Can you tell me what is art?
Painting jewelry …… pottery photography sculpture Music , dance ,literature architecture
Which form of art do you like most? Do you like painting? What style of painting do you like most, the western-style painting or the Chinese style painting?
Please match the new words in Column A with the correct English meaning in Column B. D
  1. Accurate, minute A. Realistic C
  2. State or fact of existing B. Abstract B
  3. Being in thought but having C. Existence a physical or practical existence D. Detailed E. Religious F. traditional A F
  4. Lifelike, true to life
  5. Classical, of old beliefs
  6. Sincere to believe in a good Gods
Are you familiar with the painters from China and the West?
Xu Beihong
Qi Baishi
Zhang Daqian
Giotto di Bondone 乔托?迪 邦多纳 乔托 迪?邦多纳
Leonardo da Vinci (1452-15
Madonna with Child and Angels
文森特?凡?高(Vincent van Gogh )
Comparison of Western and Chinese paintings. Time Western Chinese 5th to 15th century AD 15th to 16th century Late 19th century to early 20th century Which do you think has a 20th century to greater change? Why? today
Reading I Scanning
?Which do you think has a greater change? Western or Chinese? ?Why? ? Western painting has a greater change. ? “Art is influenced by the way of life and beliefs of the people, and China, unlike Europe, has followed a similar way of life for a very long time.”
Skim & fill the blanks

  1.During middle ages, Giotto di Bondone began to paint religious scenes in a more style. realistic 15th
  2. The renaissance lasts in Europe from the to the century. 16th
  3. was the first person to use perspective Masaccio in paintings.
Multiple Choices
  1. At first most people hated the impressionists’ style of painting, because . A. their painting were very abstract. B. their painting were very realistic. C. They broke away from the traditional style of painting. D. their paintings were very ridiculous.

  2. In the Renaissance, painters. A. Painted religious scenes in a more realistic style. B. focused more on religion than on humans. C. began to paint outdoors. D. returned to classical Roman and Greek ideas about art.

  3. discovered how to make paintings look more real by using perspective. A. Giotto di Bondone. B. Masaccio. C. Claude Monet. D. Pablo Picasso

  4. What does the text mainly tell us? A. How religious painting developed. B. How oil painting developed. C. How impressionist painting developed. D. How western art developed.
Reading II Detailed reading:True or False

  1. Western art has changed very little over the last seventeen centuries. F
  2. Painters in the Middle Ages painted mainly religious subjects. T
  3. Paintings in the Middle Ages were very realistic. F
  4. Renaissance painters tried to paint things in a realistic way. T

  5. Two important discoveries in the Renaissance period were oil paints and drawing in perspective. T
  6. Impressionists painted their pictures mainly indoors. F
  7. At first people did not like the impressionists’ paintings. T
  8. Modern art began with the impressionists. T
Fill in the chart
Period Time Artists Feature (adj.) 5th to 15th century The Middle Ages AD
Giotto di Bondone
religious perspective realistic not detailed ridiculous abstract realistic
The Renaissance 15th to 16th century Masaccio Impressionism
Late 19th century to early 20th century
Modern art
20th century to today
? The style of Western art has changed many , while times Summary: has changed often Chinese art . Art is less influenced by the way of and. beliefs Read the text life again, and fill in the blanks. ? During the Middle Ages, the main of painters was to aim represent religious themes. Artists were interested in creating and for God. respect love ? In the Renaissance, people became more on focused and less on. Artists tried to paint people religion humans and they really. nature as were ? Masaccio used in his paintings which made perspective people they were looking through a hole in convinced the wall a real scene. at ? In the late 19th century, Europe changed a great deal from agricultural a mostly society to a mostly one. industrial The were the first to paint. They impressionists outdoors had to paintquickly and their paintings were not as of earlier painters. those detailed as ? Today people acceptimpressionists’ paintings as the beginning of . Some modern art is modern art while some is. abstract realistic

  1. Read the whole text again and be sure you can retell what you learnt in the text.
  2. Try to find more about the western art


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