wife died. 挂断(电话) 等一等) ☆hang up 挂断(电话)(hang on 等一等 坚持下去,继续干 ☆hang on 坚持下去 继续干 Your task is tough, but you must hang on till it is done.
  11.Proceed vi. ~to do 开始做,继续进行 开始做, After drinking a cup of tea, mother ~ed to cook the dinner. The crowd ~ed to attack the building. ~ to +n 往下进行(另一件事) 往下进行 另一件事) We will now ~to the next business. Let's ~to the main business of the meeting. ~ with sth 继续进行某事 Please proceed with your work.
  12. Reverse v. 倒过来 反过来 倒过来, If you ~ the sentence, you will see what he meant.
Adj. 反面的,背面的 反面的, Sign your name on the reverse side of the contract. 背面 the ~ side of a coin 硬币的反面 put the car into reverse 倒车 in ~order 倒过来,按相反的顺序
  13.Process n. 过程,步骤,程序,加工
The scientist explained the chemical process to the students. in(the ) process of 在….的过程中, 的过程中, 的过程中 *A new building is in process of being constructed. *In the process of showing the foreigners around the factory, the director described the process of making a car.
  14.Depart Departure
  15.Exchange v. 换,交换,互换 ~ Christmas gifts. 互送圣诞礼物 ~ experience with them. 与他们交流经验 ~greetings 互相问候 exchange(substitute) A for B A 换成 B v. 离开,出发 n. 启程,~time 离开时间
Where can I exchange my dollars for pounds? 在 哪里可以把我的美元换成英磅. She substituted a fake diamond for the original. In exchange (for) 作为交换 I took his watch in exchange for my camera. n. 外汇,兑换 Exchange rate=the rate of exchange 兑换率,汇率 兑换率, stock exchange 股票交易所
  16.Position n. ①位置, 地方 The house stood in a good position so there was a good view round it. ②姿势(c) He is lying in a very comfortable position. ③地位: was a woman of high position. (有时 She 可以零冠词) A high position in society
  17. Fix v. 确定;修理;固定 They have fixed the date for the meeting. fix the broken machine 注视…… ☆~one's eyes on sth. 注视 Looking up I saw his eyes fixed on me in curiosity.

v. 减少,降低 The only way to do that is to reduce expenses ☆~sb to sth./ doing 使某人陷入困境 Poverty ~ed him to begging for life. Hunger reduced them to stealing. ? 化为灰烬
  19. Replace vt. 代替,取代 Can anything replace a mother's love and care? ~ A with B B 取代 A Be ~ed by/with 为……所取代 所取代 We have replaced slave labour with (by) machines. John is ill and has been replaced by Tom in our team.
  20. Stick v. (stuck,stuck )
Vi:卡住,陷在…..里(无法移动) A bone stuck in my throat. The car stuck in the mud. Vt: 粘,贴 Stick the notice on the wall.
Just stick the stamps on the letters. Vt: 插,扎,固定在某处 I found a nail sticking in the tyre. Stick to 真理等) ①坚持 (真理等 真理等
If you stick to the truth, you've nothing to fear. I stuck to what I said yesterday. He is sticking to his principles in this letter. ②坚持干某事: I've made my decision and I am going to stick to it. It's no use trying to stick to the old ways. Times have changed.


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