2009-2010 学年第二学期期中考试试卷
考试时间 150 分钟 分值 150 页数 交卷要求:只交答题纸 一.单选(1 分×
  1.The profits of our company by 3%since last September because of the global ecnimic crisis. A.will have decreased B.are decreasing C.have decreased D.decreased
  2.I 'm sorry .I at you the other day. Forget it . I was a bit out of control myself. A.shouldn't shout B.shouldn't have shouted C.mustn't shout D.mustn't have shouted
  3.What you have done will not have your fame . A.a good effect in B.a good effect on C.affected D.a good affect on
  4.Whenwhen the prices of oil would be cut down last week, the spokeman said "no comment". A.to ask B.asking C.asked D.ask
  5.As is known ,mobile phones make possible for people to stay in touch with each other conveniently. A. one B.that C.it D.this
  6.Have the injured passengers been arranged in the hospital? Yes. All of them there no matter where they are from . A.are treating B.have treated C.are being treated D.have been treated
  7.The boy has always dreamed a pilot and now his dream has . A.to become , come truly B.of becoming ,come true C.to become , come true D.of becoming, come truly
  8.They must have seen her the day before yesterday,? A. mustn't they B.weren't they C.haven't they D.didn't they
  9.With a lot of difficult problems,the newly-elected president is having a hard time . A.settling B.settle C.to settle D.being settled
  10.It is reported that the police will soon the case of the two missing children. A.look upon B.look after C.look into D.look out .
  11.?What was that the bird that just flew past? , but it could be a patient. A. You decide B.I'm not sure C.You don't ask me D.It's kind of you
  12.Only by facing your problems hope to overcome them. A.you can B.were you C.are you D.can you
  13.Since the agricultural tax was , farmers 'quality of living has greatly improved.
A.collected B.abolished C.avoided D.introduced
  14. I will never forget when I set foot in China again and back with my friends and family. A. happy was I how B.happy how I was C.how happy was I D.how happy I was
  15.Two men decide to go on this adventure and travel to Iceland,they enter the earth through a chimney in a dead vocano. A.that B.which C.when D.where
  16.The important thing we can learn about water is we must protect it and use it wisely. A./ B.which C.what D.that
  17.Soon after his death, black people started the rights they had waited and fought for so long. A.enjoys B.enjoyed C.enjoying Denjoy
  18.enough enengy left after a day on the slope ,you dan take a dip. A.Have should you B.Have you should C.You should have D.Should you have
  19.Though he had often made his little sister ,today he was made by his little sister. A. cry, to cry B.cry, cryC. to cry, cryD.to cry, to cry
  20.The old photosme of my happy child hood . A. recalled B.called C.remembered D.reminded 二.完型填空(
  1.5 分×
  20) The Best Holiday I was unbelievably proud of my nine ? year ? old daughter, Emily. 21 to buy a mountain bike, she'd been saving her pocket money all year, as well as doing small jobs to earn extra money. By Thanksgiving, she had collected only $
  49. I said, "You 22 have your pick from my bicycle 23 ." "Thanks, Daddy. But your bikes are so old." She was right. All my girls' bikes were 1950s models, not the kind kid today would 24 choose. As Christmas 25 near, Emily and I went bike shopping. As we left one store, she 26 a Salvation Army volunteer standing next to a big pot ."Can we give something. Daddy?" she asked. "Sorry, Em, I'm out of change." Throughout December, Emily continued to 27 hard. Then one day, she made a 28 announcement. "You know all the money I've been saving?" she said hesitantly. "I'm going to give it to the poor people." So one cold morning before Christmas, Emily handed her total savings of $58 to a volunteer who was really very 29 . 30 by Emily's selflessness, I decided to contribute 31 of my old bicycles to a car dealer who was collecting used bikes for poor children. 32 I selected a shiny model from my collection, however, it seemed as if a second bike took on a glow (发光) Should I contribute two? .
No, one would be enough. But I couldn't 33 the feeling that I should give a second bike. When I later 34 the bikes, the car dealer said, "You're making two kids very 35 , sir. Here are your tickets. For each bicycle contributed, we're 36 away one chance to win a girls' mountain bike." Why wasn't I surprised when that second ticket proved to be the 37 ? I like to think it was God's way of 38 a little girl for a sacrifice(牺牲) 39 her years ? while giving her dad a lesson in the 40 .
  21.A.Promised B.Amazed C.Determined D.Organized
  22.A.need B.should C.must D.can
  23.A.collection B.contribution C.shop D.club
  24.A.seldom B.likely C.slightly D.merely
  25.A.drew B.became C.went D.pulled
  26.A.observed B.sensed C.watched D.noticed
  27.A.study B.try C.listen D.work
  28.A.disappointing B.surprising C.formal D.public
  29.A.agreeable B.hopeful C.thankful D.pitiful
  30.A.Moved B.Shocked C.Persuaded D.Demanded
  31.A.one B.some C.two D.any
  32.A.While B.As C.Because D.Though
  33.A.express B.describe C.explain D.shake
  34.A.returned B.delivered C.chose D.shared
  35.A.sweet B.healthy C.happy D.fair
  36.A.putting B.giving C.storing D.signing
  37.A.present B.harvest C.winner D.chance
  38.A.greeting B.praising C.sheltering D.rewarding
  39.A.under B.before C.beyond D.within
  40.A.process B.project C.struggle D.communication 三.阅读理解(2
  20) A Bamboo is one of nature's most surprising plants. Many people call this plant a tree, but it is a kind of grass. Like other kinds of grass, a bamboo plant may be cut very low to the ground, but it will grow back very quickly. A Japanese scientist reported one bamboo pla
nt which grew
  1.5 metres (4 feet) in 24 hours! Bamboo grows almost everywhere i n the world except Europe. There are more than 1, 000 kinds of bamboo. Not all bamboo looks the same. Some bamboo plants are very thin. They may only grow to be a few centimeters wide while others may grow to more than 30 centimetres (1 foot) across. This plant also comes in different colors, from yellow t o black to green. Bamboo has been used to make many things such as hats and kitchen tools(厨 房用具). Because it is strong, bamboo is also used to build buildings. Many Asian
countries have used bamboo for hundreds of years. They often use bamboo for bu ildings and supporting new buildings and bridges while they are being built. In Africa, poor farmers are taught how to find water using bamboo. These Afr ican countries need cheap way to find water because they have no money, and thei r fields often die from no rain and no water. Bamboo pipes help poor farmers brin g water to their thirsty fields without spending a lot of money.
  1. How is bamboo like grass? A. It grows quickly. C. it is easy to cut B. It's wood. D. It is very thin . D. in Africa .

  2. Though you can see bamboo everywhere, it doesn't grow A.in China B.in Europe C. on mountains

  3. Why is bamboo used by African poor farmers? Because A.it is cheap C.it is strong
  4. Bamboo pipes can A. make money . B. be trees C. grow quickly . B.it has different colors D.it has been used by Asians
D. carry water

  5. In Asia, bamboo has been used for A. a short time C. many hundreds of years B.
B.many thousands of years D. about 100 years
Macao is only forty miles from Hong Kong and it is easy to reach. You can g et there by sea. It is an interesting place and it had a long history. Macao is part of China and most people living there are Chinese. The first Europeans to go to Macao came from Portugal. More than four hund red years ago the Portuguese went there to trade with China. Some settled and ma de their homes there. They built strong forts to guard the city and the harbor. The y also built churches, schools, hospitals and other places. Slowly the city grew. Pe ople from many countries came to live and work in Macao. Today many people visit Macao. Some only go there to watch dog-racing or motor-racing or to gamble with their money. But Macao is a quiet and peaceful pl ace. It is pleasant just to walk around and look at old buildings and forts. You fee l you are back in the old days. Of course, some of the buildings are now in ruins. The Church of St. Paul has only the front wall with many steps leading up to it. But it is still interesting to see. When you are hot and tired, there are small cool gardens to rest in. when you are hungry, there are good restaurants with many kinds of food. Nearby there are some islands, which are also nice and are easy to get to. There is certainly a lot to do in Macao.
  1. Macao is easy to get to because. A. it is part of China and most people there are Chinese. B. it is an interesting place. C. it is very fast and cheap by sea D. it is not far away from Hong Kong.
  2. Which of the following is Not true? A. Portuguese were the first Europeans to go to Macao. B. some Portuguese settled in Macao and made their homes half a century ago. C. the city Macao grew slowly D. people there put up strong forts to defend the city.
  3. You feel in Macao you are back in the old days because A. some of the buildings are now in ruins. B. you can watch dog-racing or motor-racing. C. you can go about and look at the old buildings and forts with pleasure. D. it is a peaceful place.
  4. Where will you have a break when you feel worn out? A. In good restaurants. B. In small cool gardens.
C. On some islands. D. In beautiful parks.
  5. The writer's idea seems to be that. A. people from many countries came to live and work in Macao. B. Portuguese were willing to do business in China. C. people in Macao serve good food. D. Macao is a quiet and peaceful place with a lot to see and to do. C. After The First World War, a small group of soldiers left the army and returned to their hometown in France. Most of them lived well, but one of them was poor. H is name was Clinton. Once a year they had supper in Barton's house. Barton was very rich. One evening Barton showed his friends a large gold coin at the supper table. The coin was passed around and praised by everyone. At the same time they were talking and talking. They soon forgot about the coin. After supper, Barton asked for his coin, but nobody could tell where it was. It was lost. One man said that everyone must be searched. One by one they turned out th eir pockets. Only Clinton refused. "I didn't steal the coin, and I will not be searched," he said. After that, people turned their heads away from Clinton when they met him. He grew poorer. Soon his wife died. A few years later, Barton had his house repai red. The lost coin was found under the floor. Barton felt sorry and went to Clinto n to apologize. "But," he asked, "You knew the coin was not in your pocket. "Why did you refuse to be searched?" "Because I was a thief," Clinton answered. "My pockets were full of food at t hat time. I had taken some food from the table to carry to my wife and hungry c hildren."
  1. The story took place . A. in 1920 B. after 1945 C. in 1950 D. after the First World War
  2. The coin was passed and praised because A. Clinton was rich C. it was a large gold coin B. the supper was good D. they were happy

  3. Everyone was searched because . A. they were thieves B. the gold coin was lost C. Clinton stole the gold coin D. they stole the gold coin
  4. Clinton refused to be searched because . A. he was afraid to be found that there was some food in his pockets B. he didn't steal the coin C. he was poor enough D. the gold coin was in his pocket
  5. "After that, people turned their heads away from Clinton when they met him." From the sentence we know that . A. people thought of him as a beggar B. people were afraid of him C. people look down upon him D. Clinton refused to see his friends D People in the United States honor their parents with two special days:Mother's Day,on the second Sunday in May,and Father's Day,on the third Sunday in Ju ne.These days are set aside to show love and respect for parents.They raise their c hildren and educate them to be responsible citizens.They give love and care.These t wo days offer an opportunity to think about the changing roles of mothers and fath ers.More mothers now work outside the home.More fathers must help with child?c are. These two special days are celebrated in many different ways.On Mother's Day people wear carnations(康乃馨).A red one symbolizes a living mother.A white one shows that the mother is dead.Many people attend religious services to honor parents.It is also a day when people whose parents are dead visit the cemetery.On these days families get together at home,as well as in restaurants.They often have outdoor barbecues for Father's Day.These are days of fun and good feelings and memories. Another tradition is to give cards and gifts. Children make them in school.Many people make their own presents.These are valued more than the ones bought in stores.It is not the value of the gift that is important,but it is "the thought that counts."Greeting card stores,florists,candy
makers,bakeries,telephone companies,and other stores do a lot of business during these holidays.
  1.Which is NOT a reason for children to show love and respect for parents? A.Parents bring up children B.Pa



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