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高二英语选修七 Unit 13 复习巩固练习
  1. What did she say? Oh, nothing . She only wanted me to give a hand. A. in short B. in fun C. in special D. in particular
  2. My friend David was not used by air, so he felt unwell(不舒服). A. to traveling B. to travel C. traveling D. travel
  3. the workers' working conditions, the boss will allow them to have a coffee break. A. Improving B. To improve C. Having improved D. Improved
  4. Did the little boy manage the suitcase upstairs? No, he didn't. he isn't strong enough even it. A. to carry, moving B. carrying, to move C. to carry, to move D. carrying, moving
  5. After some time in the dark cave, out eyes slowly the dark. A. used to B. adapted to C. accustomed to D. helped to
  6. His physical disability makes rather difficult for him to find a good job. A. him B. that C. this D. it
  7. His mother suggested he to see the doctor, because his pale face suggested he ill. A. would go, had been B. go, was C. went, had been D. must go, was
  8. His wife, to whom he for 20 years, died of cancer last Thursday. A. had married B. has been married C. has married D. had been married
  9. What a pity! I missed meeting my boss at the airport because my car was in the traffic jam. A. broken up B. kept away C. held up D. kept up
  10. While shopping, people sometimes can't help into buying something they don't really need. A. to persuade B. persuading C. being persuaded D. be persuaded
  11. We stopped on our way to London for . A. an or two hours B. an and two hours C. one hour or two D. one or two hours
  12. Sorry, I made a mistake again. . Practice more and you'll succeed. A. Never mind B. Certainly not C. Not at all D. Don't mention it
  13. in the mountains for a week, the two students were finally saved by the local police. A. Having lost B. Lost C. Being lost D. Losing
  14. They climbed to the top of the tower, they could see was happening in the distance. A. where, all what B. from where, what C. which, all D. from which, that
  15. Many people stood near the bus stop, nervously waiting . A. to pick up B. picking up C. to be picked up D. being picked up 二,完形填空 Not long ago, the only time you could see a robot was when you were reading a novel or watching a movie such as Star Wars. Today, _1_, a lot of things in science stories have been science facts. Robots are starting to _2_ in our everyday lives. These robots have different sizes, shapes and colors. But they all have the same _3_ of man-made "_4_". Leading the robot revolution(革命) are industrial robots that work in factories. Industrial robots can do different kinds of jobs that are often _5_ and sometimes dangerous. Robots are also coming to American homes, though not as quickly as they are entering _6_. These robots aren't as friendly and _7_ as those you saw in Star Wars. But, their makers say, today's home robots "walk" and sense objects in their own way. They even _8_ objects though they may sometimes drop. Well, nobody is _9_. We may _10_ home robots today, but some day they may see and hear _11_ than humans do. We _12_ can only see certain wave lengths of light and hear certain _13_. That's because the _14_ of our eyes and ears are _15_. Robots, however, need not have the same limits _16_ we have. Robots may also be _17_ with devices(装置) that _18_ information humans can't. However, to understand _19_ their sensing devices pick up is a hard job. Remember, man-made brains _20_ information, including all kinds of data, as zeroes and ones. Imagine the difficulty in trying to explain to a robot what a football looks likeusing only zeroes and ones.
  1. A. however B. whenever C. on the other hand D. in other words
  2. A. come B. appear C. enter D. raise
  3. A. variety B. dozen C. score D. type
  4. A. muscle B. body C. brain D. appearance
  5. A. surprising B. boring C. pleasant D. exciting
  6. A. homes B. factories C. schools D. offices
  7. A. certain B. pleasing C. bright D. foolish
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  8. A. carry
  9. A. wonderful
  10. A. play jokes on with
  11. A. worse
  12. A. fellows
  13. A. noise
  14. A. sight
  15. A. enough
  16. A. as
  17. A. given
  18. A. pick out
  19. A. how
  20. A. deal 三,阅读理解
B. forget B. excellent B. make fun of B. faster B. humans B. voice B. length B. endless B. since B. equipped B. pick up B. where B. handle
C. remember C. happy C. laugh at C. better C. beings C. sounds C. distance C. limited C. for C. sent C. send up C. what C. seek
D. choose D. perfect D. have fun D. sooner D. friends D. speeches D. ability D. hopeful D. while D. applied D. send out D. which D. provide
A During an exhibition show the skills of disabled people, an armless man used his mouth and feet to repair a watch. He completed the task in just a few minutes at the show, which was held in Beijing last Saturday. Just imagine the tiny parts that make up a watch. You have to wonder how the disabled man developed such a skill. It was reported that 28-year-old Wang Jianghai lost his arms in an accident when he was five and began learning to repair watches at the age of
  17. He has repaired more than 10,000 watches in the past 11 years. What strong self-confidence he must have to overcome the difficulties in getting this skill! What optimism he must have to face the unfairness of his hard life! And what strong determination he must have to go through the hardship in his struggle for a normal life! Such confidence, optimism and willpower are exactly the qualities many physically healthy people lack nowadays. Wang has set a good example for young people. But today's youth seem to be more interested with their TV stars and pop singers but less interested in learning from the examples of working and studying hard to achieve higher goals. . That is undoubtedly the result of the influence of a changing social atmosphere. One must admit that there is a trend towards hedonism in our society. People are increasingly more concerned about material gains than about spiritual pursuits. While adults know they must work hard whatever way they choose to materialize the gains, the younger generation are more likely to seek ease and comforts of their senses. This pleasure-seeking trend provides a huge market for the entertainment industry and the mass media. The media devote excessive too much coverage to anecdotes of pop and TV stars, which in turn fans wider and stronger enthusiasm for entertainment among the public, especially young people. Ours is a developing country. Global competition in the growth of national strength presents a demand for China to be quicker in its development. We cannot afford to lose time. We need to make our economy more powerful. To meet this need, all of us should maintain our tradition of working hard and overcoming difficulties.
  1. A particular mention made of Wang Jianghai's story in the first two paragraphs . A. serves as a description of the trend today B. serves as an introduction to the discussion C. shows a disagreement of views D. show the popularity of the TV stars and pop singers
  2. Which of the following is the reason for young people's increasing interest in entertainment? A. Young people are taught by adults to seek pleasure of senses. B. Young people have given up our traditional value of hard working completely C. Young people are not interested in learning from the examples of hard working at all. D. Young people are far too much influenced by too much entertainment news in media.
  3. The underlined word "hedonism" (paragraph
  4) means "". A. a material B. spiritual gains C. thinking pleasure is the most important D. amusement B Every artist knows in his heart that he is saying something to the public. Not only does he want to say it well, but he wants it to be something which has not been said before. He hopes the public will listen and understand-he wants to teach them, and he wan to them to learn from him. What visual artists like painters want to teach is easy to make out but difficult to explain, because translate their experiences into shapes and colors, not word. They seem to fell that a certain selection of
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shapes and colors, out of the countless billions possible, is exceptionally interesting for them and worth showing to us. Without their work we should never have noticed these particular shapes and colors, or have felt the delight which they brought to the artist. Most artists take their shapes and colors from the world of nature and from human bodies in motion and response: their choices indicate that these aspects of the world are worth looking at, that they contain beautiful sights. Contemporary artists might say that they merely choose subjects that provide an interesting pattern, that there is noting more in it. Yet even they do not choose entirely without reference to the character of their subjects. If one painter chooses to paint a decaying(腐烂的) leg and another a lake in moonlight, each of them is directing our attention to a certain aspect of the world. Each painter is telling us something, showing us something, emphasizing something?all of which means that, consciously or unconsciously, he is trying to teach us.
  4. It is hard to understand a painting because A. the artist wants to teach the others B. a painter uses shapes and colors instead of works. C. the painter doesn't express his idea well enough D. the painting is meaningless
  5. A painter uses certain shapes and colors because he feels that they . A. haven't been used before B. are worth showing to the public C. are interesting to them D. haven't been noticed by the public 6 Implied but not stated. A. paintings are more easily understood than music. B. to find what the artist is saying we must look beyond the shape and color C. painting is only the arranging of shape and color D. all artists are trying to teach something to the public
  7. Why do painters want to teach is easy to make out but difficult to explain? A. Because painters cannot express themselves clearly in words. B. Because painters change their into shapes and colors, not words. C. Because people cannot understand painters' words. D. Because people are not interested in what painters want to tell us.
  8. Where do most artists take their shapes and colors? A. From nature B. From human bodies in motion and repose. C. From artists' own imagination. D. Both A and B C Everyone's at it, even my neighbors. I thought I might be the only person left in the world who hadn't done an eBay deal. So, I decided to try my hand at online auction (拍卖). Buying for beginners: Sign up on www.ebay .co .uk.. Most items (e. g. tables, computers, and books) ready for auction will come with a picture and a short description; others may be marked with "Buy It Now" and have a fixed price. You can buy these right away. If the item is being auctioned, you offer the highest price you are prepared to pay and eBay bids(出价) for you. The bid will be increased little by little until it goes beyond your highest bid, then you are emailed and asked if you would like to bid again. Auctions last up to 10 days and when they finish you get an email telling you whether you have won the item. How to pay: Sellers decide how they would like to be paid and you need to check this before placing a bid as you might not want to post a cheque or postal orders. The easiest way is through PayPal, an online payment system that takes the money away from your credit card. Selling made simple: If you plan to sell on eBay, it helps to include a picture of the item. I followed my friends' advice and put up the items I wanted to sell for a 10-day auction, starting on a Thursday. This way buyers had two weekends to bid. The big things in life: It's easy to post a small item, but furniture is a big part of eBay and this has to be collected or sent by deliverymen. Check the ways of delivery before you bid.
  9. What is the passage mainly about?
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A. B. C. D.
How to make payment online. Ways of making delivery online. Advantages of an online-auction system. How to use an online-auction system.

  10. After bidding for an item, a buyer . A. will get what he wants in ten days B. should make payment immediately C. has chances to make higher bids D. may check its picture and description
  11. The easiest way of making payment mentioned in the passage is . A. through an online payment system B. through a local banking system C. by sending the money to the seller D. by paying the deliveryman directly D Special Bridges Help Animals Cross the Road Reported by Sheila Carrick Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side. Most people know this joke. But recently, some people have been much more worried about how the grizzly bear and mountain lion can cross the road. "Millions of animals die each year on U.S. roads," the Federal Highway Administration reports. In fact, only about 80 ocelots, an endangered wild cat, exist in the U.S. today. The main reason? Roadkill. "Ecopassages" may help animals cross the road without being hit b


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