Unit 17 Book Ⅱ Disabilities
Ⅰ.Teaching goals: A. Knowledge goal Carry on the listening training effectively. Learn some useful expressions. Understand the difficulties the disabled should face. B. Ability goal Learn how to express ability and disability. Discuss with the students how to help the disabled. Train the Ss’ logical thinking and quick reaction capability.
Develop the Ss’ abilities of creative thinking and cooperative study
C. Emotion goal Cultivate the Ss’ ability of group cooperation further. Understand, care about and respect the disabled. Strive constantly for self-improvement. ⅡTeaching key points: A. Listening B. Speaking C. Communication Ⅲ.Teaching difficult points: A. Introducing all kinds of people with disability. B. Creating communicate atmosphere to help the disabled. C .How to let each student take part in listening , speaking and communication. Ⅳ.Teaching methods: : Main methods:
  1.Teaching the students in accordance with love, using Audiolingual Method
  2.Carrying out the ideological education through the teaching process using task-based instruction. Other methods: Communicative Approach Affective Approach to Language Teaching Activity-based Language Teaching Heuristic teaching Ⅴ.Learning methods Co-operative learning discovery learning Experiential Learning Ⅵ.Teaching aids blackboard, recorder, .multimedia Ⅶ. Teaching Procedures
  1.lead-in:Show the students several kinds of disability using pictures
  2. Blackboard Arrangement:
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Unit 17 Disabilities
able /ability disable /disability disabled / the disabled people with disability
  1.) She has the ability to speak English fluently.
  2.) Blindness is a kind of disability.
  3.) The disabled are needed to be taken good care of.
  3.Warming up: Show the Ss four pictures at the same time. The Ss can make choices about which to choose and try to find out solutions. Pay attention to their individual differences. Through assumption, cultivate the students’ imagination, observation and creativity. Various solutions should be OK if it can work. 4 Listening Pre-listening While-listening Post-listening Teaching methods Learning methods analysis make clear the take notes discuss guidance summary purpose of understand the retell according help listening text and key to the questions enlightenment creativity points choices solving difficult thinking ability ask questions key words make choices solving more points know something problems encouragement, according to the evaluation background knowledge listening 5 Speaking Pre-speaking While-speaking Post-speaking Teaching methods Learning methods know something discuss comment guidance Co-operation help about the topic role-play discovery and language arrange sample learning atmosphere exchange ideas encouragement, experiential useful free talk appreciation learning expressions solving difficult task and role points reaction ability distribution 6 Evaluation forms of speaking Items Evaluation Pronunciation 1 2 3 4 5 Intonation; 1 2 3 4 5 Content 1 2 3 4 5 Expression 1 2 3 4 5 Coherent 1 2 3 4 5 Cooperation 1 2 3 4 5
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7 A song Let the Ss to listen to the song Endless love. Certainly the song will impress them more on love and care. 8 Summary
  1. Talk about disabilities and care about the disabled.
  2. Useful expressions and sentence patterns.disability, imagine, overcome the difficulty What…to do with? / How … to deal with? It’s +adj. for/of sb to do something If I were…, I would…. 9 Homework Surf the Internet or go to the library to find out more information about the disabled, for example: the number of the disabled in the world or in China, great famous disabled persons and so on, then arrange them and exchange the ideas in the next period; Prepare for the next period Reading After learning this period the Ss and I will come to realize:When God closes a door he will always open a window. And we should co
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