Parents often make s for their acrifices children.

upply Cows s us with milk. to be your friend.

  3. I’m p roud
  4. His voice was quite p over the telephone.
  5. In a few days, he r ecovered strength of body and mind.

When did the American CWar ivil break out?
  7. Smoking has a bad e
on our health.
What a pity! All the work is in v. ain

  9. The farmers worked from d to dark awn on the farms.
  10. Facing unemployment workers went on strike. (失业 300 失业), 失业

insisted 坚持 I (坚持 on his coming with us. 坚持) We should try our best to overcome 克服) (克服 difficulties. 克服

  13. She is (心甘情愿的 to help others. 心甘情愿的) willing 心甘情愿的
  14. The city is under reconstruction (重建 重建). 重建
  15. The pains of slaves brought from Africa by greedy(贪婪的 slave traders (商人 贪婪的) 商人). 贪婪的 商人

  16. The hardships of unemployment
(失业 失业) 失业
and civil unrest (动乱 in the post-war years 动乱) 动乱 and the Great Depression 萧条期 (萧条期 萧条期).
  17.The many sacrifices(牺牲 of the civil Rights 牺牲) 牺牲 Movement.
  18.The city was destroyed and there was no money for reconstruction (重建 重建). 重建

  19.When the new mayor市长 of Atlanta started (市长 市长) working in 1864, the city had only $

  20.The injustices (不公平 in the city and in 不公平) 不公平 the South led Dr King to organize non-violent demonstrations.
  21. Dr King’s efforts were not in vain (徒劳 徒劳). 徒劳
  22. Segregation eventually (最后 终于 最后,终于 最后 终于) disappeared and a new dawn(开端,黎明 开端, 开端 黎明) seemed to arrive.
  23. When they resisted (抵抗 they were killed. 抵抗), 抵抗

  24. The American government made agreements with Native American chiefs(首领 首领), 首领 but always broke them afterwards (后来 后来). 后来
  25. The bison killing became more widespread (普遍 普遍). 普遍

  26. The killing of the bison changed the whole wildlife (野生动物 of the prairie (草原 野生动物) 草原). 野生动物 草原
  27. king’s 葬礼)
  27. Dr king s funeral (葬礼) was shown on Americans. television and millions of Americans.

  28. After a long time , the old wooden house r away . rotten
  29. Your grandfather is not in good p conditions , so you should physical take good care of him .

In those days they couldn’t a to call in a doctor. afford

  2. I must a my watch. adjust
  3. He is studying hard to improve his listening, speaking, reading and writing a. abilities

  4. I was a student before, so I have a lot of s with the students. sympathy conductedsafely to the station.
  5. Annie c us senses
  6. Hearing is one of the five s.
  7. How many countries will be participating pin the 2008 Olympic Games?
  8. You mustn’t do that in a public place. p

  9. She has artistic p as an artist. potential
  10. All kinds of books are on display in a book f. fair
  11. Stories of Helen Keller opened up a disability new world to the people with d_ .
  12. He, on behalf of all students, gave a speech at the graduation ceremony c.

  13. He is a gartist. gifted His paintings are world-famous.
  14. Good glasses will a assist you to read well. recognition
  15. He received no (承认 承认) 承认 for the part he played in the war.
  16. You are lucky to have had in your youth the help and guidance (指导 of such a man. 指导) 指导

  17. At last they experienced the joy of (成功 成功). 成功 victory
  18.A telephone is put where it will be accessible (易得到的 易得到的). 易得到的 encouragement
  19. A little(鼓励 is all some 鼓励) 鼓励 people need to keep doing good jobs.
  20. One of Xiao wen’s programmes received an award at her province’s science (商品交易会 商品交易会). 商品交易会 fair

  21.We know that we cannot let physical disabilities 伤残 (伤残,残 疾) limit a 伤残, person’s life.
  22.The best way to help is often simply a matter of opening doors and offering (指引 指引). guidance 指引
  23.The university has launched a gifted special education college where (有天赋的 disable students received the 有天赋的) 有天赋的 help they need to succeed.

  24.They not only learn how to assist (帮助 disabled people, but also learn 帮助) 帮助 the importance of (合作 to 合作) cooperating 合作 reach their goals in life. recognition
  25.They need (认可 more than 认可), 认可 (同情 and help. 同情) sympathy 同情
  26.Like all of us, disabled people also need inspiration andencouragement (鼓励 鼓励). 鼓励
  27.Zijie says he was inspired and (激发 by the magazine. 激发) motivated 激发

  28.I have learnt to live with my body as it is and (调整 my way of life. 调整) adjusted 调整
  29.It is time for the rest of society to accept me as I am andget used __(习惯于 __ to 习惯于 习惯于) the fact that I can do many great things.
  30.The events are surrounded by grand ceremony (仪式 and the competition is 仪式 仪式), fierce.

  31. For many athletes simply taking part victory 胜利 in the games is a (胜利 胜利).
  32.We must make sure that our streets and public building are safe and accessible (可进入的 to all of us. 可进入的) 可进入的
  33.Society often fails to treat and mentally disabled with (尊严 尊严) dignity 尊严 and respect.

  34. By preparing for and participating (参加 in the Special Olympics. 参加) 参加
  35.Mentally disabled people can develop their ability to move, improve their health and gain greater (自 自 self-confidence 信).
  36.Today there are move opportunities for disables people to develop their potential (潜力 潜力). 潜力

  37. Since the accident, Bill can no longer move his legs and he has no feeling below his . waist
  38. Some dogs have been trained to visually 弱视 help people who are (弱视) 弱视) impaired.


初二英语下册复习单元 Units 1-6

   重要词汇 1.曾经 2.一次 once 曾经 ever 一次 3.两次 4. 不健康的 unhealthy 不健康的 两次 twice result 5. 节目 program 6. 结果 7.垃圾 8. 采访者 interviewer 采访者 垃圾 junk 9. 习惯 habit 习惯 10. 不同 不同(n.) difference 11. 分数 grade 分数 12. 虽然 although 虽然 重要词组 go skateboarding 在周末 去踩滑板 在周末 on wee ...


   重要词汇 once 1.曾经ever 曾经 2.一次 一次 3.两次twice 不健康的 两次 4. 不健康的unhealthy program 5. 节目 6. 结果result interviewer 7.垃圾junk 采访者 垃圾 8. 采访者 9. 习惯habit 习惯 10. 不同 difference 不同(n.) grade although 11. 分数 分数 12. 虽然 虽然 重要词组 go skateboarding 在周末 去踩滑板 在周末 on weekends 2 ...


   重要词汇 1.曾经 2.一次 once 曾经 ever 一次 3.两次 4. 不健康的 unhealthy 不健康的 两次 twice result 5. 节目 program 6. 结果 7.垃圾 8. 采访者 interviewer 采访者 垃圾 junk 9. 习惯 habit 习惯 10. 不同 不同(n.) difference 11. 分数 grade 分数 12. 虽然 although 虽然 重要词组 go skateboarding 在周末 去踩滑板 在周末 on wee ...


   中 学 英 语 园 地 初三英语单元知识要点与中考试题精选 !!"#$% &’()*" 中 考 聚 焦 安徽 王对成 )+ ,-./ "/./0 %//" %123 4" /52#$#"6 74$23 8/9:0/#!我以前从未看过 如此激动人心的比赛$" !试题精选" ! ;"2</ =4"6 #% A+ %: 90B/"C<? 4 E+ %123 90#/&q ...

-人教版[原创]高二英语Units 1-6单词拼写专练

   高二上学期 Units 1-6 单词拼写专练 analysis 分析 1. The professor's (分析 分析) about how the earth came into being is easy to understand. obvious 明显 2. It's (明显 that what he 明显) said is wrong. gravity 重力 3. Without (重力 we 重力), couldn't stand on the earth. 4. The ri ...

七彩教育网2009届高考英语一轮复习精品专题辅导 高一 Units 15 - 16

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   初二英语下学期中段测试题 一、 语言(找出与所给音标读音相同的单词) 分) (5 A ( ( ( ( ( ) 1.[ :] cost ) 2.[ ) 3.[ ) 4.[ :] ] tie sand B among die travller neither found C forest field stamp thousand mountain D cotton lie workplace thirsty mouth ] earth ) 5.[ :] group 二、 (一) ( ( ( ( ...


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   鲁班教育网 www.lubanedu.cn 提供一二级建造师、建筑师、造师价、安全师、监理师考试资料,免费网络课程试听 001 abandon give up 放弃 服从,遵守 突然的 加速、加快 积累、积聚 指控…犯…罪 不利的、 负面的 目标、目的 委派任命 选择、 二者之中 其一 无论、不管 唤起、刺激、激 怒 声称、宣称 立刻、马上 参加 真正的 禁止 接近于,几乎 关系、影响 分支机构 打破 打电话 能力 002 abide by stick to 坚持,遵循 不平常的,反常 丰富 ...


   新闻英语的阅读技巧 新闻英语(journalistic English)主要是指新闻报道文章使用的英语。它主要体现在英语 报刊之中,而阅读英文报刊是许多同学的爱好。阅读英文报刊,不但可以帮助我们了解天下 大事, 而且可以在有意无意间学到许多英语语言知识。 阅读英文报刊可以使我们接触到大量 鲜活的语言,因为英语是当今世界发展最快、变化最大的语言,而报刊是英语语言发展的先 锋,是对英语发展变化反应最为敏锐的媒体,报刊上的文章总是能迅速跟上时代步伐,及时 创造新的词汇、 新的语言形式及语法结构。 ...


   同等学力英语词汇学习方法指导 单词记忆一直被认为是非常枯燥的事,英语单词虽然难记;但是它本身也是 很有规律的,除了利用构词法的知识去背单词外,还可以利用联想法。归纳法和 利用构词法的知识去背单词外, 利用构词法的知识去背单词外 还可以利用联想法。 词根记忆法来丰富词汇量。 词根记忆法来丰富词汇量。 1.联想记忆法 联想记忆法: 就可以采用联 1.联想记忆法:对于没有词根的单词或词根难以记住的单词, 想记忆法。 所谓联想记忆就是把一个单词分割成几个单词或几个部分, 并用联想的方法 记住。大学英 ...


   2011 2011 年中考英语词汇表 说明: 说明: 1.本表供 2011 年使用。 2.词汇前标有▲是理解词汇,其余是掌握词汇。 3.部分可根据构词法推出的副词和名词不单列。 4.基数词和序数词未单列完全。 5.红色的为 2011 年新增词汇。 A a(an) art. able a. ad. a. 一(个、件…) 能够,有能力的 大约,到处,四处 上面的 also prep. 沿着,顺着 already ad. 已经 ad. 也 ad. 总是,一直,永远 a. 美国的, 美国人的 n. ...