Unit 15 Destinations Reading
Rio de Janeiro
Austria Kitzbuhel
Read the text quickly and choose the best answer to the question. What is main A. Something B. Something C. Something Janeiro and idea of the text ? about the city about interesting places about two cities, Rio De Kitzbuhel
Get the main idea of each paragraph:
Para 1 Para 2 Para 3 Para 4 Para 5 Para 6 Para 7 Para 8
A: Beach B: Introduction about destinations C: Tourism time D: Ski resort E: Downhill slopes F: Other entertainment in Kitzbuhel G: Location and people. H: Downtown Rio
Careful Reading Part 1
What does the word wanderlust mean?
It means that people get the itch to travel.
Para (
  2) Location and people
Brazil’s second largest city Size: Alone the coast of Atlantic Ocean Location: A beautiful city City : known for big hearts and People: friendliness
Para 3 city What kind of the city is downtown Rio ? Downtown Rio is the city’s cultural and historical heart. It is also an important commercial city.
Para 4 beach
Copacabana The most famous beach: Known as: Princess of the Sea How many years: over 1oo years. Where …cool off: and in cafes, shops restaurants on Copacabana’s main
Para 5 best time
June or July
Best time Biggest tourism season A festival
Around March
Para 6 ski resorts
  1.Where should you go to look for a winter adventure? You should try to a visit to Kitzbuhel.
  2. Where is Kitzbuhel? It is located in southern Austria.
  3. What makes Kitzbuhel a world-class ski resort? The good weather and breath-taking scenery make Kitzbuhel a world-class ski resort?
Para 7 downhill slopes Kitzbuhel is home to downhill slopes in the world. The world’s best and fastest
skiers once a year gather here
to in the downhill race. There compete is no need to if you have never worry
skied plenty of before. There are
easier slopes and Kitzbuhel is well known
ski schools for its many .
Para 8 other enjoyment
What else can you do in Kitzbuhel? The town offers many shops, café and a wide variety of entertainment. Such as a walk around Kitzbuhel, take a dip, work out at the gym or go dancing.
Reading comprehension:

  1. Everyone can enjoy himself in Rio de Janeiro because . A. There are various activities. B. He can make a lot of money. C. He can get what he wants. D. Everything is free.

  2. The best season for people to visit Rio is . A. spring B. summer C. autumn D. winter
  3. Visitor can not in Kitzbuhel. A. dive B. swim C. dance D. ski

  4. Why do many people spend much time and money on trips? A. They have enough money and time. B. They have the strong desire to travel. C. There are many places of interest in the world. D. They have nothing to do.

  5. Which is true according to the text? A. Rio de Janeiro is on the west coast of Brazil. B. The ski schools are very expensive in Kizbuhel. C. The altitude of Kizbuhel brings much snow every year. D. Copacabana was built one hundred years ago.
True or False
  1. The best time to visit Rio is around March. T
  2. Carnival is a four-day festival. F
  3. The finest and most challenging place for skiing is Rio De Janeiro.
  4. A walk around Kitzbuhel is a feast for the eyes. F
  5. If you have never skied before, you had better not go to Kitzbuhel.
A comparison of the two cities
Items Country Rio de Janeiro Brazil Kitzbuhel Austria In southern Austria Friendliness
On the coast of Location Atlantic Ocean People Big hearts and friendliness
Attractions Downtown Rio, World-class Copacabana, Carnival Best time to visit June or July ski resort, old village culture Winter
Phrase/Sentence Kitzbuhel is a paradise for skiers. Meaning Kitzbuhel is a wonderful place for people who like skiing.
a walk through downtown Rio is a history lesson
You can learn a lot about history by looking through the
downtown. a feast for the eyes pleasant to look at
Should you have
If you are not too
enough energy left tired
Rio de Janeiro Kitzbuhel I would like to go to I would like to go to Rio de Janeiro Kitzbuhel because because I love skiing. I like swimming. I’m interested in history. I want to see the carnival. I want to see the alps. I want to watch a ski race.
Practice 1:
请根据课文完成以下填空,首字母已给出 请根据课文完成以下填空 首字母已给出. 首字母已给出 If you are looking for a winter a and want to ski, you can go dventure to Kitzbuhel. Kitzbuhel is a p aradise for skiers ,and the breath-taking s there is very beautiful. Skiers cenery
g here once a year to compete ather in the downhill race. Should you have enough energy left after a day on the slopes, you can take a d__ in the pool, work out at the ip g or go dancing in the clubs . ym
Practice 2: 请根据课文完成以下填空.
  1. Every now and then,we get the to travel. This phenomenon, sometimes, called. wanderlust glimpse A trip to RIO will give you a of the happy lifestyle of the Cariocas-the people of RIO-who are known for their hearts and. friendliness
  2. Visitors who get of the sand and the sun can rest in one of the many cafes,shops… Well,there is something for everyone and few visitors leave RIO disappointed feeling. The festival, as Carnival ,is one known of the world’s most famous and visitors from all over the world. attracts

  3. A trip to Rio will also give you a glimpse of the happy of lifestyle the Cariocas the people of Rio who are known for their big hearts and friendliness.
  4. Well, there is something for everyone here and few visitors leave Rio feeling disappointed . Located
  5. in southern Austria , paradise Kitzbuhel is a for skiers.

  6. Even though the altitude of the city and its surroundingAlps is not enough to guarantee snow , the good weather and breath-taking scenery make Kitzbuhel a world -class ski resort.
  7. Kitzbuhel is also home to one of the most and exciting challenging in the world . downhill slopes feast
  8. A walk around Kitzbuhel is a for the eyes.
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