Unit 11
Difficult and important sentences

  1. Whatever great achievements the future may have in store for China, it is likely that many of them will be born in northwestern Beijing.
  1) in store : a) being stored储存着 储存着; 储存着 b) about to go 就要发生 必将发生 就要发生, 我在国外期间,我的家具存放起来了。 我在国外期间,我的家具存放起来了。 My furniture is in store while I’m abroad. 有好日子等着你 There are better days in store for you.
  2) likely a) be likely to do sth 很可能(发生某种情况) 很可能(发生某种情况) b) It is likely that + 从句
辨析: possible与 辨析:likely, possible与probable
probable> likely> probable> likely>possible
likely 常用词,指“从表面现象看很有可能” 常用词, 从表面现象看很有可能” possible 指“由于有适当的条件和方法,某事可能发生或做 由于有适当的条件和方法, 强调“客观上有可能” 实际希望很小” 到”,强调“客观上有可能”,但“实际希望很小”。 probable 语气比possible 强,指“有根据、合情理、值得相信 语气比possible 有根据、合情理、 的事物,带有大概,很可能的意思” 的事物,带有大概,很可能的意思” It is possible (for sb.) to do sth. It is possible / probable that… It is likely that… Sb./sth.is likely to do sth…
possible It is for him to come. possible/ probable / likely It is that he will come. likely He is to come.

  2. The center itself got started in the early 1980s, when Chen Chunxian, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, opened a private research and development institute. 我的哥哥亨利是个警察 .Henry, my brother, is a police.
  3. The science park is also home to a growing number of overseas Chinese who have grasped the opportunity to develop their ideas at home.
  1) overseas adj.(在)海外的(在)国外的 overseas trade overseas students in Britain adv.在海外,在国外 live overseas
  2) grasp sb. by the arm grasp one’s meaning

  4. Yufang talked to some friends from his university in Beijing and they helped arrange for his return. arrange vt. 安排,筹划;整理,布置 安排,筹划;整理, arrange for sth. 为...作安排 ...作安排 arrangement n. make arrangements for somebody 我已经为明天客人的来访作好了准备。 我已经为明天客人的来访作好了准备。 I’ve arranged for the guests’ visit tomorrow. 我已经准备了一辆汽车到机场接你。 我已经准备了一辆汽车到机场接你。 I’ve arranged for a car to meet you at the airport. arrange to do sth.安排做 预定做 安排做…, 预定做… 安排做 They arranged to meet at 7 o’clock.

  5. He lives Beijing and runs a small company based in Zhongguancun together with two friends.
in charge of, manage
base sth. in / at
把...设在 ...设在 以...为基础 ...为基础
base sth. on / upon
那家银行的总部设在伦敦 That bank’s head office is based in London. 这个故事是以事实为基础的. 这个故事是以事实为基础的 This story is based on facts.

  6. One of the mottos for the park ?“ Relying on science, technology, and knowledge to increase economic power”?make it clear that science and business can and must work together to build the future. rely on/upon sb./ sth. =depend on / rely on one’s doing / sb. to do sth. rely on it that… 我指望她来还钱 I rely on her paying back the money. (=I rely on her to pay back the money.) 你可以相信他会来看你的 You may rely on it that he will come to meet you.

  7. As Yufang puts(=say) it: “We are not making that(=so) much money yet, but we are excited about all the new technology and great ideas that are coming to life in Zhongguancun.” as sb. puts it…正如某人所说...put vt. 表达,表述 我想知道这个用法语怎么说. I want to know how to put this in French.
  8.It was wonderful, like a dream came true.
in store for, be home to, arrange for, rely on, come to life, put, set foot in rely on
  1. You can Peter to do whatever he promises. in store for
  2. Who knows what the future has us?
  3. When I mentioned our plans for a picnic, the came to life kids at once. arranged for
  4. We her to be examined by the best doctor. put
  5. Could you these words in French? set foot in
  6. She said she wouldn’t the house again. is home to
  7. Silicon Valley thousands of hi-tech companies.

  1. These wild flowers are so special, I would do whatever I can to save them. (20
  00. 北京)
  2. Sarah, hurry up. I’m afraid you won’t have time to before the party. ( NMET. 2004 ) A get changed B get change C get changing D get to change 3?How are the team playing? got -- They’re playing well, but one of them hurt. ( 20
  02. 北京 )

  4. Cleaning women in big cities usually get by __ hour. A pay; an B paid; \ C pay; \ D paid; the
  5. Having found difficult to swim across the very rapid river, they had to find a place for the night. A this B that C it D one
  6. It’s reported that China is to send a satellite to explore the moon before 20
  08. A possible B like C likely D probable

  7. How to raise agriculture production, which is still good weather and climate, is quite a task before scientists. A working on B depended on C basing on D relying on
  8. Judging by the expression on his face, he didn’t the points of the speech. A grasp B hold C recognize D make
  9. The great success, by the scientists’ working for years, greatly encouraged the whole country. A achieving B achieved C was achieved D to achieve

  10. She doesn’t speak her friend, but her written work is excellent. A as well as B as often as C so much as D as good as
  11. Not all the new companies can succeed. (Which of the following does not have the similar sentence structure? ) A Both children are not clever. B Everybody, it is true, wouldn’t like it. C All is not gold that glitters. D Nothing can be done if you don’t have a strong will.


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