Unit15 Destinations
Teaching Goals
  1. Talk about travel and cities.
  2. Practice making complaints.
  3. Review the Non-finite Verbs(
  1):-ing, -ed, to do…
  4. Write a descriptive essay/paragraph. The First Period Teaching Aims:
  1. Learn and master some new words
  2. Train the students’ listening and speaking abilities.
  3. Get the students to talk about travel and cities. Teaching Important Points:
  1. Finish the task of listening to train the students’ listening ability.
  2. Finish the task of making complaints to train the students’ speaking ability. Teaching Difficult Point: How do we help the students finish the tasks of listening and speaking. Teaching Methods:
  1. Free talk, listening and speaking to train the students’ ability to use English.
  2. Individual, pair or group work to make every student take an active part in class. Teaching Aids:
  1. the multimedia
  2. the blackboard Teaching Procedures: ?Step 1 Greetings and Lead-in Make a dialogue with students, then learn some new words. complaint n.投诉;申诉;抱怨,表示不满 Iraq n.?伊拉克 Mexico n.?墨西哥 Greenland n.?格陵兰 airline n.?航空公司;航线 uncomfortable adj.不服的,令人不自在的 wanderlust n.?漫游癖 travel agent(旅行社). In Season(旅游旺季) Off Season(旅游淡季) resorts(旅游胜地) tourists(游客)?go in the off season. Passports(护照) Visas(签证) Health Certificates(健康证明) legal document(合法文件) embassy(大使馆).
Step 2 Listening T makes a brief introduction about the listening material, and then asks Ss to listen to the tape and do the exercises. ? Step 3 Speaking There are three situations, and ask Ss to choose one of them to act it out with their partner according to the role cards. A sample dialogue: Student A: Manager Student B: Guest A: How do you feel to live in our hotel? B: On the whole, not so bad, but the room I am living in faces a noisy street, and I’m a light sleeper, so it is impossible for me to fall asleep. Could you please do something about it? A: I’m so sorry. I’ll make an arrangement for you as soon as possible. Anything else? B: I hate to have to say this, but the bed in my room makes me feel uncomfortable. A: That’s too bad. I’ll settle this problem at once. B: It’s very kind of you. Oh, by the way, would you please send someone to have a check on the supply of the hot water? There is no hot water at all. A: I see. I’ll do that. ?Step 4 Homework Preview the next part?Reading. The Second Period Teaching Aims:
  1. Learn and master some new words and expressions:
  2. Train the students’ reading ability.
  3. Get the students to learn about some big cities in the world. Teaching Important Points:
  1. Learn to use the following useful phrases: every now and then, get tired of, cool off, itch for, take a dip, work out
  2. Train the students’ reading ability. Teaching Difficult Points: How to help the students understand the text exactly Teaching Methods:
  1. Fast reading to get a general idea of the text.
  2. Careful reading to get the detailed information.
  3. Asking-and-answering to help the students understand the text exactly.
  4. Pair or group work to make every student work in class. Teaching Aids: the blackboard Teaching Procedures: Step 1 Greetings Greet the whole class as usual. Step 2 Revision and Pre-reading Teacher shows a chart on the blackboard. And ask Ss to talk about what important things a tourist needs to know.
Area Food Transportat ion
Very Important
Not important
Attractions ?Step3 Reading
  1.First ask Ss to read the text quickly and find the answers to the questions on the blackboard. Questions:
  1). What is Rio de Janeiro famous for?
  2). What does the word“Caracas”mean?
  3). Why do people visit Kitzbuhel?
  2. Then structure study: Part one: P1 Brief introduction about travel. Part two: P2?P5 introduce Rio De Janeiro from three aspects. Part three: P6?P8 introduce another world class ski resort: Kitzbuhel.
  3. True or false:
  1). Rio de Janeiro is Brazil’s second largest city. (True)
  2). Copacabana, perhaps the most famous of all beaches, is far away from downtown.
  3). The best time to visit Rio is in March, but the biggest tourism season comes around June or July.
  4). Caracas are well known for their big heart and friendliness. (True)
  5). Rio de Janeiro is a paradise for skiers.
  6). The good weather and breath-taking scenery make Kitzbuhel a world-class ski resort. (True)
  7).The world’s best and fastest skiers gather here twice a year to try their daring in the downhill race that every skier wants to win. Step 4 Summary and Homework T: Well, let’s come back from Rio de Janeiro or Kitzbuhel to see what we’ve learnt in this class. First, we’ve learnt about some foreign countries’ culture and history by reading the text. Second, we’ve learnt some useful expressions. After class, please read the text again and use the chart from the Pre-reading to analyze the text about Rio de Janeiro. ? The Third Period Teaching Aims: Review Non-finite Verbs(
  1):-ing, -ed, to do. Teaching Important Points: Help the students finish each exercise correctly to revise Non-finite Verbs. Teaching Difficult Point:
Master the uses of the three kinds of Non-finite Verbs correctly. Teaching Methods:
  1. Review method to consolidate the words learned in the last two periods.
  2. Practicing to make the students master the Non-finite Verbs correctly.
  3. Individual, pair or group work to make every student work in class. Teaching Aids: the blackboard Teaching Procedures: Step 1 Greetings Greet the whole class as usual. Step 2 Revision of Grammar Teacher shows the following on the blackboard. to do
  1. The first thing would be to decide where to go.
  2. The most important thing would be for you to decide where to go. -ing
  1. Every now and then we get the itch for travelling.
  2. Kitzbuhel has the most challenging and exciting downhill slopes for skiers in the world.
  3. Few visitors leave Rio feeling disappointed. -ed
  1. Amazed by the beautiful scenery at Copacabana Beach, he decided to come again next year.
  2. Known as Carnival, the festival attracts visitors from all over the world. Step 3 Practice Point out the function of the -ing form in each sentence.
  1. Doing nothing is doing ill.
  2. Be careful! The falling stones might hit you.
  3. When you hang wet clothes near a fire, you will see steam coming from them.
  4. Not knowing much English, I found it hard to understand them.
  5. While walking along the shore, we saw that the water was very dirty.
  6. Playing tricks on others is something we should never do.
  7. Babies like tearing paper into pieces.
  8. They went out of the club, talking and laughing loudly. Suggested answers:
  1. Subject, Predicative
  3.Object Complement
  8.Adverbial Step Ⅳ Homework
  1. Do exercise 6 on workbook.
  2. Write a descriptive paragraph.


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