第一节 语法和词汇知识(共 15 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 15 分) 语法和词汇知识 in the whole of North America. C. to be left alive D. 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。
  21. 21 By the year 1889, there were just 541 bison A. leaving alive left alive
  22. 22 In place of
  23. 23 From this day A. onwards forwards
  24. 24 --I failed in the driving test. --Don't be so disappointed. A. At all Above all
  25. 25 by the beauty of the countryside, the old couple decided to stay another A. Being attracted C. To be attracted A. affair A. this A. beside it beside what
  29. 29 You'd better carry a(n) down on the way. A. extra B. free C. convenient be taken away from him. C. must D. may the house cost, it D. spare
  30. 30 The law of Venice says if anyone tries to kill or murder any citizen of Venice, everything that he owns A. shall would be it. B. whatever; worth D. what; worthy of the fact I may not be B. can tyre in the back of your car in case it breaks B. business B. one B. beside which B. Attracted D. Having attracted of habits. D. problem . D. the one D. C. matter C. it there are some buttons. C. beside that week on the farm. , you'll have one more chance of trying it. C. In all D. B. After all , I will be more careful when crossing the street. B. backwards C. afterwards D. money, people usually tend to spend more than they have to. A. In the eyes of B. Regardless of C. In terms of D. B. to leave alive

  26. 26 Instead, it seems that creative thinking is a (n)
  27. 27 Is this a book on farming? If so, I want to borrow
  28. 28 The square box has a door,

  31. 31 Mr Cooper wanted to buy the house and he told me that A. however; worth C. how much; worthy
  32. 32 Maybe it is time for the rest of society to A. adjust to; that
able to walk, there are many other great things I can do. B. get used to; that while
C. adapt to; while duty to master it. A. thus countries A. participated to do. A. such B. that . B. joined B. therefore
D. go about; that while , it is our D. however

  33. 33 Good technique in medicine means less pain and fewer deaths; C. otherwise

  34. 34 At the 2003 Special Olympics in Ireland, more than 6,500 athletes from over 150 C. benefited D. relied much

  35. 35 I think it was a bit boring to work here because there wasn't always C. more D. very
完形填空(共 20 小题,每小题
  1.5,满分 30 分) 第二节 完形填空 阅读下面短文,从每题所给的 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 Is it difficult for you to get up in the morning? Do you sometimes oversleep? Are you often late for work or school? Yes? The Hiroyuki Sugiyama of Japan has a(n) 36 38 . The bed 39 an alarm Clock. First, the alarm clock rings. You have a few 40 music or other bed for you. Hiroyuki's bed will 37 you up in the morning! Here is how it
minutes to wake up. Next, a tape recorder in the bed plays girlfriend. She whispers in a sweet minutes later, a second recording 43 immediately, 45 you'll be late!" If you don't get up the bed waits a few 46 the second recording, you 42 41
pleasant sounds. The tape recorder in Hiroyuki's bed plays a recording of his , "Wake up, darling, please. "A few The sound recording can be loud music or 44 47 ," Wake up be sonly! A 50 51 of ,
sounds. Hiroyuki hears a recording of his boss. His boss
mechanical "foot" is in the bed. The mechanical foot kicks you in the head. Then 48 minutes. What ! You're 49 in bed! Slowly the the bed rises higher and higher. The foot of the bed goes lower and lower. of bed and become 52 . 53 a contest. He works for Honda 54 . If their ideas win, the
the bed is vertical(垂直的). You slide off the bed and onto the floor. You are out Hiroyuki made his bed because he wanted to Honda Idea Contest." The employees think of new employees win 55 . B. special B. catch B. runs C. valuable C. make C. happens D. comfortable D. let D. moves D. is
Motor Company. Every two years Honda has a contest for its 200,000 employees--" All
Hiroyuki Sugiyama won one of the top prizes for his bed.
  36. 36 A. expensive
  37. 37 A. get
  38. 38 A. works made into
  40. 40 A. loud
  41. 41 A. sound B. classical B. voice C. pop C. noise D. soft D. way

  39. 39 A. is separated from
B. is made up of
C. is connected to

  42. 42 A. sends
  43. 43 A. pleasant
  44. 44 A. shouts
  45. 45 A. and
  46. 46 A. before
  47. 47 A. can
  48. 48 A. other
  49. 49 A. still
  50. 50 A. end
  51. 51 A. However
  52. 52 A. angry
  53. 53 A. achieve
  54. 54 A. ideas
  55. 55 A. praises
B. turns B. interesting B. calls B. but B. until B. will B. another B. yet B. middle B. Finally B. asleep B. win B. problems B. positions
C. plays C. unpleasant C. whispers C. so C. since C. may C. more C. already C. body C. Therefore C. happy C. gain C. facts C. prizes
D. appears D. funny D. persuades D. or D. after D. would D. one D. even D. top D. otherwise D. awake D. defeat D. ways D. medals
第三部分 阅读理解(共 20 小题,每小题 2 分,满分 40 分) 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 A What's on TV? 6 : 00 ③ Let's Talk ! Guest: Animal expert Jim Porter ⑤ Cartoons ⑨News 7:00 ③ Cooking with Cathy Tonight: Chicken with mushrooms ⑤ Movie "A Laugh a Minute"(19
  55) James Rayburn ⑧ Spin for Dollars! ⑨ Farm Report 7 :30 ③ Double Trouble (comedy) The twins disrupt the high school dance. ⑨ Wall Street Today: Stock Market Report 8:00 ③ NBA Basketball. Teams to be announced ⑧ Movie "At Day's End" (19
  81) Michael Collier, Juie Romer Drama set in World War Ⅱ ⑨ News Special "Saving Our Waterways:Pollution in the Mississippi”
  56. 56 If you were a housewife, which program would probably interest you most? A. Let's Talk! C. Cooking with Cathy. B. Wall Street Today. D. Farm Report.

  57. 57 If you'd like to watch a game show, you could turn on the TV to
A. Channel 5 at 6: 00 C. Channel 3 at 7 : 30 A.
  3. B.
  5. B
B. Channel 8 at 7 : 00 D. Channel 3 at 8 : 00 C.
  8. D.

  58. 58 Which is most probably the News Channel?
I was being interviewed by a senior manager for a big company. I told him honestly that the principal reason that I was interviewing with them was my need to keep my family in Boston. My wife had recently died of a heart attack. A job in Boston would help me reduce some pain for my 16-year-old daughter and me. It was important to me to keep her present high school. Bruce, the interviewer, was politely kind, but he didn't search any further. He acknowledged(承认) my loss and, with great respect, moved on to another subject. After the next round of interviews, Bruce took me to lunch with another manager. Then he asked me to take a walk with him. He told me that he had lost his wife. And, like me, he had also been married 20 years and had 3 children. I realized that he had experienced the same pain as I had and it was almost impossible to explain to someone who had not lost a loved one. He offered his business card and home phone number and suggested that, should I need help or just want someone to talk to, I should feel free to give him a call. Whether I got the job or not, he wanted me to know that he was there if I ever needed help. From that one act of kindness, when he had no idea if we could ever see each other again, he helped our family deal with one of life's greatest losses. He turned the normally cold business interview process into an act of earing and supporting for another person in a time of extreme need.
  59. 59 According to the passage, the interviewer, Bruce, was very A. generous A. main B. kind B. unimportant C. happy C. necessary . D. mean . D. possible .

  60. 60 The underlined word "principal" in the first paragraph probably means
  61. 61 We can infer from this passage that
A. the writer didn't get the job in the company B. Bruce made the writer pass the interview C. another manager also lost his wife D. the business interview was cold
  62. 62 Which of the following statement is NOT true? A. The writer's daughter was studying in Boston at that time. B. Both the writer and the interviewer experienced the same pain. C. Bruce was a senior manager of a big firm. D. Bruce wanted to make Mends with him because he gave him his business card and home phone number. C One would have to be a fool to overlook the importance of using positive
thinking for you rather than snowing negative thinking to work against you. In recent years, research in psychopharmacology(精神药理学) has proved what many people have known over the centuries: a positive attitude is good for you, good for your health, good for your wealth, good for everything. Researchers have found that a positive attitude produces a specific chemical reaction which makes people feel better, while negative thinking results in a reduction of hormone(荷尔蒙) and shuts down the immune system. This leads to illness and depression. Positive thoughts will make you feel better. Even if you must begin by forcing yourself to be positive, it will become contagious and the positive thoughts will produce nice little chemicals and good feelings which will reinforce the positive thoughts. For example, if you force yourself to smile or laugh, even when you "don't feel like smiling or laughing, if you keep at it for a few minutes, you will soon feel like it. Feelings can make thoughts alive, and thoughts can do it, too. Control your thoughts and you can control your feelings. Positive thinking is important in all aspects of our lives. There is probably no single factor more important in determining your success in achieving your career purposes than your own attitude. It's often been said that in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king. And in the office of militant(好战的) negativism, the positive workers shine like gold. You cannot control external events, but you can learn to control your reaction to those events and thereby have a positive attitude and be happy. This important key to success is totally within your control. Use it.
  63. 63 We can infer from the passage that . A. positive thinking can cure you of your diseases B. positive thinking can easily be generated by anyone C. a reduction of hormone may cause you to be depressed D. a specific chemical reaction is the cause of negative thinking
  64. 64 According to the passage, which of the following is true? A. Feeling and thoughts can react to each other. B. It's easier to control thoughts than to control feelings. C. Your success depends wholly on your attitude. D. Keeping smiling will surely make you successful.
  65.Just like a one-eyed man in the land of the blind, you should 65 A. take positive attitude in the office of militant negativism B. be kind in your office C. pay no attention to what is going on around you D. control your feeling to what is happening to you
  66.The best title to the passage is 66 A. Thinking Benefits People C. Positive Thinking and Negative Thinking . B. Why Should People Think D. Thinking: The Important Way .
D What makes a person a scientist? Does he have ways or tools of learning that are different from those of others? The answer is "No". It is not a tool a scientist uses but how he uses these tools that makes him a scientist. You will probably agree that knowing how to use a power is important to a carpenter. You will probably agree, too, that knowing how to investigate, how to discover information, is important to everyone. The scientist, however, goes one step further: he must be sure that he has a reasonable answer to his question into a large set of ideas about how the world works. The scientist's knowledge must be exact. There is no room for half right or right just half the time. He must be as nearly right as the conditions permit. What works under one set of conditions at one time must work under the same conditions at other times. If the conditions are different, any change the scientist observes in a demonstration must be explained by the change in the conditions. This is one reason that investigations are important in science. Albert Einstein, who developed the theory of relativity, arrived at this theory through mathematics. The accuracy of his mathematics was later tested through investigation. Einstein's ideas are shown to be correct. A scientist uses many tools for measurements. Then the measurements are used to make mathematical calculations that may test his investigations.
  67. 67 "...knowing how to investigate, how to discover information, is important to everyone. " The author says this to show A. the importance of information B. the difference between carpenters and ordinary people C. the difference between scientists and ordinary people D. the importance of thinking
  68. 68 A sound scientific theory should be one that A. works under one set of conditions at any time B. leaves no room for improvement C. does not allow any change even under different conditions D. can be used for many purposes
  69. 69 Which of the following statements is NOT tree? A. What works under one set of conditions at one time might work under the same conditions at other times. B. Tools which a scientist uses for measurements are used to make mathematical calculations that may test his investigations. C. A scientist should know more about other branches of knowledge to arrive in his achievement. D. Knowing how to investigate, how to discover information is important to scientists. . .

  70. 70 What is the main idea of the passage? A. S



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