高二英语选修 7 Module 5 Ethnic Culture
To learn about Yunnan and the ethnic culture
Step1 Lead-in
Ask students to read the title on Page 58 to predict what the article is about.
Step2 Skimming
I.Read the passage quickly and match the photos with the paragraphs. II. Read the text quickly to get the main subjects of each paragraph. Para 1: Para 2: Para 3: Para 4: Para 5: Para 6:
Step 3 Careful Reading
I.Read the text carefully and fill in the blanks with the information in the text. It is in north-west Yunnan, and is half old town and half new town. Travelling in the old town, you can see
  1. , little bridges, tiny
  2. streets and the ancient
  3. houses which bring you back into the past. It is
  4. . For example, it is the women who
  5. . Until recently, Naxi women
  6. . They like to play cards and they wear blue blouses and trousers covered by a
  7. .
Culture of Naxi
Language of Naxi
It is the only
  8. still in use, with a history of

  10. of Naxi
Passed from father to son, it has not changed for
  11. . In a performance of Naxi Orchestra, Naxi men played
  12. . The audience completely fell under its spell.
II.Read the passage carefully and tell whether the following sentences are true or false.
  1.When you travel in Lijiang, you can drive your car into the old town.( )
  2. The Naxi women with their babies on their backs always have interest in the tourists. ( )
  3. The old man the author met could speak not only the Naxi language, but also some English. ( )
  4. For the richer Naxi people, if you know the Naxi music, then you will be a gentleman. ( )
  5. Naxi men in the Naxi Orchestra were over 100 years old. ( )
Step4 Speaking
Role-play in pairs: Student A acts Simon and Student B acts his friend at home. Now, Student B is asking Simon about Yunnan.
Step5 Translate the phrases

  1. 有……人口
  3. ……的家园
  5. 迷失
  9. 充满
  2. 在使用 4 为……感到惊讶
  6. 听起来像
  8. 被……覆盖
  10. 写日记
I.单项选择 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。
  1.It’s the in this country to go out and pick flowers on the first day of spring. A.use B.custom C.habits D.customs

  2.He lives in a small house,which I think . A.furnishes with too much furniture B.is furnished with too many furnitures C.furnishes with too many furnitures D.is furnished with too much furniture
  3.A good story does not necessarily have to have a happy ending,but the reader must not be left .[2006?天津,7] A. unsatisfied B. unsatisfying C. be unsatisfying to D. being unsatisfied

  4. Can you see the man? Yes, I can.He is my neighbor Mr.Smith。who is difficult to get along with because he always keeps everyone . A.in the distance;from a distance B.at the distance;at a distance C.in the distance;at a distance D.at a distance;in the distance
  5.The book is so that everyone who has read it will it. A.fascinating;be fascinated by B.fascinating;fascinate C.fascinated;be fascinated with D.fascinated;fascinate
  6.Michael was late for Mr.Smith’s oral class this morning.
? As far as I know, he never came late to class. A.How come B.So what C.Why not
D.What for

  7.一 If your belt is too tight, it. 一 It isn’t tight at a
  11.In fact,it is a little . A.tie;loose B.tie;loosen C.1oose;loosen D.1oosen;loose
8 . The special medicine for the disease was difficult to find though everywhere A.sought B.having sought C.being sought D.having been sought

  9.You can’t see anything clearly through a telescope unless it correctly to your sight. A.adjusts B.is adapting C.adapts D.is adjusted

  10.at failing in the math exam,John wouldn’t like to talk about it to his parents. A.Disappointed C.Disappointing B.To be disappointed D.Having disappointed
  1.Meanwhile,with the price of paper,the factory’s economy grows rapidly. A.to go up B.going up C.goes up D.gone up

  12.The little girl took off her new skirt,and . A.folded up it B.folded it up C.unfolded it up D.unfolded up it

  13. Smith has formed the habit of a11 the doors and windows before he Mr. goes to bed. A.confronting B.fastening C.attaching D.sealing
答案: I.Para 1: Yunnan Lijiang Para 2: the old town
Para 3: Naxi ethnic group Para 4: Naxi language Para 5: Naxi music Para 6: Simon’s feeling II.
  5. run .Naxi society
  6.inherited all property
  7.blue or black apron
  8.hieroglyphic language
  9.over 1,000 years
  11.eight centuries 12ancient songsIII.FFTTF IV. have a population of
  2.in use
  3. be home to
  4. be astonishment
  5.be lost
  1. in
  6. sound like
  7. on the side of
  8. be covered with 9 be filled with
  10. keep a dirayV.



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