Unit Eight New words

  1. aid & help 相同点 相同点: a) aid ?vt. to give support to; 援助;帮助 援助; =help to aid/help sb with sth. (money) b) aid?n. help; support; assistance帮助,援助 帮助, 帮助 come / go to one’s help/ aid = come/ go to the help/ aid of He went to the aid of the hurt man. with the aid/help of 不同点: 不同点: a)必须用 必须用aid 必须用 first aid 急救 hearing aid 助听器 b)必须用 必须用help 必须用 help sb. (out)
My father helped me out with money when I needed it. help sb. (to) do sth. Could you help me(to)lift the box? ( ) *can’t help doing 情不自禁 *can’t help/ choose but do 不得不 I couldn’t help crying. I cannot help but admire his courage. We cannot choose but wait. *help oneself (to)=take for oneself (to) 取用; 取用; 窃用; 窃用;侵吞 L
  1.“Can I have a drink?” “Help yourself.”
  2.The money was on the table and no one was there, so he helped himself to it. L
  3.Help yourself to a drink. 改错: 改错:
  1) The dictionary will help you improving your English.
  2) I can’t help but laughing.
  3) I can’t help laugh.
  4) Under the help of the neighbors the fire was at last brought under control.
  5) Please help you to eat some fish. assist vt.=help 帮助;支援 (比help 正式 帮助; 比 more formal than help)
assist sb in doing sth assist sb with sth I can’t push the car on my own?will someone help / assist (fml) help me? His job consists of helping old people who lives alone. He helped/ assisted her in building the house.

  3)give/ lend sb. a hand 帮助;帮忙 帮助; Tom , could you please lend me a hand?
  4)do one’s bit 尽本分;做自己应做的工作 尽本分; I’ll do my bit to protect animals.
  5)do sth. for 帮忙做 Could you please do the washing up for me? I’m too busy.
  6)do sb a favor 帮某人一个忙 Could you please do me a favor?

  2.drown?vi 溺死 vt.使淹死;淹没 使淹死; 使淹死 die by drowning 淹死 be drowned by 被。。。淹没 。。。淹没 There are many streets and houses drowned by the floods.
  3.bleed/bled/ bleeding?v.
  1)vi. to lose blood 流血;出血 流血; Your nose is bleeding. My heart bleeds for(=I feel very sorry for) those poor unhappy children.. (比喻 对那些不幸的穷孩子我心里感到难过。 比喻)对那些不幸的穷孩子我心里感到难过 比喻 对那些不幸的穷孩子我心里感到难过。
  2)vt. to make (sb.) to pay too much ) money 榨取某人的钱财;敲某人的竹杠: 榨取某人的钱财;敲某人的竹杠: He bled them for every penny they had.

  4.choke ?vi.
  1)struggle to breathe or (cause to) stop breathing 窒息;使停止呼吸 窒息; Water went down his throat and he started to choke.水进入喉咙,他开始噎住了。 水进入喉咙, 水进入喉咙 他开始噎住了。 I choked him to death.我把他扼死了。 我把他扼死了。 我把他扼死了
  2) fill(a pace or passage) completely 阻塞 ( ) (同 up; with连用 连用) 同 连用 The roads were choked up with traffic. 路上交通阻塞。 路上交通阻塞。 The pipe was choked with leaves. 管子被树叶堵住了。 管子被树叶堵住了。

  5.ink?n. [u] colored liquid for writing write in ink write with a pencil / in pencil/ in English
  6.electrical? adj. 与电有关的 与电有关的concerned with or using electricity an electrical engineer 电机工程师 an electrical fault 电力故障 electric ? adj. producing or worked by electricity 发电的;电的;电动的 发电的;电的; an electric clock/light / an electric fan / electric power 电力 electrify /electrified /electrifying ?v.使带电 使带电 electricity -n. [u]

  7.calm?adj. n.
  1)free from excitement; quiet; 镇定的;无忧无虑 镇定的; Even after the accident she was calm.
  2)(of weather) not windy 平静无风 (of water) not rough;; smooth(水)静的;无风浪的: 静的;无风浪的: ( After the storm it was calm. 风雨过后,天气平静。 风雨过后,天气平静。 The sea was calm. 海上风平浪静。 海上风平浪静。 calm?v. to make calm (使)平静下来;(使)沉 平静下来;( ;(使 着: She calmed her child by giving it some milk. calm down ?become or make calm变平静 变平静 The excited girl quickly calmed down. It is difficult to calm my brother down.

  8.panic--sudden uncontrollable fear or terror恐慌,惊慌 恐慌, 恐慌 There was a panic when the fire started. 火烧起来的时候曾引起一片惊慌。 火烧起来的时候曾引起一片惊慌。 panic/ panicked/panicked?vt.vi feel panic 使感到恐慌(at) 使感到恐慌 The crowd panicked at the sound of the guns. The thunder panicked the house.

  1)response n. 回答,答复 回答, answer reply make/ give no response/answer/reply (to one’s question) He made/gave no response to/answer to /reply to my question. I said good morning to him but he gave/ made no answer. have no answer/reply/response to… I’ve had no answer/reply/response to my letter. 我还没有收到对我那封信的答复。 我还没有收到对我那封信的答复。 in response/reply (to)回答,响应,作为反应 回答, 回答 响应,
She laughed in response/reply to his jokes. 他的笑话引得他大笑。 他的笑话引得他大笑。 He neither said nor did anything in reply/ response. in answer to 作为回答,听(接)到…后就 响应 作为回答, 接 到 后就 后就…,响应 In answer to my shouts people ran to help. 人们听到我的喊声后跑来帮忙。 人们听到我的喊声后跑来帮忙。
  2)v. respond to/reply to/ answer sth. Would you respond to / reply to/answer my question? They still haven’t responded to/reply to/ answer my letter. I spoke, but he didn’t answer/ reply/ respond.

  10.conscious ?adj.
  1)神志清醒的,有意识的,有知觉的 神志清醒的, 神志清醒的 有意识的,有知觉的unable to think,feel, awake , He hurt his head in the accident, but he is still conscious.
  2)(of/that)knowing; understanding自己知道的; 自己知道的; 自己知道的 自己察觉的 be conscious of He was very conscious of his shortcoming. Peter isn’t conscious of his bad manners. Are you conscious of what the other students thought of her. be conscious that
Jane is always been conscious that she annoys people. 琼总是很清楚她使人不快。 琼总是很清楚她使人不快。 He was conscious he must do all this.
  3)intentional 故意的 a conscious decision to do something 故意要做某事的决定

  1)not great; not considerable 微小的;不足 微小的; 道的 a slight pain/ improvement
  2)not strong looking; thin 脆弱的,纤细的 脆弱的, a slight old lady
  3)in the slightest =not at all =not a bit =not in the least 一点也不 Do you mind if I open the door? Not in the least. not a little =very

  12.sudden ?adj. 突然 all of a sudden suddenly all at once 立刻 at once immediately right away without delay

  1)in honor of =to show respect to 为向…表敬意 为庆祝…; 表敬意, 为向 表敬意,为庆祝 ;为纪念 = in memory of They held a party in honor of the visiting president. 为向来访的总统表示敬意他们举行了欢迎宴 会。 They named the city Washington in honor of the first president.
  2)one to be respect by the others荣誉;光 荣誉; 荣誉 荣[u] a man of honor 光荣的人 fight for the honor of one’s country

  3)something that brings pride or pleasure被 被 引以为荣的人和事( 连用) 引以为荣的人和事(同a/an连用) 连用 It is an honor/a shame to do sth. It’s a great honor to have the President visiting our town.总统访问我们的城市是我们十 总统访问我们的城市是我们十 分荣幸的事。 分荣幸的事。 He is an honor/ a shame of his family.

  14.explanation --.explaining [c; u] give an explanation of He is giving an explanation of how the machine works. explain sth. to sb. Can you explain this to us? explain to sb. that/why/ how He explained to me how the machine worked.


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