Unit16 The United States of America
Teaching Aims:
  1. Learn and master the new words and expressions.
  2. Learn about the American plain and the bison
  3. Write a short passage about your home town
  4. Review Non-finite Verbs Teaching Important Points:
  1. Talking about the USA
  2. Practice describing places to train the speaking ability Teaching Difficult Points:
  1. Help the students to improve their speaking ability.
  2. Help the students to express their own opinions and ideas. Teaching Methods: Pair work or group work to make every student work in class. Teaching Aids: the blackboard Teaching Procedures: Step 1 Lead-in Guess game : It is a very young country in the world, which has only a history of 200~300 years. There is a Statue of Liberty in the east coast. It is about 46 meters high. The head office of the UN was set up there. Two World Wars didn’t take place there. Now it is the strongest country of the world. (The USA.) Step 2 Warming up
  1. Show the map of the U.S.A and help the Ss to get a general idea of her. Full name Location Capital city The largest city When was founded population
  2. The U.S.A is a beautiful country. There are many beautiful cities and also great people. pictures. George Washington: . The first president Martin Luther King : the leader of non-demonstration was killed in 1968 New York : the largest city nick name Atlanta : in the south the host of the Olympic Game in 1996 Ellis Island: Island of Tears Step 3 Speaking

  1.Learn the useful expression. Make a sentence with each pattern. How long /wide/high/tall is ….? It’s …metres/feet long/wide/high/tall. There is …in the north/south/east/west. It looks like….
  2.Write a short passage to describe a place.
  3.Play the Guess game. One student read his short article , the others guess where it is. Step 4 Pre-reading.
  1.Play the video of the film “gone with the wind, let the Ss know the hard past of the south
  2.Play another video about the city of Atlanta, show the modern and rich of the south
  3.Let the Ss know how difference they are. Then tell them they will learn about the history of the south Step 5 Reading
  1.Skimming (get a general idea of the passage): Ask the Ss to answer the following questions.
  1) What kind of story is the story of the south?
  2) Which city is the typical southern city.?
  3) Put the events below in the correct place on the timeline. 30,000 years ago 1600 1861 1930s 1960s The American Civil War The great Depression European settlers The arrival of Native American The Civil Rights Movement
  2.Scanning (Get specific ideas ) Ask Ss to read the passage carefully again and make it clear why Atlanta is a typical southern city. Try to finish the chart below Why Atlanta is a typical southern city ? In the war The The difficulties the people of economical past Atlanta had to overcome after the war political today The success in 1996 Modern Atlanta
  3. Ask Ss to listen to the tape to get more information
  4. Work in pairs to make up a dialogue. Step 6 Language points insist on 坚持 supply v.供给 be determined to do
be forced to do resist . v. 抵抗;对抗 sacrifice n. 牺牲 v. 牺牲,奉献,把…做祭品 in turn 转而,轮流 take a chance 冒险, 碰运气 徒劳;白辛苦 in vain on sale 出售;减价 segregation n. 隔离;分离 Step 7 Further understanding(discuss in groups) People of many different background live and work together in Atlanta .What are the advantages of living together with people who are different from you ? Are there any disadvantages? Step 8 GrammarReview Nonfinite Verbs(
  1.. Teacher shows the following on the blackboard. It is impossible that lost time can be made up.
  2.Rules are made so that they can not be broken.
  3.I don’t mind their inviting him.
  4.She enjoys their interviewing her. Try to Rewrite the sentences using the correct non-finite passive form.
  2. Review non-finite verbs together. :The verb that cannot be used as the predicate is called the non-finite verb. The “v.-ing, v.-ed or to do cannot act as the predicate, so we call them the non-finite verb.”The passive form of them is separately “being done” “or “to be done”.
  3. Do the exercise and check the answers.. Step 9 Writing Imagine that your American pen friend has sent you an e-mail asking for help. He want to know the history and the development of your home town. Write a letter to him or her comparing the past and today of your home town. The following table may help you.


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