Unit 15 New Words

  1. complaint
  1). 抱怨 抗议 怨言 抱怨的缘由 抱怨;抗议 怨言;抱怨的缘由 抗议;怨言 抱怨的缘由(+about/over/against)] e.g. The pupils made a list of their complains about school meals.
  2). 【律】控告 控诉 控告;控诉 控诉[C] The storekeeper signed a complaint accusing them of
店主签署了控告书,指控他们在店里扒窃货物 指控他们在店里扒窃货物。 shoplifting. 店主签署了控告书 指控他们在店里扒窃货物。
complain. v. complain to sb. about sth. He is always complaining to me. She complained to me about his rudeness.
? complain ?vi complain about sth. ? of ? that
complain that She often complains of / about his carelessness She often complains that he is careless.
They complained to the police about the noise. = They make a complaint about/of the noise. He said that if we made any more noise he ‘d the police. A. complain B. complain to C. complain about D. complain of

  2. upset
adj. 苦恼的,心烦的 苦恼的,
You look upset. be upset about 对……感到不快 感到不快 The passenger is upset about the poor service. upset vt. He upset the cup and the coffee went all over the floor. 弄翻 Our plans were upset by the sudden change in the weather. 打乱 Do what he wants, or you’ll upset him. 使心烦,使不安 使心烦, Eating fish sometimes upsets my stomach. 使不舒服

  3. look into
  1). 注视 He looks into her face with great interest.
  2). 调查 The police are looking into the cause of the accident.
look after 照顾,照料 look for 寻找 照顾, look down upon/on 俯视,轻视 俯视, look forward to …. 盼望 look on/upon …. as 把。。。看作 。。。看作 look out 往外看,注意,当心 往外看,注意, look like 看起来象。。。 看起来象。。。

  4. (every) now and then = (every) now and again=sometimes =from time to time= at times 不时地;偶尔; 不时地;偶尔;每隔一些时候 他们时不时就聚会在一起喝酒。 他们时不时就聚会在一起喝酒。 Every now and then, they’ll have a beer together.

  5. itch(vi.):发痒;使痒;渴望 ( ) 发痒 使痒; 发痒;
The insect bite itched all night. ( 发痒 )
渴望) He is itching to go to university. ( 渴望
The pupils are itching for the lesson to end. itch for sth./itch to do sth.
itch(n.): 痒;渴望 / 热望 / 欲望 ( )
He has been suffering from the itch for several days. have/get an itch to travel have an itch for knowledge 渴望旅行 渴望知识
wanderlust n 漫游症
? wander Vt, Vi 漫游 ? wanderer n. 漫游者 流浪汉 漫游者, ? He likes wandering (about/around) the countryside ?
  6.stretch vt &vi spread out;make longer/ ; wider ? stretch one’s arms/legs ? stretch one’s legs ? stretch it a bit

  7.get / be tired of 对……感到厌倦 / 失去兴趣; 感到厌倦 失去兴趣; 对……受够了 受够了 如果一个人对生活失去了兴趣, 她将一事无成。 如果一个人对生活失去了兴趣,他 / 她将一事无成。 If one gets tired of life, he / she will succeed in nothing. get / be tired from / with 由于(做)某事而疲倦 由于( 他走累了。 他走累了。 He is tired with / from walking.

  8. cool off = cool down 变凉,凉快起来, 变凉,凉快起来, 平静下来, 平静下来,冷淡下来 我要到树林里去乘凉。 我要到树林里去乘凉。 I’m going to the wood to cool off. 他对那些人已经冷淡了许多。 他对那些人已经冷淡了许多。 He has cooled off a lot towards those people. 我努力使她平静下来,但她离开的时候还是非常的生气。 我努力使她平静下来,但她离开的时候还是非常的生气。 I tried to cool her off but she was still very angry when she left.
  9. altitude n. 纬度 (海拔 高度 纬度, 海拔 海拔)高度 ? At high altitudes of Tibet it is difficult to breathe. ? The plane flew at an altitude of 20000 meters. ? The photo was taken at an of 20,000 meters above sea level. ? A. distance B. altitude ? C. attitude D. highlight

  8. guarantee
vt 保证 担保 保证;
e.g. The watch is guaranteed for two years Buying a train ticket doesn’t guarantee you a seat. We guarantee to be here tomorrow. I guarantee the sports meeting to be exciting. I guarantee that you’ll enjoy yourself. ? ? ? ? ? guarantee sth. 保证 担保 保证/担保 担保… guarantee sb. sth. 向…担保 担保…=guarantee sth to sb 担保 guarantee to do sth. 保证做 保证做… guarantee sth (to be)… 保管 是)…样的状况 保管(是 样的状况 guarantee that… 担保,保证 担保,保证…
? Can you guarantee me a job when I get there? ? I can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result. ? We guarantee to be here tomorrow.
He was proud of being chosen to participate in the game and he us that he would try as hard as possible. A. insured B. guaranteed C. assumed D. assured

  10.gather vt.&vi. 聚集,集合,收集 聚集,集合,
*gather information *gather experience
*The kindergartener gathered the children round her. *Clouds gather before a thunderstorm. *People gathered round, curious to know was happening. what

  11.feast, n.宴会,盛会;节日;V 宴会, 宴会 盛会;节日; 享受 give/ hold/ make a feast
? The king held/made/gave a feast. ? Christmas is an important feast for Christians. ?a feast for the eyes
? 圣诞节是基督教的一个重要节日。 圣诞节是基督教的一个重要节日。
? The classical music is really a feast for the ears. ? We feasted on chicken and coconuts.
feast sb. on sth.

  12.dip n. have/ take/ go for a dip v.浸;泡;蘸 浸
? He dipped his finger into the cup. ? He dipped his spoon into the coffee. ? dip into
I haven’t really read that book; I’ve only dipped into it.

  13.analyse vt.分析 分析
analysis n. analyses
They are analyzing the problem and trying to find a solution to it.

  14.chat n. Vi = talk 闲谈, 聊天 闲谈
have a chat with sb. 和 sb 聊天

  15.budget n.[C]
  1. 预算 预算费 生活费 经费 预算;预算费 生活费,经费 预算费;生活费 经费[(+for)] It is essential to balance one's budget. 量入为出是很重要的。 量入为出是很重要的。 She tried to keep her monthly budget below $4
  00. 她试图将每月的开支限制在四百元以下。 她试图将每月的开支限制在四百元以下。 vt.
  1. 把...编入预算 编入预算 The school budgeted one million dollars for a new library. 学校编列了一百万美元建新图书馆的预算。 学校编列了一百万美元建新图书馆的预算。

  16. rate n.比率,价格,费用,速度 比率,价格,费用, 比率
birth rate a tax rate interest rates at the rate of 60 miles an hour at any rate 无论如何 At this/that rate 照这样 那样的话 照这样/那样的话 vt. 评定,认为 评定, *I don’t rate this play at all. *Do you rate Tom among your friends?

arrange v.安排 安排
n. 安排,准备工作,整理 安排,准备工作,
*Let’s make arrangements for getting there on time. *I will arrange for somebody to meet you at the airport.


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