1.Who was she?
Mona Lisa

  2.Who painted her?
Leonardo da Vinci (1452(1452-15

  3.How long did it take him to paint it?
Four years (1503(1503-15
Chinese knot
Question Who are your favorite painters, from China and from other countries?
China-- Xu Beihong, Qi Baishi , Zhang Daqian, Fu Baoshi… Other countries-- Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso ,Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse,Giotto di Bondone
Xu Beihong(1895-19
Qi Baishi (1864--19
Zhang Daqian
Pabol Picasso
Vincent Van Gogh
Henri Matisse
What do you think of these paintings? Chinese paitings: Western paintings: realistic abstract detailed natural traditional religious natural impressionist line ridiculous rich modern colourful colourful
Match the words with the correct meanings: [A] [B] a. realistic
  1. accurate,minute b. abstract
  2. state or fact of existing c. existence
  3. being in thought but having a physical or practical existence d. detailed
  4. lifelike, true to life e. religious
  5. classical, of old beliefs f. traditional
  6. sincere to believe in a god or gods
The Middle Ages (5th ? 15th century)
During the middle ages , the main aim of painter was to represent religious themes.
Giotto di Bondone (1267-13
  37) )
?托?迪 邦多??大利?家 邦多??大利 ?托 迪?邦多??大利?家 建??, ?建??,被?定?是?大 文????期的??者 ?期的??者, 利文????期的??者, 被??“?洲??之父” 被??“?洲??之父”。
Giotto was recognized as the first genius of art in the Italian Renaissance. He painted religious scenes in a more realistic style.
Escape to Egypt
The Renaissance (15th ? 16th century)
The main aim was to paint people and nature as they really were.
巴卡斯蒂伯爵像 拉斐尔 People became focused more on humans and less on religion.
Impressionism (late 19th to early 20th century) The artists painted outdoors. 花园中的女人 莫奈
Monet 莫奈 莫奈(1840-19
  26) A French painter who helped to start the Impressionist movement. he is best known for his paintings of the countryside in which he tried to show the affects of light by painting the same picture at different times of day or in different types of weather
Van Gogh凡高 凡高(1853-18
  90) A 凡高 Dutch painter who went to live in southern France and helped to developed the style of Postimpressionism. His paintings typically use bright colors and have thick lines. One of the most famous ones is Sunflowers .He is also known for being mentally ill and for cutting off one of his ears and later killing himself. Poor as he was during his life, his paintings are now extremely valuable and sold for very high prices.
Modern art (20th century to today) Nowadays, there are sorts of modern art styles, such as Cubism (立体派),Surrealism(超 表现主义) 现实主义) 现实主义)Expressionism(表现主义)…
Pablo Picasso (1881-19
  73) 毕
He was born on October 25, 1881 in Malaga, Spain, as the son of an art Picasso was the and drawing greatest art genius of teacher. the twentieth century.
毕加索的作品,最著名的是和平鸽,《格尔尼卡》,以及无数 长着三只眼睛,几个乳房的怪人画,使他成为二十世纪最具争 议,也最有影响的艺术家。即使看了说不出所以然的人也只有 跟着全世界喝彩。要是遇到其他什么人画的看不懂的画时,就 会说一句:“这是毕加索。”
Matisse马蒂斯 马蒂斯 (1869-19
  54) a French painter and sculptor who helped to develop fauvism 野兽派) (野兽派)as a style of painting. His paintings are mostly of ordinary places and objects, but they are pure bright colors and black lines.


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