课标人教实验版高二 Module 6 Unit 1

  1.faith n. [U]信任,信心,信念;常用短语: 信任, 信任 信心,信念;常用短语: have faith in sb./sth. 对某人(事)有信心 对某人( 有信心; lose faith in 不再信任,对失去信心 不再信任, 失去信心 Though it’s only a small incidence, it made Jack lose faith in human nature. 虽然这只是一件小事, 虽然这只是一件小事,但它使杰克对人性失去 了信任。 了信任。 他对我的能力有信心。 他对我的能力有信心。 He has faith in my ability. faithfully adv. 忠实地 faithful adj.忠实的 faithless adj. 不讲信义的,不忠实的 不讲信义的,

  2. aim n.
  1)【C】目的,目标 ) 】目的, Her aim is to win the speech contest. 她的目标是在演讲中获胜。 她的目标是在演讲中获胜。
  2)【U】瞄准,射击目标 ) 】瞄准, His aim was so poor that he missed the bird. 他瞄的不准,以致错过了那只鸟。 他瞄的不准,以致错过了那只鸟。
aim v. vi. aim at (
  1) 瞄准,对准 (
  2)以为目的 ) 瞄准, ) 为目的 He aimed the gun at the enemy officer. 他用枪瞄准了敌教官。 他用枪瞄准了敌教官。 这个工厂力求提高生产力。 这个工厂力求提高生产力。 The factory is aiming at increasing production.
  2)aim to do 打算,力求 打算, ) He aims to become a successful businessman. 他力求成为一名成功的商人。 他力求成为一名成功的商人。
  3) aim for sth.希望达到某个目标 希望达到某个目标 The hard-working student aims for a doctor’s degree.那个勤奋的学生希望取得博士学位。 那个勤奋的学生希望取得博士学位。 那个勤奋的学生希望取得博士学位

  3. adopt
  1) 采纳,采用 采纳, After three hours’ discussion, the plan was finally adopted. 经过三个小时的讨论,这项计划终于被采纳了。 经过三个小时的讨论,这项计划终于被采纳了。
  2) 收养 ) The old couple decided to adopt the girl though they had three children of their own 采用, 拓展 adoption n. 采用,收养

  4.possess vt. 拥有,具有;支配,控制 拥有,具有;支配, She possesses some abstract paintings. 她有一些抽象画。 她有一些抽象画。 One main idea possessed her ? she must get that rare antique. 她只有一个想法? 一定要得到那件稀有的古董。 她只有一个想法 一定要得到那件稀有的古董。 拓展: 拥有;财产( 拓展: possession n. 拥有;财产 常以复数的形 式出现) 式出现) in possession of( sth.) 占有,控制(某物) 占有,控制(某物) take possession ( of sth.) 成为(某物的)所有者 成为(某物的) 占有(某物) ,占有(某物)

  5. by coincidence巧合地;意义相近的短语: 巧合地; 巧合地 意义相近的短语: by accident / chance By coincidence, we utter the same word at the same time.我们凑巧同时说出同一个词。 我们凑巧同时说出同一个词。 我们凑巧同时说出同一个词 coincidence n. 巧合 There is no story without coincidence. 无巧不成书。 无巧不成书。 我们碰巧坐上了同一辆车。 我们碰巧坐上了同一辆车。 We got the same bus by accident.

  4. People became focused more on humans and less on religion.
  1) focus on 集中 注意力 精力等 集中(注意力 精力等) 注意力, I will focus on the main group of people over there. All the eyes focused on him.

  2). 调焦距 This photograph looks funny; I think you forgot to focus the camera.

  5. They paid famous artists to paint…their houses and other possessions… possession n. 拥有, 占有, 所有, 着迷, 领土, 领地, 拥有 占有 所有 着迷 领土 领地 财产 (常用复数 常用复数) 常用复数 possess v. --He possesses two cars. 他有两辆汽车。 他有两辆汽车。 --She possesses some interesting pictures. 她有一些有趣的画儿。 她有一些有趣的画儿。

  6. They were convinced… convince vt. -d; -cing 使相信; 信服; 使相信 信服 说服 He convinced me that I should study law. 他劝我应该学法律。 他劝我应该学法律。
--It took many hours to convince the court of his guilt. 花费了许多个小时法庭才相信他有 罪。 --Everyone was convinced by his words.

  6. In the late 19th, Europe changed a great deal. a great deal, a good deal 用作 用作n./adv. 大量的; 得多 跟在比较级后 跟在比较级后) 大量的 ….得多 (跟在比较级后 -He ate a great deal for supper yesterday. (n.) -He ran a great deal faster than me. (adv.)
-She is a great deal better today. -She has a great deal of experience. 她有丰富的经验。 她有丰富的经验。 -I have a great deal of work to do. a great deal of money/ information/ water

  8. Nowadays,there are scores of modern art styles. scores of 很多, 几十 很多 -There are scores of rooms in the hotel. -I’ve seen the film scores of times. -Scores of people were killed in the fight.
score a goal (游戏、比 赛的 得分 评分 游戏、 赛的) 得分, 游戏 The score in the football game was 4 -
  1. 足球比赛的比分是四比一。 足球比赛的比分是四比一。
注意: 前不能加数词;数词 注意 scores of 前不能加数词 数词 +score, 有时加 有时不加 of 有时加of, A score (of) people attended the special performance. 二十人 Two score (of) those people wanted to fly there. 四十人 好几十人: 好几十人 scores of people/ books/ flowers

  7. …the painter does not attempt to paint….. 尝试、企图 n. /v. 尝试、 The second question was so difficult that I didn’t even attempt it. I attempted to speak but was told to keep quiet. She made an attempt to lock the door. attempt to do/doing = try to do/doing


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