Integrating Skills
Red Hot Achievements
What inventions do you know in China’s history?
making paper

  1.What fields that China has made great achievement are mentioned in the passage ?
Exploring space, solving the mysteries of life, e-volution, efighting cancer.

  2. What plan did the Chinese government put forward in 1995?
A plan for “rejuvenating the nation by relying on science and education”

  3. What does CSA stand for?
The Chinese Space Agency.

  1. What plan has helped Chinese scientists make many breakthroughs?

  2. Which scientific fields are mentioned in the text ?
Exploring Space
Achievements The CSA has developed Long March rocket series
Importance It prepares for the nation’s first manned space flight Chinese scientists prove to be the best in the world
Chinese scientists have completed Genetic mapping out their Research part of the international human genetic project.
Importance Chinese computer The nation’s first Computer engineers have humanoid Engineer- developed the space computer robot has ing Shenwei been built. Medical Science Scientists create a chemical element to fight cancer cells It makes the cure of deadly disease possible
fields Achievements
put forward: advance, propose or suggest sth. For discussion 提出(意见、建议) 提出(意见、建议) "In 1860, a better plan was put forward by an Englishman, William Low." Shall we put Mr Willington forward as the candidate for chairman of the committee? 推荐;提名; 推荐;提名;推举
breakthrough n.

  1) 突破,冲破防线 突破,
a military breakthrough 军事突破
  2)突破性的发现,成就 突破性的发现, 突破性的发现 a scientific breakthrough 科学成就 Surgeons have made a great breakthrough in the kidney transplantation.
外科医生们在肾移植方面取得了重大突破。 外科医生们在肾移植方面取得了重大突破。


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     几年来,由于职称考评的需要,广大科技干部学习英语的热情一直非常高涨。在学习过程中,首先遇到的是词汇问题,一个人英语水平的高低很大程度上取决于他的词汇量有多大。但记忆单词对于每个人来说都是比较头疼的事情,常常是记了后面的忘记了前面的,复习前面的又把后面的忘记了。那么有没有一个好的办法在较短的时间内把尽可能多的单词记下来呢?有没有捷径能迅速扩大自己的词汇量呢?这是许多科技干部与我们英语教师常常探讨的一个问题。   一、捷径问题   捷径问题,归根到底是记忆方法问题。   在记忆英语单词时,人人 ...