高二英语新教材 Unit 11 some phrases
  1. 重力原理 the Theory of Gravity
  2. 有共同之处 have anything in common
  3. 从事仙炎星发射载人飞船 work on sending a manned spaceship
  4. 必将发生 have in store for
  5. 很可能 it is likely that
  6. 作为经济特区被建设 set up as a special economic zone
  7. 中国科学技术的中心 the new center for Chinese science and technology
  8.中科院所在地 home to the Chinese Academy of Sciences
  9.中国高科技产业的领头羊 the leader of China’s hi-tech industry
  10.开办一所么人研究及发展机构 open a private research and development institute
  11.具有创新精神和科学技能 share the spirit of creativity and scientific skill
  12.使中关村成功 make Zhongguancun a success
  13.抓住机会到国内来实现他们的理想 grasp the opportunity to develop their ideas at home
  14.实现梦想 follow one’s dream
  15.在人所学领域与顶级科学家们共事 work with some of the top scientists in my field
  16.我认为这在我看来很完美 I knew it was perfect for me
  17.帮助安排回国事宜 help arrange for his return
  18.踏进 set foot in / on
  19.对…有积极的影响 have a positive effect on
  20.依靠科学技术和知识 rely on science technology and knowledge
  21.发展经济实力 increase economic power
  22.弄清楚 make it clear
  23.鼓励创新,接受挑战 encourage pioneering work and accept failure

  24.应对失败并从中吸取教训 deal with and learn from failure
  25.对……感到兴奋 be excited about
  26.活跃起来 come to life
  27.同时为祖国做出贡献 contribute to his country at the same time
  28.硕士学位 a master’s degree
  29.美国的硅谷 Silicon Valley in the US
  30.达到……目标 achieve / reach its goal
  31.对人类是一个很大的威胁 a big threat to mankind
  32.标志…..开始 mark the start of
  33.展示中国高科技的成功 showcase China’s hi-tech successes
  34.导致了科学技术的几项突破 lead to several breakthroughs in science and technology
  35.背上长着人耳的小老鼠 a small mouse with a human ear grown on its back
  36.贮存人体器官 restore human organs
  37.最新成就 red hot achievements
  38.充满伟大成就 be filled with great achievements
  39.呈现出科技发展的繁荣景象 enjoy a boom in scientific and technological development
  40.提出计划 put forward a plan
  41.科教举国 rejuvenate the nation by relying on science and education
  42.取得突破性进展 make many breakthroughs
  43.探索太空 explore space
  44. 中国航天局 the Chinese Space Agency
  45.长征系列运载火箭 Long March rocket series
  46.第一次载人太空飞行 the first manned space flight
  47.破解生命之谜 solve the mysteries of life
  48.目的在发展农业 aim at improving agriculture
  49.人体检测国际研究项目 the international human genome project

  50.世界一流 be among the world’s best
  51.中国与计算机一见钟情 It seems to be love at first byte for China and computers
  52.高速宽带网 a new high-speed broadband network
  53.创建了智能机器人 build the nation’s first humanoid robot
  54.清晰陈述你的观点 state your opinion clearly
  55.用强有力的论点为之辩护 support it with strong arguments
  56.最杰出的新突破 the most outstanding new breakthroughs
  57.并非所有的都 not all
  58.得满分 get full marks
  59.免费七日欧洲双人游 a 7-day free trip to Europe for two
  60.美国宪法 the Constitution of the United States of America 高二英语新教材 Unit 12 some phrases
  1.大洋中最深的地方 the deepest point in the ocean
  3.写出概况 a space shuttle make a sketch of

  4.我们能战胜所有疾病的时候 a time when we can beat all diseases
  5.找到使我们永远年轻的方法 find a way to keep us young forever

  6.来自外部太空的生物 creatures from outer space
  7.不知道 have no idea

  8.爱上了戏剧 develop his live for the theatre
  9.谋生 make a living

  10.提醒某人某事 remind sb of sth
  11.把……向前推进一步 take… one step further
  12.奠定了现代科幻小说的基础 lay the foundation of modern science fiction
  13.很久之后才…… long before
  14.着手做 set out to do
  15.在努力求生时 in their efforts to survive
  16.发现自己来到了怪物的表面上 find themselves on the surface of the monster
  17.结果是潜艇 turn out to be a submarine
  18.越洋航行 on a voyage across the oceans
give a view of the underwater world
  20.穿着潜水服 dressed in diving suits
  21.发现自己被包围 find themselves surrounded by
  22.所有的才在蓝色的海水中随波起伏,慢慢移动 all waving and moving slowly in the blue waters
  23.从……开始 begin with

  24.进行冒险 go on this adventure
  25.通过煤层和大理石层 pass through the layers of coal and marble
  26.穿过森林 go through forests
  27.受到古老海洋生物的袭击 be attacked by ancient sea creatures
  28.最后,终于 in the end
  29.被卷进急流 be drawn into a fast stream
  30.水下旅行 underwater travel
  31.沸腾的河 a boiling river

after hitting iceberg

  33.开始了第一次航行 set out on its first voyage
  34.沉入海底 sink to the bottom of the sea

  35.成为……一例 become an example of
  36.成为人们心中永久的痛 become a permanent pain in people’s hearts
  38.前总统 work too much former president

  39.对我祖父母的家心怀不轨 misbehave at may grandparent’s house
  40.屏幕下端的字幕 subtitles at the bottom of the screen
  41.被火车运送到目的地 be transported to the destination by train
  43.乘坐地铁 in many cases take the subway

  44.整周超时工作 work overtime all week
  45.穿着内裤当众行走 walk in public in your underpants
  46.在没有指导的情况下摸索 look for a road without having a map
  47.开始进行结智慧的探索 enter the search for wisdom
  48.使人了解 throw light upon

  49.许多卓越科学家的著作 the works of many brilliant scientists
  50.开辟一条新路 pioneer a new way

  51.吸引我的注意力 attract my attention
  52.把自然界最深邃的奥秘展示给世人 unfold to the world the deepest mysteries of nature
  53.人体结构 the structure of the human body
  54.梦想 dream of

  55.身高八尺 about eight feet in height
  56.切碎 cut up

  57.在十一月的一个夜晚 on a night in November 5
  87.烧光 burn out

  59.把床上的帘子打开 open the curtain of the bed
  60.选词 make a choice of the words
高二英语新教材 Unit 13 some phrases
  1.用……覆盖 cover with
  2.把水和菜油倒入杯中 pour water and vegetable oil into a glass
  3.把一支粉笔放入水中 put a piece of chalk in water
  4.把淡水装入杯子 fill one glass with fresh water
  5.保护我们这个星球上的水 protect the water on our planet
  6.把杯子翻转 turn the glass upside down
  7.提出 come up with
  8.用这种方法使用水 use water in this way
  9.从中受益 benefit from
  10.大约 30 亿年前 about three billion years ago
  11.海洋生命丰富、多样,令人难以置信 marine life is incredibly rich and varied
  12.范围从微生物一直到巨物 ranges from the tiniest plankton all the way up to giants
  13.水的化学结构 the chemical structure of water
  14.赋予水以独特的特性 give water it unique properties
  15.由两个氢原子和一个氧原子组成 be made up if two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom
  16.一种极性微粒 a polar molecule
  17.分解固体和气体 break down both solids and gases

  18.为其他生物所利用 become available to other living creatures
  19.水在室温下是液体 water is a liquid at room temperature
  20.有一个相对高的结冰点 have a relatively high freezing point
  21.与纯水混合 mix with pure water
  22.一球上大洋的含盐量 the salinity of the earth’s oceans
  23.每立米用公斤来衡量 be measured in kilograms per cubic metre
  24.利用水的密度 take advantage of the density of water
  25.能量 the amount of energy
  26.把温度提高 1℃ raise the temperature by one degree centigrade
  27.释放出大量的热 give off a lot of heat
  28.对温度的巨变和突变很敏感 be sensitive to large and sudden changes in temperature
  29.通过吸收和释放热量而保持稳定 keep steady by absorbing and giving off heat
  30.给海洋中的生态系统增加能量 add energy to the marine ecosystems
  31.没有任何东西像一滴水一样宝贵 nothing is as precious as a drop of rain
  32.我们的未来取决于它 our future depends on it
  33.变成固体 turn into a solid
  34.温度降到零度以下 the temperature drops below 0℃
  35.被加热到 100℃以上 when heated above 100℃
  36.海洋中的生命大小各异 l ife in the oceans appears in different sizes
  37.给……打电话 give sb a call
  38.继续在该公司工作 continue working at this company
  39.捉弄你 play a trick on sb
  40.叫来警察 call in the police
  41.海洋是地球上一切生物的发源地 the oceans are the source of life on earth

  42.河流与大洋交汇 where a river meets the ocean
  43.在河口相混合 mix together in an estuary
  44.制造出一种独特的环境 create a unique environment
  45.陆地与海洋的衔接地带 a zone between the land and the sea
  46.河口是自然界中幼小生命的繁衍地 estuaries are great places for nature’s young ones
  47.三用面支很多危险 without having to face many of the dangers
  48.生物的密集度 the density of living creatures
  49.海洋哺乳动物 marine mammals
  50.吸收营养物质和污染物 absorb nutrients and pollutants
  51.对环境污染很敏感 be sensitive to environmental pollution
  52.保护动物免遭风暴和洪水 protect animals and plants
  53.为人类提供休闲和教育的场所 provide both recreation and education for human beings
  54.在海滩上嬉戏 have fun on the beach
  55.为研究各种生命提供情报无尽的机会 have endless opportunities to study a variety of life
  56.通过旅游业和渔业为经济做贡献 contribute to the economy through tourism and fishing
  57.那么多的物种生活在河口 so many species live in estuaries
  58.按事情发生的顺序解释每一步 explain each step in the order it happens
  59.给出新词的定义 define new words
  60.把……与……相比 compare … to 高二英语新教材 Unit 14 some phrases
  1.获得诺贝尔和平奖 receive the Nobel Peace Price
  2.把……投入监狱 put … into prison
  3.自由战士 freedom fighter
  4.动摇国家的基 shake the foundations of the nation
  5.根据肤色判断 judge by the color of their skin
  6.根据性格的内涵 by the content of their character

  7.像兄弟姐妹般一起散步 walk together as brothers and sisters
  8.当农民 work as a farmer
  9.与……交朋友 make friends with
  10.禁止人们帮助逃跑的奴隶 forbid people to help run away slaves
  11.加入行动小组 join an action group
  12.在内战中参战 fight in the Civil War
  13.积极从事女权运动 be active in the women’s rights movement
  14.黑人女孩不能嫁给白人男孩 black girls could not marry white boys
  15.民权法案 the Civil Rights Act
  16.给…发表演说 give a speech to sb
  17.向华盛顿特区进军 march on Washington D.C.
  18.使他们闻名全世界 make him famous all over the world
  19.黑人受到不平等的待遇 blacks are not treated as equal citizens
  20.奴隶制在美国结束 slavery ended in the USA
  21.为黑人的政治权利而战 fight for political rights for black people
  22.为…树立榜样 set an example to sb
  23.应当像其他人一样受到尊敬 be treated with respect in the same way as other people
  24.获得奖学金 win a scholarship
  25.给他以…机会 give him the chance to do
  26.可以如愿的自由生活 be free to live, and work as they wished
  27.要求社会改革 demand changes in society
  28.通过和平手段达到目的 achieve that goal by peaceful actions
  29.在白人区坐下来 sit down in the White-only section

  30.拒绝为白人让座 refuse to stand up for a white man
  31. 领导公交公司进行联合抵制 lead a boycott of the bus company
  32.把黑人和白人分开是错误的 it was wrong to separate blacks from whites
  33.金打赢了这场官司使他受到全国人民的重视 Winning this case gave King national attention
  34.领导反种族歧视的非暴力游行 lead many non-violent demonstrations against racial discrimination
  35.黑人就粘机会很少 few jobs for blacks
  36.激励各种族人为平等而战 inspire people of all races to fight for equality
  37.有选举权 have the right to vote
  38.随意表达我们想说的 be free to say whatever we want
  39.任何的时候 of all times
  40.选择自由信仰的权利 in their choice of which god to believe in
  41.法国大革命 the French Revolution
  42.美独立战争 the American War of Independence
  43.国际女权运动 the international movements for the rights of women
  44.在现代 in modern times
  45.同偏见作斗争 fight against prejudice
  46.有共同之处 have in common
  47.老百姓 he common people
  48.要求受尊重 ask to be treated with respect
  49.不理会种族、宗教和性别 regardless of race , religion or sex
  50.为他们自己代言 have a voice to speak for themselves
want better housing conditions for black people
  52.不止一个家庭 more than one family



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