Unit 1 Phrases:

  1. in the abstract 抽象地,理论上
  2. as well as 也,同,和;同…一样
  3. aim at sth. 瞄准 aim at doing sth. 向着某个目标行动 with the aim of 带有……的目的 abstract sth. from sth. 从…中提取/抽象出…
aim to do sth. 意欲,企图做某事
  4. focus on=concentrate on 集中
  5. convince sb. of sth
convince sb. +that clause 使某人相信… convince sb.to do sth. 说服某人做某事 scores of 许多,大量

  6. a great deal(不可数)大量的
  7. in the flesh 活着的,本人

  8. take the place of sb = replace sb 代替,取代 take one’s place 代替,取代;入座;就位
  9. break away from 脱离,摆脱,放弃

  10. at the same time 同时;但是
  11. would rather do sth would rather sb. did sth. would rather sb. had done sth. (主语)宁愿做某事 宁愿某人做某事(现在或将来) 宁愿某人做某事(过去) 虚拟

  12. as a consequence =in consequence = as a result 结果 as a consequence of =in consequence of =as a result of 由于…的原因(接原因)
  13. in possession of 拥有… take/ have possession of 拥有(占有)
in the possession of sb =in one’s possession 为某人所拥有
  14. consider doing 考虑做某事 consider sb./sth. to be/as = regard sb/sth to be/as 认为,看待 consider that-clause consider it adj./n.+to do sth.
  15. be (well) worth doing 值得…(主动表被动) 认为

  16. be contemporary with 与…属同时期
  17. attempt to do sth. 企图做某事 一方面…另一方面…

  18. on one hand…… on the other hand……
  19. not only……but also
  20. every two years every second year every other year 每两年 不但……而且

  1. 这个小偷企图逃脱警察。 the policeman. The thief managed to
  2. 这位电影明星本人看起来比相片上的瘦了些。 The film star looks thinner than in the photograph.
  3. 我们无法说服他让他意识到自己的错误。 We couldn’t him his mistake.
  4. “福斯特先生从未去过中国, 所以对中国了解得很少。” Mr. Foster has never been to China. , he knows very little about it.
  5. 他劝我应该学法律。 He me that I should study law.
  6. 她有丰富的教学经验。 She has teaching experience.
  7. 足球比赛的比分是四比一。 The in the football game was 4 -
  8. 我们有相同的宗教信仰。 We share the same .
Unit 2 Phrases:

  1. go over 复习,检查
  2. make sense 有意义,说得通 (Sb.) make sense of sth 理解…… (Sth.) make sense to sb. 有意义,说得通
  3. recite / read / explain sth. to sb. 给某人背诵/读 / 解释……
  4. couvey one`s emotions 表达情感
  5. bow to … 向鞠躬 / 屈服
  6. stay/sit up 熬夜
  7. take it easy 放轻松,别紧张 take one`s time 别着急,慢慢来
  8. (Sb.) run out of sth. 用完,耗尽(及物) (Sth.) run out 用完(不及物)
  9. make up 组成 / 编造 / 化妆 / 弥补 / 和解 be made up of = consist of … 由……组成
  10. a few more minutes 再多几分钟
  11. be popular with … = be well received by … 很受欢迎
  12. be brimful of = be full of … 充满
  13. translate A into B 把A翻译成B
  14. week in ,week out 一周又一周 day by day 一天又一天 on and on 继续不停地
  16. by chance / accident 碰巧
  17. hold on 继续 / 别挂断(电话)
  18. (Sb. / Sth.) be likely to do sth.有可能…..
  19. try out 试验 try on 试穿
  20. let out 泄漏 / 发出(声音) / 释放 / 放宽(衣服)
  21. look forward to 盼望
  22. inspire sb to do sth 激励,鼓舞某人做某事
run away take one’s eye off make up of at least make sense by chance stay up go over
inspire run out of be popular with take it easy

  1.We should often what we have learned, or we will forget it later.
  2.As a matter of fact, not all the theories .
  3.Without saying anything, that boy quickly.
  4.It’s bad for your health if you often too late.
  5.The little boy didn’t the toy.
  6.Until now, we still haven’t know what kind of thing it.
  7.That beautiful song the teenagers.
  8.Whatever the result may be, we should try our best to do it.
  9.Perhaps everyone can make a serious mistake .
  10.If we continue to destroy and waste the natural resources like this, we will it sooner or later.
  11. ,it isn’t so bad as you expected.
  12.His noble example the rest of us to work harder.
Unit 5

  1. compare…with 与……比较 e.g.He compared his camera with mine. 他把他的相机和我的比较。 注意:compared to/with 意思一样,都表示“和……相比”,“和……比起来”,等同于 in comparison with; 注意 但是 compare…with…和 compare…to…意思却不一样,compare…with…意思是“与……比较”,而 compare…to…意思是“将……比喻成”。 e.g.Shakespeare compared the world to a stage. 莎士比亚将世界比作舞台。 Life is often compared to voyage. 人生常比作海上航行。
  2.burn to the ground 全部焚毁 e.g.Some of the good books are burned to the ground. 一些好书也全部被焚毁了。
  3.make one’s way 前往 e.g.They made their way up the hill. 他们朝山上走去。 They made their way through the crowd. 他们从人群中挤了过去。 比较:make one’s way 和 make way/for 给……让路,把职位让给…… e.g.They made way for the bus. I shall make way for a younger man.
  4.make an effort 努力 e.g.He made an effort to persuade him.
  5.glance through 匆匆看一遍 e.g.The teacher asked the students to glance through the passage.
  6.vary from…to… 由……到……不等 e.g.The weather varied from very cold to quite mild. 天气变化很大,有时很冷,有时相当暖和。 The temperature varies from hour to hour in some mountainous areas. 在某些山区,温度时刻变化。
  7.out of the way 不挡道;不碍事,躲开 e.g.Would you move your bicycle out of my way? 你能把自行车挪到一边吗? 总结: 总结:关于 way 的短语 (
  1)by the way:顺便问问、顺便说说 e.g.By the way, where do you go ? By the way, have you seen John lately? (
  2)in a way:在某种程度上;在某种意义上,在某点上 e.g.In a way, it is a good film. (
  3)in the/one’s way:挡路的;妨碍人的 out of the way e.g.Doing too much part-time job got in the way of his studies. 打工/兼职太多,妨碍了他的学业。 (
  4) (in) this way:以这种方式;这样 e.g.The song was composed in this way. 这首歌曲是以这种方式来作曲的。 (
  5) on the/one’s way 在路上;在途中 其后常接 back, home, there 等副词或由 to 引出的介词短语,间或也可接不定式。 e.g.On the way home father told me about the accident. She used to visit the scientist on her way home from school.
Unit 4 Phrases and Examples

  1.compared to/with 和……比起来;和……相比[同]in comparison with e.g.It was a small place when compared to what it is now. 与现在相比,它过去是个小地方。
  2.come about 发生;造成 e.g.Many a quarrel has come about through misunderstanding. 许多争执都是由误会引起的。
  3.quantities of / a large quantity of 大量的 e.g.A large quantity of birds(milk)was saved by the children. Quantities of food/vegetables have been sent to the front. 注意:a large(great,good)quantity of +可数名词的复数/不可数名词,谓语动词一般用单数 单数;但(large, 单数 great,good)quantities of +可数名词(复数)/不可数名词,作主语时,谓语动词要用复数 复数。 复数 a large amount of 和 large amounts of 的用法和 quantity 的用法是一样的。 e.g.A large amount of damage has been done by the earth quake. Large amounts of money were spent on the bridge.
  4.result in 导致;引起某种结果 result from 由于;说明原因 结果 原因 e.g.His carelessness resulted in a complete failure in the final exam. e.g.The road accident resulted from foggy weather. Exercise: : (
  1)This experiment the discovery of a cure for AIDS. (
  2)His illness eating too many peaches.
  5.build up 逐步建立;增加;增进 e.g.As we rise slowly, potential energy is built up. 我们在慢慢上升时,势能也在增加。 The song began to build up to a climax. 歌曲开始向高潮发展。
  6.keep on 继续,坚持;不断(做某事),老是(做某事) e.g.I’ve failed several times, but I will keep on. He kept on smoking even if the doctor told him to stop. He kept on making the same mistake.
  7.on the whole 大体上;基本上 e.g.We met something unhappy, but on the whole, we enjoyed our stay there.
  8.put up with 忍受;容忍 e.g.He had a bad temper and my sister found it hard to put up with him. As a result, they got divorced. He couldn’t put up with the noise so he kept the windows shut all day long. 他忍受不了嘈杂声,所以整天窗户紧闭。
  9.make a difference 有关系;有影响;区分,不同对待(+between) e.g.It makes a difference how you do it. 你怎样做这件事至关重要。 He made a difference between the two things. 他把这两件事区别开来。
  10.so long as (也作 as long as)只要 e.g.It doesn’t matter what you wear?just as long as you come.

  11.and so on 等等[同]and so forth e.g.There are different forms of energy, such as heat energy, electric energy, nuclear energy, and so on. 能有各种不同的形式,诸如热能、电能、核能等。
  12.run out 用尽;没有了 e.g.The supply of food almost ran out and we felt helpless. 我们的粮食快用完了,我们感到很无助。

  1. 与很多妇女相比,她的确是非常幸运的。 many women, she was indeed very fortunate.
  2. 这事故是怎样发生的? How did this accident
  3. 他继续干下去直到工作结束。 He doing the work till it was finished. ?

  4. 他忍受不了嘈杂声,所以整天窗户紧闭。 He couldn’t
  5. 如果你那样做,影响就大了。 If you do so it will make . the noise so he kept the windows shut all day long.

  6. 只要你远离他们,他们就不会伤害你。 you keep away from them, they won’t do you any harm.
  7. 相信我们,即使你失败,我们也支持你到底。 Believe us. We will back you to the end you fail.
Unit 3 A healthy life
  1. due to 由于;归功于
  2. be/become addicted to 对……有瘾
  3. decide on (doing)sth 对……做出决定
  4. be/become/grow accustomed to sth./doing sth. 习惯于某事/做某事
  5. feel like (doing) 想要(做)
  6. in spite of 不管;不顾
  7. stand for 支持;代表
  8. get (sb.) into (sth.) 陷入;染上坏习惯;进入 get into the way/habit of doing sth. 学成做某事的方法/养成做某事的习惯
  9. be ashamed of/that.… 为……感到惭愧/羞愧 be ashamed to do sth. 羞于做某事
  10.take off 开除/脱衣/起飞/取消/休假
  11.quit (doing) sth. 停止做某事
  12.be at risk 处在危险之中 take risks(a risk) 冒险
  13.manage to do sth. 设法做好/设法办到某事
  14.so far 到目前为止(与现在完成时连用)
  15.make sure 确定;查明;弄明白
  16.prevent sb. (from) doing sth. 阻止某人做某事
  17.every time 每次;每当……时
  19. leave out 遗漏 Exercise 一、 单词拼写(须用本单元的单词和词汇)
  1.The accident is d to your careless driving.
  2.My children have become hopelessly a to television.
  3.She found it necessary to a her child to getting up early.
  4.He was a of his body so he decided to go on a diet and do more exercise.
  5.With exams only a week away, I am under a lot of s.
  6.M health is as important as physical health.
  7.Now that I am p,I eat a good diet because I want my baby to be born healthy.
  8.So I did the wrong thing! Well, nobody is (完美的)
  9.My father has q smoking.
  10.The door opened (自动地) as we approached.
  11.Some (年青人)have got into the habit of taking drugs.
  12.In spite of the heavy rain, she m to get there on time.
  18.remind sb of sth 让某人想起某事
  20.benefit from 从…得益
二、 用合适的短语补全句子
  1.His father has become drugs.
  2.I’m sorry for the important point in your speech
  3.His grandfather has life in the mountains from his childhood.
  4.I benefited from my teacher’s advice.
  5.How do you to carry such a heavy box?
  6.These pictures me of my school days.
  7.I have buying a bike for my brother’s birthday.
  8.You will be , if you go on board in such bad weather.
  9.His success is entirely his hard work. 三、 完成句子
  1、她名扬四海应归功于他的支持。 Her worldwide fame is his support.
  2.她觉得有必要让孩子养成早起的好习惯。 She found it necessary to her child getting up early.
  3.尽管戴着眼镜她还是不能看得很清楚。She can’t see very well her glasses.
  4.今天好热啊, 我想去游泳。 It’s so hot today. I going swimming.



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