期末复习题 高二英语选修 6 期末复习题 (Unit
  1) 2010-1-15
根据词性和词义写出下列单词。 汉译英) 一、单词拼写 根据词性和词义写出下列单词。 汉译英) (
  1. n. 雕塑
  2. n. 画廊
  3. n. 信任;信念
  4. n.技术;方法
  6. n.文明
  5. n. 几何学
  7. n. 区域
  8. n.展览会
  9. n. 阴影;影子
  10. n. 林阴道;大街
  11. n.委员会
  12. n. 学者
  13. n. 喜爱; 偏爱
  14. n.咖啡馆;小餐馆
  15. n. 名声;名誉
  16. n.签名;署名
  17. n.画像;身材
  18. v.瞄准 ; 努力
  19. v. 采用;采纳;收养
  20. v. 拥有;具有
  21. vt.雕刻;刻记
  22. vt.展示,陈列
  24. vt.尝试;企图
  23. vt. 预言;预测
  25. adj.侵略的;好斗的
  26. adj.荒谬的
  28. adj.争议的
  27.adj. 永久的;持久的
  29. adj.常规的;传统的
  30. adj. 明显的
  31. adj.典型的;有代表性的
  32. adj.卓越的;杰出的
  33. adj.确切的;特定的
  34. adj. 抽象的
  35. adj.脆弱的,容易生病的
  36. adj.精细的;易碎的
  37.adj. 香的
  38. adj.当代的
  39. adj.过敏性的
  40. adj.现实的 根据句子的意义及所给的首字母提示写出单词的适当形式,完成句子。 二、单词运用 根据句子的意义及所给的首字母提示写出单词的适当形式,完成句子

  1.She didn’t study at all, and c, he failed all his exams.
  2. Because of her poor life, she was forced to have her last baby a.
  3.This meal is t of local cookery.
  4.Mr Johnson is a famous doctor of great r and he is respected by his patients.
  5.These are children’s television programmes aimed at a s age.
  6.What you said really sounds a . Could you explain it in detail?
  7.I had some difficulty c the boss that I was the right man for the position.
  8.The a of the project is to help the people who suffer AIDS.
用前面划线的词的适当形式填空 词的适当形式填空。 三、词语派生 用前面划线的词的适当形式填空。

  1. The government predicted that the economy will improve. However, not many people agree with the .
  2. His paintings were exhibited in the local art gallery last week and the is a great success.
  3. Her necklace was valued at $30,000, which was quite .
  4. My granny possesses an ancient vase, which is one of her .
(用本单元所学的单词 ) 四、完成句子。 用本单元所学的单词、短语或句型填空,每空一词。 完成句子。 用本单元所学的单词、短语或句型填空,每空一词。 (

  1. 我企图说话,可是有人要我安静点 I but was told to be quiet.
  2. 这家化工厂排出大量的污水。 This chemical factory drained out waste water.
  3. 显然你累了。 that you are tired.
  4. 儿子在家吃好饭而父母却在田里辛勤劳作。 The son was having a good meal at home,the parents were working inthe fields.
  5. 夏威夷是个旅游胜地,值得一游。 Hawaii is a beautiful place for traveling,which is
  6. 我们特别喜欢吃甜食 We sweet food.
  7. 他如此紧张以致他不能集中精神考试。 He was so nervous that he couldn’t his test.
  8. 我们力求质量而不是数量。 We quality rather than quantity
  9. 他人赃并获. He was caught stolen goods
  10. 我有她的所有唱片, 却从未见过她本人. I've got all her records , but I've never seen her
  11.政府呼吁市民节约用水。 The government citizens for saving water.
  12. 他决定辞职,一方面因为他厌倦了目前的工作;另一方面他想换个地方。 He decided to quit his job. , he was tired of the present job; , he wanted to move to another.
  13.真巧合,我们要搭同趟车回家。 , we will take the same bus back home.
  14. 那些脱离传统绘画风格的画家中有生活工作在巴黎的印象派画家. Among the painters who the traditional style of painting were the impressionists, lived and worked in Paris.
  15.他们试图真实地描绘人物与自然。 They tried to paint people and nature .
  16.在纽约比起其他艺术馆许多艺术爱好者都更乐意参观这家小型艺术陈列馆。 Many art lovers visit this small art gallery any other in New York.
  17.没有她及时的帮助,我们就不会完成我们负责的项目。 Without her timely help, we the project for which we were responsible.
期末复习题 选修 6 期末复习题 (Unit
  1)参考答案 参考答案 I.

  37.fragrant II.
  1. consequently
  2. adopted
  3. typical
  4. reputation
  5. specific
  6. abstract
  7. convincing
  8. aim III.
  1. prediction
  2. exhibition
  3. valuable
  4. possessions
  11. committee
  23. predict
  36.fragile 40 realistic
  1.attempted to speak.
  7. concentrate on
  10. in the flesh
  13.By coincidence
  16.would rather - - -than

  2.a great deal of
  3.It’s evident / obvious
  5.worth a visit
  6.have a preference for
  8.aim at
  9.taking possession of / in possession of
  11.appealed to
  12. On the one hand; on the other hand
  14.broke away from; who
  15.as they really were
  17. would not have finished



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